Sylvester Stallone’s Temper Problem and Gross Weirdness

Sylvester Stallone’s Temper Problem and Gross Weirdness

(This post has been updated to add new information. Latest update: January 5,  2018)

I began work on another post or two, related to the sexual abuse allegations against Stallone by various women, and I don’t know when or if I’ll get around to finishing those.

In the course of looking up more material for those posts, I ran across some other  disturbing, gross information on the man.

For legal purposes: imagine everything below has the word “alleged” in front of it.

Personally, I have no reason to doubt this information, because I cannot see what any of these people have to gain by it discussing it, and I’m starting to see a pattern emerge with some of these things.

I do believe Stallone raped and verbally abused his half sister, and that he sexually exploited teen girls at the height of his fame.

All of that is degenerate enough, but this other information – about the hotel rooms, hiring prostitutes to defecate in front of him, and so forth – is also disgusting.

This post is a work in progress, meaning as I find any more items about what a gross dirt bag Stallone has been, or find any more stories online about his apparent temper problem, I’ll amend this post to add them.

If even as so much of any of this behavior is true, as little as one tenth of it, Stallone is a complete reprobate.


Stallone can come across as nice enough in interviews, but people who have worked for him or around him present someone with a temper problem, who believes he is entitled to treat people like garbage.

I notice, too, that a few of the entries on Stallone’s bio page on IMDB mention he was in and out of school, for being an angry person, misbehaving, and was even enrolled at one point in a “school for emotionally troubled youths.”

Yet another source I saw said that Stallone was in and out of foster homes until around the age of five, because his parents kept fighting (they later divorced and remarried other people). If that is accurate, that may have played a role in Stallone’s emotional outbursts and other, later, abusive or weird behavior.

Via IMDB’s biography page of Stallone:

Item 1.

Stallone and Renny Harlin were good friends and made two movies together, but have not been in contact in over 10 years because of an incident that happened in the mid 00’s.

Stallone was in a meeting with Harlin and other people where Stallone was reported to treat her assistant “like a dog”.

Harlin couldn’t stand it and Stallone to stop his behavior. Stallone looked at Harlin, didn’t say a word and left. The two haven’t talked or seen each other since.

Item 2.

Moved to Philadelphia in the early 1960s, living in Frankford and Rittenhouse Square. He went to Lincoln High School but never completed 10th grade. In 1963 he enrolled in the Devereux Manor High School in Berwyn, Chester County, a school for emotionally troubled youths.

Item 3.

Expelled from 14 schools for antisocial and violent behavior before the age of 13.

Item 4.

Was voted the pupil most likely to die in the electric chair.

Please note that: he was, at one time, enrolled at a school for “emotionally troubled youths,” and was expelled from 14 schools before the age of 13 for violent and anti-social behavior – there is something clearly very wrong with Stallone. He obviously has a very bad anger management problem, and it appears (based on some of the news stories I’m posting to this post) that he still has one.

I found this Daily Mail article via Doug Poppa’s Twitter:

‘Sly threatened to blow my head off’: Contractor being sued by Sylvester Stallone makes explosive new claims

April 2013

A contractor has claimed that Sylvester Stallone threatened to blow his head off.

Mohamed Hadid, who is being sued by the action man, was issued with a temporary restraining order against the beefcake star after claiming he pushed and threatened him in court.

According to documents seen by TMZ, he claims the star told him: ‘I am going to kill you motherf****.’

It adds a whole new level of intrigue to the Cobra favourite’s feud with the builder, who he is about to cross swords with in court after claiming he ruined his house.

But there are even more juicy revelations contained in the powder keg documents.

Mr Hadid, who claims to have been a friend of Prince of Pop Michael Jackson, alleges that when he was working on Sly’s house, he witnessed the actor fly into fits of rage, at times grabbing his dog by the neck and throwing it into its crib.

He also claims Sly threatened to smash his head in with a baseball bat, though this was a sedate outburst compared to another purported incident.

He says the Rocky star told him: ‘Get these dirty Mexicans out of here or I will blow your head off.’

However it seems the builder may have trouble proving his claims beyond reasonable doubt.


Via the Straight Dope Message Board

Post by Horatio Hellpop (post number 15), Aug 2002

Sylvester Stallone is reputed to crap in his hotel showers. I wonder if he did this before his Rocky-level success, or if this behavior increased or decreased when his star began to drop? No current way of measuring this, I suppose.
— X —

Another guy on the thread asked why on earth would Stallone allegedly do such a thing? Several other people responded.

China Guy replied (post number 34):

Good buddy of mine worked in a hotel in Maui, and she said the hotel staff did not want to clean his [Stallone’s] room because he crapped in either the shower or the tub. Not like that is a world class cite, but it was pre internet back in maybe 1995 or so.

I guess if you’re into daily enema’s for whatever reason, that might explain it.
— X —

Horatio Hellpop replied (post 36):

Tell you the truth, I first heard about it on these boards, under a thread called What celebrities are complete bastards? and heard rumblings elsewhere. I can’t swear to its veracity. It’s an irresistible image, though.
— X —

This link was added January 5, 2018, I saw it via “Pesach ‘Pace’ Lattin   @pacelattin 21 Nov 2017 ” on Twitter:

Source: Sly Stalone Used to Poop in Shower at Planet Hollywood  


ByPesach “Pace” Lattin

Nov 16, 2017

[A guy who worked at one hotel as some kind of engineer said that he was repeatedly called to Stallone’s hotel room to un-clog the shower or tub, because Stallone would defecate in the shower or tub]

…The engineer told us, “it was me and another Engineer who would always get called to his room. He was always nice but his tub or shower was always clogged. His staff would call us and sometimes he would answer the door in his personalized robe and Speedos…He always had the same problem, when he would check in all the engineers knew to be prepared for a ‘Bio,’ which meant large poop.”

A source told us, “From what we knew he was kicked out of various places because of that.” However, PlanetHollywood employees were asked to “look the other way” in regards to his weird kinks. “He was friends with the previously sole owner of Planet Hollywood, Robert Earl and would always stay in a comped suite.”

From Google Groups alt.gossip.celebrity:

Post by MM:

here’s some funny gossip about Sly…

This past spring, we were in Hawaii at the 4 Seasons on Maui..

I was having a pedicure at the spa, and was talking to the guy doing it about all the famous people who were there.. (Dustin Hoffman, Rob Reiner, Rod Stewart, to name a few) and he was telling me about how this is the place all the celebs like to go because it’s pretty secluded and low-key.

So I ask him if there’s any good stories to tell… and he tells me that Sly is banned from the hotel, for among OTHER reasons… he has, on numerous occasions, defecated in the bathtub!!! I can’t remember what other things he told me about him, all strange things….Isn’t that hilarious??
— X —

Post by MissEvonne, Nov 1999:

“Sly is banned from the hotel, for among OTHER reasons… he has, on numerous occasions, defecated in the bathtub!!”

I do believe the man has a poop fetish.

In the book “You’ll Never Make Love in this Town Again” it’s mentioned that he had a lucite platform installed over his bed where women would sit and poop for him.

Of course looking at the book in a flash I can’t find the actual passage, but believe me, it’s there!

Whenever I see Jennifer Flavin on the Home Shopping Channel, I can’t help butt wonder….

— X —

Via Google Books: You’ll Never Make Love in this Town Again

From page 161 of that book (quoted on Data Lounge – I believe that poster on that site got that information from the book’s page on Wiki):

“There are an astounding number of call girls in this city. Heidi Fleiss and Madam Alex are just the tip of the iceberg; the demand for high-priced girls is quite staggering. A lot of the sex that rich men and celebrity clients want is weird, sick, and sadistic. Sometimes the sicker the stuff, the more they will pay.

A friend of mine who was close to Madam Alex told me about a couple of prostitutes who were hired by Sylvester Stallone. He would pay ten to fifteen thousand dollars a girl for one night.

These two girls I know, a blonde and a brunette, used to go over to his house.

He would have them sit on a Plexiglas platform over his bed.

Then he would lie down on the bed to watch. He would tell them to make love to each other and to piss and shit on each other, and as he watched them, he’d jerk off”

— X —


Via a December 18, 2017 Tweet by Doug Poppa:

The Tweet reads (I actually saw this over a month ago but didn’t blog about this until now):

Sylvester, you are freaking pig and liar. Have you ever put a barrell of a gun in any woman’s mouth? Did you ever force a woman to get an abortion? Have you ever killed a puppy? Just some questions I would like to ask you!!!!!!!!!!!

(end quotes)

If I am understanding the implications of this message, it would appear that in a fit of anger that Stallone allegedly put a barrel of a gun in a woman’s mouth, forced a woman to get an abortion (unsure if this is referencing Stallone’s ex-girlfriend Janice Dickinson’s claims), and he killed a puppy.

It’s abhorrent that Stallone allegedly raped a few women (including his own half-sister), that he flies into fits of rage with staff members or contractors and so on, but as someone who cares deeply about animals and always has, I am deeply appalled to discover that Stallone also allegedly killed a puppy.

This gets more and more warped the more I find out about Stallone.

Stallone’s character, Rocky, adopted a dog in the first “Rocky” movie, and that dog was purportedly his real life dog, who he had to buy back after having sold him to raise money to pay for rent or fund he first Rocky. (You can read more about that in these publications: Daily Mail, New York Daily News, and Esquire.)

How can a guy supposedly care so much about a dog on the one hand, but go on to kill a puppy later on? Unless all his claims about selling his pet dog were a lie to start with.

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