Thoughts on Sylvester Stallone’s Career and other Stallone Related Commentary (Part 4 – Sexual Abuse Allegations)

Thoughts on Sylvester Stallone’s Career and other Stallone Related Commentary (Part 4 – Sexual Abuse Allegations)

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Assume or imagine that the word “alleged” appears before any discussion of abuse allegations in these posts, including this one, should you not see it.
Putting this disclaimer in here in case I forgot to stick the word “alleged” in front of each and every accusation.
I am not stating it is a fact that Stallone did abuse anyone, but it is my opinion, which is based on news reports and information on blogs (which I link to through out), that he is a serial sexual and physical abuser.

This post has been edited several times to update it with new information. Most recent update: January 2018

Before I discuss the sexual abuse accusations against Stallone, I wanted to explain what my original motive was for posting about him – and it wasn’t about the sexual abuse allegations.

About a month and a half ago, I sat through a Rocky movie marathon on a cable channel.

I had not really seen the first Rocky movie – well, I had, as a kid – but I was too young to fully understand everything in the movie.

My brother had rented copies of Rocky 2, 3, and 4 when I was a teenager, or possibly when I was in my 20s, but over the years, I had pretty much forgotten having seen them.

On this blog, I tend to discuss several topics on a repeated basis, some of which deal with dreams, goals, obstacles in life, where and how to find inspiration when life doesn’t seem to be going how you want it to, and so on.

When I saw the ads for the upcoming Rocky movie marathon on TV a few weeks ago, I thought to myself,
“I never really did see all of part 1, and I didn’t understand all of what I saw when I was a kid. This movie is supposed to be inspirational, so maybe I should watch it and then write a blog post about it.”

After I watched the movie – now, as an adult – and some of its sequels – I had a better understanding of why so many did find the movies uplifting.

I was prepared to write a blog post or two about it, including a review of the Rocky series.

Then these sexual abuse allegations from 1986 against Stallone resurfaced, so I did some more internet research, where I found other women had made other, similar accusations against Stallone.

I believe the allegations against Stallone.

I believe, after having read several news sources, that Stallone is, or has been, regularly abusive towards women, that he repeatedly sexually, physically, and emotionally abused his now-deceased half-sister Toni Ann Filiti (also known as Toni D’Alto), and that he is (or was at one time) a serial sexual predator whose favorite target group were girls ages 13 to 17.

I have much more to say about all that as I continue this post, but I wanted to say how terribly disappointed I was to discover all this.

I never would have guessed that the guy who plays what is pretty much a sweet, lovable, decent guy, Rocky Balboa, in the Rocky movies, could be such a perverted, sexist, abusive, and controlling deviant in his personal life – but I’ve accepted that truth.

(I will pause to say that even prior to becoming aware of the sexual abuse accusations against Stallone, there were 2 or 3 scenes in the first Rocky movie that I found unsettling, but I may save those observations for another post at a later time. For the most part, I will say that the Rocky character seems basically okay in the first movie.)

I did not set out to make a series of posts highly critical of Stallone.

Even though I was already aware that in the early 1980s Stallone had at least two or three extra-marital affairs on his first wife, which I find disgusting, I was willing to overlook that, to a point.

Not that I excuse any married man committing adultery, but at least the Stallone affairs I read about were ones he had with women his own age and they were apparently consensual acts.

Not so with all the other allegations I am seeing, that involve him preying on his own half-sister (starting when she was merely 15 years old, and he was 33 at that time), and him preying upon other, vulnerable and immature teen girls.

I had initially planned on writing standard reviews of Stallone’s films and at least one post – positive in tone – discussing the inspirational merits of the first Rocky movie, but in light of the sexual abuse allegations, I don’t feel I can do that, at least not without addressing these horrid news stories.

After reading every thing I’ve read the past few weeks, such as news coverage and online copies of legal documents and the like, I have come to the conclusion that

  • Stallone is a serial sexual predator, and that
  • one of his long-time victims was his half-sister Toni Ann Filiti (also known as Toni D’Alto), and
  • his preferred group to victimize were teen-girls, aged 13 – 16, who he met on film sets, or other locations.

In the meanwhile, to make things more perverse, in many of his movie roles from the 1970s to the present, Stallone often plays, or writes character into his movies, who are decent, kind-hearted men who protect girls and women. That is not who he is in real life.

I seriously wonder, since Stallone was willing and capable of sexually abusing (and verbally and physically abusing) his own sister from the time she was age 15 to approximately age 23 or 24, has he done so to other female family members, including his own daughters with Jennifer Flavin, or with nieces, or other family?

(Stallone has three biological daughters with Flavin, named Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlett.)


In one of the articles I read, on the Baltimore Post Examiner, it’s stated (from a copy 1987 verified complaint):

“Throughout plaintiff’s [Toni Ann Filiti’s] childhood, defendant [Sylvester Stallone] held himself out to plaintiff as her guardian and protector, and as an authority figure. In many respects he purported to serve as a surrogate parent to plaintiff.

–(end quotes)–

I would assume, on some level, Stallone, would’ve felt that his kid sister, Toni-Ann, was sort of a daughter-figure to him. He was 18 years old when she was born, after all, and he likely spent time with her when she was a baby, toddler, and little kid.

If Stallone was able to sexualize a kid sister like this, who was also sort of like a daughter-figure to him, it alarms me that he might feel it’s acceptable to have some sort of sexual contact with his own biological daughters.


I wonder if Stallone has seen the 1986 Las Vegas police report, if he’s seen that this girl’s reaction to their 1986 encounter in the hotel room, was one of pain, shame, and humiliation, and if so, if he cares about her reaction at all?

The girl clearly did not enjoy their encounter or truly want any sexual activity with him or his perverted bodyguard.

The report mentions over and over that when describing and remembering being sexually exploited by Stallone at the questioning of police, that she was “emotional” and would break down and periodically cry and sob.

If Stallone is as callous, narcissistic, or sociopathic as I believe him to be (I believe he was molesting girls, including his own sister, prior to this one alleged 1986 attack), he probably does not care about any emotional trauma he caused the teen girl he exploited in Las Vegas in 1986.


One of several things I’ve learned about abusive men, especially adult men who target under-age children to sexually abuse, when I did research on abusive dynamics, or why some men choose churches as their hunting grounds to select targets – is that there is rarely only one or two victims.

By the time a lot of child / sex predators are caught and interrogated by police, they have had dozens upon dozens of victims already, sometimes hundreds of victims.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same is not also true of Stallone.

As journalist Doug Poppa writes, and I totally agree with him on this, regarding the implications of Stallone’s alleged 1986 hotel encounter with a minor:

As a former police officer I do know one thing: Anyone who masturbates in front of a 15 year old girl [as Stallone is alleged to have done] is a sick bastard.  And chances are that would not be the first time they engaged in improper sexual conduct.

(Source: Did Sylvester Stallone molest his half-sister?  )

Based on what I learned from research on child sexual predators, or abusers in general, is that if Stallone felt that comfortable, nonchalant, and perfectly fine performing sex acts on, or in front of, a minor and in involving another adult to participate as he did (as described here) it is a strong indication she was not his first victim.

And she was probably not the last.


If there are other Stallone victims out there, I do hope they contact the Daily Mail, or journalist Doug Poppa (his e-mail address is dougpoppa AT – with no spaces in the address, and replace the “AT” with the @ symbol; his e-mail address is available at the end of this page), or someone else in the media about it.

The Daily Mail stated in their article on the 1986 Stallone incident that they are willing to hear from readers who may have had similar encounters with Stallone:

  • If you have any information regarding Sylvester Stallone please contact alan.butterfield

If you have been victimized by Stallone, my heart goes out to you. I hope you receive, or have already received, counseling or some kind of therapy.

You are not to blame for what happened – all the responsibility and blame falls on the perpetrator.


From what I’ve been able to discern after having researched Stallone’s behavior (on this page, among others), he is (or was) a serial sexual abuser.

Further, the girls Stallone allegedly targeted for sexual abuse or sexual exploitation, that I’ve read about, range in age from 13 – 17.

Based on this information, I’d guess Stallone either is a ephebophile (preferred age range of victims: 15 – 16), or he may be a hebephile (preferred age range of victims: 11 – 14). Source: Pedophiles, Hebephiles and Ephebophiles, Oh My: Erotic Age Orientation


The following content comes from a celebrity gossip blog,  “Crazy Days and Nights,” which is generally known for being an accurate site, though they do have a disclaimer on their site saying that some of their content is fictional (that some content is intended for entertainment purposes).

However, that same site will publish known scandals under a “blind item” heading, stories that are true.

This “Crazy Days and Nights” blog first published “blind items” about Stallone’s unsavory behaviors before they were published openly on other sites, and this “Crazy Days and Nights” blog will later confirm Stallone’s identity after other, mainstream publications finally run the story, as was the case with this story.

As this report indicates, it appears it was well known among some within the media or Hollywood communities that Stallone used to do the following (this same blog later made another post confirming the content you see below is, yes, in fact about Stallone):

(Published Feb. 2016)

This actor [later divulged on same blog to be Sylvester Stallone] is probably permanently A+ list.

He is not that great of an actor but somehow is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee.

He is getting up there in age. Hitting a big birthday this year.

Back in the day he was cruising for teens. He always went looking for them. The younger the better, He especially loved going to states that have really young age of consent laws.

Back when he was in his 40’s, he found a state that had an age of consent of 16.

He would go to a mall or arcade and make a big entrance. People recognized him and swarmed him.

He would find one or two of the female teens and take them to his hotel. They had to be 16 or 17. No one older.

[The blog post goes on to summarize the events where Stallone allegedly pressured a 16 year old girl to have sex with him and his bodyguard, Mike de Luca, in his Las Vegas hotel room]

–(end quotes)–


There are photos online of Stallone in Vegas with the bodyguard, Mike DeLuca (including one or two photos with Stallone with this bodyguard on the Daily Mail page about the sexual assault).

Stallone was known to have bodyguards around him.

In the audio interview on You Tube ((You Tube Link): Summer of 1986: COBRA), cinematographer Ric Waite says that Stallone’s unprofessional behavior on the movie set consisted of him, but was not limited to, chit-chatting with a group of bodyguards he had hired.

Waite indicated that the bodyguards seemed less like bodyguards to Stallone and more like people who were hired to act like his friends and listen to him talk for hours.

That Stallone, according to The Daily Mail and other news sources, used a bodyguard of his as a go-between to set up sexual rendezvous with a minor in a Las Vegas hotel becomes pertinent later in the post.


There are several online reports of Stallone’s alleged repeated rapes and other abuse of his half-sister Toni Ann Filiti (also known as Toni D’Alto).

Toni Ann and Stallone have the same mother, Jackie.

Sylvester Stallone was 18 years older than Toni Ann, and the online reports say that Toni Ann claimed that the abuse by Stallone, including sexual, physical, and verbal abuse, began when she was 15 years old, which would have made Stallone 33 at the time, and the year the abuse began around 1979.

1979, by the way, is also the same year when the movie Rocky 2 was first released to movie theaters. In that sequel, the Rocky character proposes to Adrian, she accepts, and they have a baby together after getting married.

And, again, another ‘by the way’:

Stallone’s real-life sister, Toni Ann (who is known by the last names of Filiti or D’Alto), bears a striking resemblance to actress Talia Shire, who played Adrian in the Rocky films (you can view photos of Filiti here – here – or here – or via a Google Image Search).

(For comparison: you can view a few photos of Talia Shire herehere – or here. Or, try a Google Image Search)

– but I suppose I’ll comment more on that in a future post.

For now, in passing, I just want to say, now knowing what I know about Stallone’s real-life behavior, I find it creepy he cast an actress who looked like his kid sister (who he was allegedly raping in real life) to play his on-screen wife.

Toni Ann died of lung cancer in 2012. You can view her IMDB page here (it’s under the name Toni D’Alto).

Here are some of the articles about the alleged abuse by Stallone against his half-sister, Toni Ann:

Did Sylvester Stallone molest his half-sister?  

Sylvester Stallone hush money leaves unanswered questions

by Doug Poppa


According to a draft of a Verified Complaint that was to be filed in US District Court for the Southern District of New York in 1987, Toni Ann Filiti was requesting a trial by jury and asking for damages in excess of $25 million.

The statement, dated June 29, 1987 reads in part:

“Plaintiff Toniann Filiti brings this action against, S. [Sylvester Stallone], her half- brother, for damages sustained as a result of his sexual assaults on her over an eight-year period, from 1979 through 1987.

Defendant’s actions constitute a pattern of tortious incest, assault and battery, and negligent infliction of emotional distress which has continued until February 1987.

“Throughout plaintiff’s childhood, defendant held himself out to plaintiff as her guardian and protector, and as an authority figure. In many respects he purported to serve as a surrogate parent to plaintiff.

Starting in or about 1979, and continuing to on or about March, 1987, defendant terrorized plaintiff through repeated forcible sexual assaults, which included molesting her, ripping her clothes off, forcing himself upon her, forcibly engaging in sexual acts against her will, including sexual intercourse and oral/genital sex, and otherwise restraining her from escaping from him through physical force and intimidation.

“Defendant prevented plaintiff from revealing his pattern of physical, sexual and psychological abuse toward her by threatening to harm her and their mother with serious injury, thus putting her in fear for her and her mother’s life.

…In that regard, upon information and belief, defendant [Sylvester Stallone] has employed bodyguards and others to injure people at defendant’s instructions.

Moreover, defendant, himself, has inflicted grievous bodily harm on others without justification and out of sheer malice.

–(end quotes)–

One reason of a few I find all this so believable and plausible are the small details.

Toni-Ann was alleging that the abuse took place in a very specific certain time frame, for one.

She was specifying that she was abused by Sylvester Stallone from 1979 to March 1987; this is awfully particular.

If Toni-Ann had been lying about all this, why not just say he assaulted her one time only? Or that he assaulted her over the duration of her entire life, or for only one neat and clean period, like one year only?

Toni-Ann’s son believes her accusations, and says she was upset about the abuse even shortly around the time she passed away – this is yet another detail that adds plausibility to her claims:

Sylvester Stallone ‘paid millions of dollars to half-sister who claimed he assaulted her for years at the height of his fame’ – from January 2013

Excerpt from that page, with quote by Toni Filiti’s son, Edd:

‘They’ve made my mother out to be the black sheep,’ he said. He alleged that his mother ‘screamed about’ abuse at the hands of her brother ‘over and over’ while in a Florida hospital last year.

–(end quote)–

My impression is that this is a woman who was in fact raped and psychologically attacked repeatedly by her big brother but was absolutely defeated and frustrated that he was getting away with having done it, there was no real justice served, and she was likely quite rightly upset that most people, including her own freaking family, would not believe her.

Stallone Sister Destroyed Secret Tapes After ‘Abuse’ Settlement – from January 2013


We first revealed last week that Stallone reached an agreement to give his half-sister $2 million plus $16,666.66 per month for life, and $50,000 a year for psychiatric and medical bills.

In the 1987 settlement, Filiti “asserted claims for personal injury, including physical injury” against Stallone, while he “vigorously denied and continues to deny and dispute all claims of wrongdoing.”

According to confidential settlement documents, the tapes allegedly contained conversations between Filiti, who died in August, and Stallone, identified in one document only as “S.”

“This is to acknowledge receipt from you of a total of six cassette tapes, four of which contain conversations between you and your older half-brother who we are referring to as S.,” reads a letter addressed to Filiti by her attorneys at the time.

The memo dated Aug. 3, 1987, continues, “You understand that in accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement between you and S., I and your father are required to destroy all tapes.”

There are believed to be other tapes in existence that could reveal more about Stallone’s bizarre family.

–(end quotes)–

Incredibly, the biological parents of Toni Ann both threw her under the bus in all this, and claimed the whole thing was the produce of blackmail, a “shakedown,” and the mother, Jackie, portrayed Toni Ann as an unstable nut job.

I can’t imagine a mother, who, after her daughter has been dead for a year or more, willingly goes out in to the media and sullies her name, by suggesting that she was bonkers, and a messed up, drug- addicted wacko.

I’m not sensing any motherly love or concern from Jackie Stallone for her now-deceased daughter. None. And it’s chilling.

You do not besmirch your deceased daughter, not even in the midst of thinking you’re defending your pervert movie star son in the process. You just don’t.

You should be weeping over what your son did to your daughter.

I totally and completely believe that Toni Ann Filiti – D’Alto was consistently abused, sexually and otherwise, by her older half-brother, Sylvester Stallone.

I am not only incensed at the abuse itself but that rather than hold the brother accountable for the abuse, her family disavowed her on that score and stood by the abuser.

This sort of dynamic is sometimes common in these situations, though.

The family may find it more convenient and psychologically easier to blame the victim than to confront the fact that there is abuse of one family member by another.

On another level, Sylvester Stallone is the Gravy Train and Cash Cow of this family, so of course, the rest of them, being unprincipled louts, are going to stand by him no matter what, and attempt to protect his reputation.

Of course for the sake of Stallone’s millions, naturally, they are going to make his alleged victim, the abused sister, out to be a looney tunes, crack pot, drug head who was just out for cash.

By the way? If this poor dear, Toni Ann, was on oxy and what ever other drugs, it would be due to the years of alleged abuse she took from her own half-brother, Stallone, for an approximate 8 year period, and her own family not protecting her from the abuse or advocating for her.

Further, I imagine it had to disturb Toni Ann to see her alleged abuser, being celebrated in the media all the time, for appearing in well-known movies, such as the Rocky saga and the Rambo series.

Can you imagine you’re the kid sister of Sylvester Stallone, and he starts sexually molesting you, beating you, or raping you when you’re just a 15 year old kid, he continues it for eight years, but at the same time as that’s going on, he’s also married, and he’s a world-famous actor who you see on every other magazine cover or on TV?

Could you further imagine yourself in that position, and your family won’t do anything to stop your older brother’s alleged abuse of you, or they won’t even believe you when you told them about it, and begged for their help, but they did nothing?

It would’ve driven me around the bend too, I’m sure. Who would not have abused drugs or gone off the deep end in such a scenario?

What’s very interesting is the information in this article:

Man Files Complaint Against Sylvester Stallone’s Sister; Claims She Was Sexually Abused By Family Member, by Radar Staff,  by Jen Heger, May 2012


Kenneth Chiaramonte, a one-time friend of Sylvester Stallone‘s extended family, has filed paperwork against the actor’s half-sister, Toni Ann Filiti, claiming he was wrongfully terminated.

He’s also making shocking allegations of prescription pill misuse and familial sexual abuse, is exclusively reporting.

…The complaint alleges,
“Chiaramonte refused to facilitate narcotics consumption by Toni Ann Filiti, nor would he facilitate her obtaining a narcotics prescription from a physician once he came to believe that the prescription was not warranted by any genuine medical condition….the continued drug abuse, refusal to obtain treatment for the long-term effects of sexual abuse

…In a shocking revelation, Chiaramonte goes on to claim that Toni Ann was actually sexually abused by a member of her own family. “There was never any disclosure by Employee of the facts of the familial sexual abuse or drug use prior to this harassment.

In addition, Employee had knowledge of these facts prior to accepting employment.

Any additional facts obtained during employment were not covered by any confidentiality agreement, written or oral made in relation to the employment.”

–(end quotes)–

The Chiaramonte complaint referenced above further bolsters the Baltimore Post Examiner report that Toniann was being sexually, psychologically, and verbally abused by Stallone.


At some point, Toni Ann reached a legal agreement with Stallone, that involved him paying her a large sum of money, and it also involved a stipulation that neither party contact or harass the other one, that if any contact took place, it had to be through counsel.

I am unsure whose idea the “no contact” clause was; the article does not say. It would be interesting to learn if it was Toni-Ann’s lawyer’s idea, a mutual agreement, or what.

At any rate, Doug Poppa writes that someone close to the family gave him a copy of a letter Stallone wrote to give to Toni Ann about a year or year and a half or so after the “no contact” rule was initiated (I assume this letter was sent through a lawyer), and here is an excerpt from that letter:

So basically what I am saying in a very convoluted way is I miss your presence in my life, and hope the feeling is mutual. I truly hope we can mend our differences because I remember the [unreadable] times with you and want…

–(end quotes)–

Considering that Stallone (allegedly) spent eight round about years traumatizing this sister, that he raped, molested, and verbally abused and intimidated her, why on earth would he send her such a letter?

What on earth made this guy think his kid sister, who he allegedly terribly, horribly abused for close to ten years, would want anything to do with him? Hello??


This following news story, as well as the previous accusations by Stallone’s now-deceased half-sister Toni-Ann, of sexual and emotional abuse by Stallone, are probably the single most disturbing things I’ve found out about Stallone, and which have killed any enjoyment the Rocky franchise once held for me.

From November 2017:

How Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan


November 2017

Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan girl while he was filming Over the Top in Las Vegas in 1986, according to a police report obtained exclusively by

..Stallone allegedly had sex with the girl, telling her she was ‘very tight’, before asking the minor if she had ever had sex with two men at the same time

…After performing oral sex on De Luca for some time, the teen claims he penetrated her while she was made to perform oral sex on Stallone

The teen told police she became ‘very uncomfortable’ when De Luca joined in on the sexual encounter but said she felt she had ‘no choice’ in the matter

Afterwards, the teen claims Stallone said she couldn’t tell anyone because both men were married and if she said anything, ‘they would have to beat her head in’

Police said she decided not to press charges against the men because she was scared and humiliated

–(end quotes)–

From The Baltimore Post Examiner, which contains a copy of the police report of the alleged sexual attack on the teen girl by Stallone and Stallone’s body guard (the names of the victim, police, and others associated were removed):

Ask Sylvester Stallone if a 40-year-old man should have group sex with and masturbate in front of a minor – by Doug Poppa, Nov 2017

Here are excerpts from that page:

[Name Redacted – Someone associated with the case, presumably a police officer]_ told me that they had a WFJ [white female juvenile], approximately 16 years of age, who alleged that she was sexually assaulted by Sylvester Stallone and a bodyguard of his by the first name of Mike [de Luca].

[[Name Redacted] – Likely a Police officer]_ said that he had received this information from an employee, [Name Redacted]_ who is a VIP Representative at the Hilton Hotel.

I contacted [Name Redacted]_ and he told me that he was contacted by a [Name Redacted]_ on today’s date at approximately 1930 hours and told [Name Redacted]_ that a friend of hers had gotten into big trouble and that she needed some advice.

[Name Redacted]_ questioned [Name Redacted]_ about this friend who later turned out to be [Name Redacted]_.

According to [Name Redacted]_, [Name Redacted]_ told him that her girlfriend, [Name Redacted]_ had gotten herself into a situation with Sylvester Stallone and a bodyguard by the name of Mike. [Name Redacted]_ contacted Security Chief [Name Redacted]_ with the information and [Name Redacted]_ in turn, contacted LVMPD.

… [The Victim – Name Redacted]_ said that on Friday, July 27th, 1986, approximately 1430 hours, she was in the hotel in the area where the movie was being filmed.

She said that she was able to get an autograph from Sylvester Stallone, at which time he asked her her name and she said she told him her name was [Name Redacted]_.

She said that he asked her how old she was and she told him she was 16, going on 17 years of age. She told me that Stallone asked her how she got such a build and she said that she just blushed.

She said that during the conversation one of her friends had gotten a kiss on the cheek from Stallone and that she had asked Stallone for a kiss at which time he replied that he would give her a kiss at a later date, that she would not forget.

–(end quotes)–

As the police report continues, the young victim describes to the police officer what happened.

My understanding of this entire ordeal is as follows.


First of all, some on the internet keep mentioning that the age of consent in Las Vegas is sixteen – which it may very well be; I don’t know.

To me, the legal age of sexual consent is all rather moot, because Stallone clearly groomed this girl, and he was age 40 when this incident allegedly occurred, and he was also married at the time, to Nielsen.

As to the grooming aspect of it – Stallone told the girl victim, according to the police report, “where did you get such a build,” and, “he would give her a kiss at a later date, one that she would not forget.”

What kind of 40 year old man (remember, he was 40 years old when these incidents took place) speaks in such a sexualized way to a teen kid, what type of 40 year old flirts with or “hits on” or butters up a teen girl for a later sexual encounter? -A serial predator, that’s who.

A grown, mature, caring, mentally healthy and normal 40 year old man does not have sex with 16 year old girls, nor does he want to have sex with teens.

(If you disagree with that premise, you are a sick pervert who clearly, like Stallone, is over 19 years of age and is interested in sexual assault against minors and preying on vulnerable young people.)



At any rate, to all the slobs on the internet who keep saying that the age of consent for sexual acts in Las Vegas is sixteen:

That something is legally permissible does not make it ethical, right, or moral. 

Note also that the link I provided earlier claims that Stallone would intentionally check out which states had the lowest age of consent laws and then travel to those states, for the express purpose of grooming or coercing teen girls into having sex with him.

This is revolting behavior and truly another sign that this guy is a serial predator.

In the police report, the girl says that in her initial meetings with Stallone in and around the hotel lobby, she was seeking an autograph or two, one for herself, one for a friend, and she asked for a kiss on the cheek from Stallone.

This is all very “G-rated,” age-appropriate, school girl aged crush type behavior.

None of this girl’s behavior screams, “I am a teen girl who wants to have sex with a middle-aged movie actor and then also with his bodyguard.”

She was not seeking sex with Stallone.

The police report says that the girl later returned to the movie set the next day to get a Stallone autograph for a friend, where she met Stallone’s bodyguard, Mike de Luca, who gave her Stallone’s hotel room key and this occurred:

The conversation that [Victim]_ had with the bodyguard with the first name of Mike [de Luca] was that Mike asked if Sylvester Stallone made a pass at her, what would she do.

She said that she would probably make a pass back at him. After Mike gave her the keys, he advised her to go up to the room as soon a s possible.

–(end quotes)–

Let me stop here to say – this was a sixteen year old girl.

I cannot emphasize her age enough here. Sixteen year olds are generally woefully gullible and don’t know a thing about life, or don’t have the self confidence and moxy to stand up to people who are pressuring them to do something, something they are unsure about or know they do not want to do.

While 16 year olds may have some notions of sex and what it is, I don’t think she fully understood the implications of “making a pass at” or “receiving a pass from,” or what it meant.

Many teen girls of that age have little to no sexual experience, and sexual innuendos and references or implications are going to fly right over their heads.

Unfortunately, a lot of teen girls (and even adult women) are so insecure or desperate for love, they get confused and think having sex with a man means the man will love them in return.

This girl says later in the report she came from an abusive family background.

This girl was starved for love and affection, and alleged predators like Stallone prey on that very neediness, and they are good at spotting it people.

She may have felt if she caved in to sexual acts with Stallone, that she would gain affection from him, or validation.

I bet you anything this girl was not expecting anything sexual with Stallone to happen – not even in the hotel room, no matter what she told the cop in the report at the time.

She was probably expecting at most, a kiss on the cheek and an autograph and was probably too afraid or confused to turn down his sexual advances once in the room, even if, she told cops, she was initially “okay” with having sex with Stallone.

Like most 16 year olds, I don’t think she fully knew or realized what she was doing – until maybe it was too late.

I’d really like this woman, who is likely around age 46 or 47 now, to grant interviews and discuss this situation further – not only to call Stallone out on it, but I’d like clarification of how consensual her sex with Stallone truly was, because I’m betting it was not as consensual as she first told cops in 1986 it was.

More from the police report:

She [The Victim] said that Stallone and her went into the bedroom and there had sexual intercourse, being of vaginal intercourse.

She said that while she and Stallone were having intercourse, Mike the bodyguard was in the bathroom during the incident.

She said that they really didn’t have sex because he only put it in a little ways and only kept it in there for a few seconds and then took it out.

She said he made a comment about her being very tight.

He then asked her if she ever did it with 2 guys at the same time and [The Victim]_ said that she answered him no, that she’d never had.

She then told me that Stallone went in and got Mike out of the bathroom and asked him if he wanted a blow job. [The Victim]_ said that Mike came out of the bathroom, undid his pants, and then forced her head down onto his penis.

She said that he made her do that for a while and then came around and had vaginal intercourse with her.

She said that while he was having vaginal intercourse with her, Stallone came over to her and pushed her head down onto his penis and made her give him a blow job.

She said that neither individual climaxed and she said that Stallone asked her if she wanted to see come.

She said that she really didn’t understand what he was saying and that he went over in the corner of the room and ejaculated in the corner.

She said that after she got dressed, Stallone made the comment to her that they were both married men and that she could not tell anybody about the incident and if she did, that they would have to beat her head in.

She said that he laughed after he made the comment and she took it as a joke also.

[Police report later says that after leaving the hotel room, she had doubts the comment was meant as a joke but was meant to be serious, so she grew afraid]

–(end quotes)–

Putting aside the fact you have a grown 40 year old man having sexual activity with a 16 year old, which is disgusting enough…

Everything else about this is disgusting and wrong.

Let me run down a few of the other very reprehensible things wrong with this story:

  • Stallone ends the encounter by threatening her with physical violence if she ever tells everyone what happened, which is horrifying (guess what, it’s now 2017, and we all know, thank you internet – and Stallone is a deviant slime).
  • It’s disgusting that Stallone would comment on the girl’s vagina (telling her she’s “tight”?),
  • also gross that he’s asking her if she’s had sex with two guys at once,
  • then just assuming she’d like to do so (or not caring, because he’s going to force her to), without asking her if she wants to (no consent), there-by asking his sicko, deviant bodyguard to step in the room and perform sex acts on the girl and receive oral sex from her.

According to the police report, the girl victim later told cops, no, she did not want to have any sort of sexual relations with the bodyguard but felt if she said no to Stallone on that matter, that one or both men would physically abuse her – she said she was afraid, so she went along with the ordeal.

And, continuing with the “other than he’s damn old enough to know better but is still sexually coercing and exploiting a vulnerable teen girl, here’s what else is wrong” theme:

Also, what kind of man asks the girl about ejaculation, if she’d like to see a man ejaculate, and then masturbates in front of her so she can see his disgusting jizz hitting some hotel carpet or curtaining?


What sort of pervert would want to have sex in front of another adult? I don’t see the appeal in “threesomes” or “orgies” and think they are perverted. Sex is a private event meant to take place between two people – not three or more.

But here you have a grown man, age 40, pressuring a vulnerable and confused teen kid of 16 to have sex with him, and to do so in front of another adult, to the degree that while your pervert friend is having vaginal intercourse with her, you’re allowing him to view your genitals in her mouth at the same time?

Mind boggling and ten levels of gross, perverted, and deviant.


The fact the victim communicates that neither man (Stallone, Mike de Luca) had an orgasm in their sexual activity with her seems to indicate that for neither man, this was not entirely about sex or sexual pleasure, but rather about control, power, and humiliating a female.

That sort of mentality and behavior is also indicative of an abuser. None of this is normal behavior in the least.

Note the language in the police report:

“…and then forced her head down onto his penis,” and, “Stallone came over to her and pushed her head down onto his penis and made her give him a blow job”

– none of that was consensual. She was “forced.”  They “forced her head down,” “made to.”

Words and phrases such as “forced” or “made to” do not denote consent or indicate enjoyment of some activity. She was coerced. She was afraid.

And damn if she wasn’t a naive sixteen year old who probably really only wanted and expected an autograph and kiss on the cheek, and was not looking for sex with Stallone or the bodyguard.

Being naive about sexuality and how perverted adult men can be and act is not her fault.

She was trusting. Being trusting and lacking life experience are not grounds to be exploited, raped, and groped by adults or by anyone else.

From the police report (source):

_ then spoke with _ and said that he would handle the situation if _ decided to file a crime report, and that he would keep _ advised of the situation.

[The Victim]_ was asked by this officer if she wished to sign a crime report and she told me that she did not want to sign a crime report and get Sylvester Stallone in trouble.

I asked her if she had any idea that by going up to the suite that she would be involved in some type of sexual encounter with Stallone, and she said that it did enter her mind and that she initially made up her mind that if any sexual encounter happened, that she would agree to it.

She then told me that later she became undecided about what she would do if placed in that situation.

[from another portion of the report]

[Victim]_ states it was at this time [when Stallone called de Luca the bodyguard into room and asked him if he wanted to perform sexual acts with the victim] that she became very uncomfortable with the situation.

She states she did not want to have any type of sexual contact with the bodyguard, but felt she had no choice in the matter.

She states there was no actual physical force, but that she did feel intimidated, and that Mike did place his penis in her mouth, then removed it, and reached into a drawer, obtaining a rubber, which he put on himself, at which time, he performed vaginal intercourse on her.

She states that during the time that the bodyguard was performing intercourse on her, Mr. Stallone had his penis in her mouth.

-(end quotes)-

You can see how confused she was.

I don’t think she fully understood what having sex was about. I would be surprised if she had any sexual experience prior to her encounter with Stallone, or, if she did, it was probably minimal, and only with a boy her own age…

Not with a 40 year old man, unless she had previously been sexually abused by an older man, say a family member in years past, which would give her a very tainted view of sex.

She was confused, inexperienced, naive, and didn’t know what she really wanted – and Stallone took advantage of that.

I think this girl had a crush on Stallone, and at that age and with lack of life experience, she didn’t fully understand what she was getting into but also didn’t want to get him into trouble.

I bet now that she’s in her 40s it’s become glaringly clear to her in hind-sight that Stallone took advantage of her, and she can clearly see now the entire situation was one where she was being manipulated and used.

The police report (source):

I asked [The Victim] _ several times if she wanted to file a report.

During the interview she became emotionally upset numerous times, crying and sobbing and at certain points, unable to continue with the interview.

She was uncertain as to what she wanted to do.

She indicated to me that if the sexual encounter had only been with Sylvester Stallone, she would not pursue this matter, but due the fact that Mike, his bodyguard, became involved in the sexual incident, she didn’t know what she wanted to do.

I gave her the phone number of the Sexual Assault Detail as well as _ name.

I advised _ to call _ in the morning, approximately 9:00 a.m., and discuss the matter with him, after _ had time to think about what happened, if she wished to pursue it. She gave me the indication that she would be a reluctant victim at best reference the sexual assault.

-(end quotes)-

Even though Stallone took advantage of her, in her naive outlook, she apparently felt sorry for him. She didn’t want to see him get into trouble with the police, so she was willing to let his disgusting behavior slide.

What really seems to have pushed her over the edge was the fact that Stallone inflicted de Luca, his bodyguard, on her.

She said she was “uncertain” as what to do.

She was sexually taken advantage of by Stallone and the other guy, but she was too naive and trusting of Stallone – which I say to explain why I think she did what she did; I do not say that as a victim-blaming measure. I hold Stallone and deLuca fully accountable and responsible for what happened.

Part of her was probably shocked that the guy who was basically nice upon first meeting, where he gave her an autograph, would do these things to her.

The police report (source):

This Detective and _, at that time, interviewed _.

She stated that she had been living with the _ family for approximately 2 months, and that prior to that she has experienced a great deal of abuse and neglect in her family situation.

She was extremely emotional. She appeared to be very embarrassed and reluctant to discuss the situation with these officers.

[from another portion of the report]

[The Victim]_ appears to be a little slow. She has difficulty in relating her thoughts to someone, and she was extremely emotional.

During the interview, several times she began to cry, stating that she felt very ashamed, she was ashamed for _ sake.

She advised these officers that _ had offered her a loving home, and she had ruined it by this incident that occurred with Mr. Stallone.

She was very depressed, stating that it had been a mistake being born, that her mother had never wanted her, she had been abused her whole life, and had been bounced from one family to another.

-(end quotes)-

So, this victim had a troubled family life and says she had “been abused her whole life.” I’m sure that played into the entire scenario.


One thing of several I’ve learned reading a lot of articles online about how pedophiles (and other types of abusers) work is that they intentionally seek out troubled kids. Kids with low self esteem or from abusive or divorced families – because they are easier to victimize than kids with normal self esteem from stable families.

If this had been a purely consensual act with one or both men, I would not think she would be so incredibly emotional about it and “embarrassed and reluctant” to discuss it as she was.

If she had really consented to these incidents, one would expect her reaction to be more of, “Oh, it was great, no problems at all. It was very enjoyable.” But that was not the reaction.

One reason of several why the police didn’t pursue Stallone (source):

When asked if she would consider some type of criminal prosecution regarding this case, she stated, “I’m humiliated and ashamed, but I don’t want to prosecute. I’m kind of scared and I’m very ashamed. I don’t want anybody else to have that happen to them, but I don’t want to prosecute. I cannot talk about this anymore, please leave me alone.”

-(end quote)-

This girl was confused about Stallone’s sexual advances. She may have walked into his hotel room at first thinking she’d be okay with having sexual relations with him, but once things actually went underway, you can see that’s not the case. She knows what happened to her was wrong, and she felt pressured into it. She felt too afraid to say no.

The sexual acts with Stallone and his bodyguard were not enjoyable for her. And I don’t think Stallone or the bodyguard cared – they were, I suspect, more interested in humiliating and controlling her.


I see a lot of skeptics on social media or on comment sections express disbelief over this story, and one of the most common reasons is, they say, because this girl must just be seeking publicity for herself, or for money.

Some argue and complain that this episode happened about 30 years ago, so, they say, who cares?

As far as I’m concerned, time limits are nothing – I don’t care if an abuse happened five minutes ago, two weeks ago, or 45 years ago – victims always deserve to be heard, and sometimes, they are too afraid or feel too ashamed to discuss the abuse right after it happened.

It may take years before a victim feels safe or confident enough to publicly speak up about abuse that happened years prior.

Ideally, this news item about the attack on the girl should have been released or uncovered in the 1980s, but it ended up being neglected, because the girl did not want to press charges.

But this is also the day and age of the internet, when it’s easier to access information and when every day people can communicate via social media. In the 1980s, there was no internet – not in common, wide use.

As for the idiots online who keep saying the victim must want attention or money:

The victim herself did not publicize this story at any time, not in the 1980s and not now.

One or two sites carried the story (including Baltimore Post Examiner) and Daily Mail picked up on it and published a story about it in November 2017.

These journalists and sites published the story, not the victim herself.

Additionally, it was initially a friend of the girl who reported the incident to a hotel employee in 1986, and the employee was the one who contacted the Las Vegas police, who in turn, later contacted the victim.

The victim was approached to discuss being allegedly sexually attacked by Stallone – the victim did not approach the police or these news outlets.

The author of the Baltimore Post Examiner page, Mr. Poppa, wrote this:

Sylvester Stallone and Michael De Luca were never interviewed by the police which is strange considering that one of the Sexual Assault Unit detectives told the victim that a crime had been committed and that she had been the victim.

When I wrote the original story last year, as I state in that story, I interviewed the victim in this case. Now an adult woman she stands by her account of what she told the police back in 1985.

–(end quotes)–

Poppa concluded the article by saying he also interviewed a friend of the victim’s who had been present during the victim’s 1986 interview with the police.

According to the friend, one reason the victim did not press charges is because she was afraid to do so after one cop told her Stallone was very wealthy, powerful, and would “drag her name through the mud.”


I had the misfortune of watching Stallone’s “Over The Top” movie when it was on cable TV a few weeks ago, and it was truly terrible and  schlocky, even by 1980s standards. This was the first time I had ever seen it.

(You can listen to a review of “Over The Top” on the “How Did This Get Made” podcast.

As the reviewers of that film jokingly point out, the movie has a disturbing pedophilia under-tone to it in places by way of the Stallone character and his on-screen son, but now you can say it really, truly does, once one learns that, in real life, Stallone allegedly raped an under-aged teen girl while filming the movie.)

In the movie “Over The Top,” Stallone was playing the role of a stand-up father character, Lincoln Hawk, who was trying to win his estranged son back from a controlling grandfather, after the boy’s mother dies.

The sick irony of it all that while’s he’s portraying “Mr. Decent Hardworking Father” who just wants to be reunited with his son, is that, in real life, Stallone was allegedly sexually assaulting another father’s child.

It’s sick on so many levels.


From what I’ve read of Carr, she sounds a tad off her rocker and may be money-hungry, but I don’t think she’s lying when she discusses Stallone having an extra-marital affair with her that ended with Stallone sexually attacking her.

Getty Images carries a photo of her here.

Carr also claimed in one interview that Stallone was cheating on his then-wife (or then-girlfriend) Jennifer Flavin with other women at the gym he and she attended.

See sources below for more:

Stallone’s Sex Assault Suit

Stripper Sues Stallone for Assault  – via ABC News

Stallone sued for ‘sexual assault’ – BBC News

Stallone’s Mistress Speaks Out – CinemaCom


… Carr insists she was perfect for the actor – because they shared a passion for “rough sex.” The couple met at a gym in Santa Monica, and she was invited into Stallone’s private office.

She recalls, “The minute the door closed he was all over me. He told me I had a nice butt. He kept insisting that I give him oral sex and started caressing my breasts. I was so attracted to him.”

But Carr’s lust soon cooled when she realised Stallone was a selfish lover and that he was dating fellow model Jennifer.

The two women even met at Stallone’s 46th birthday party in 1992.

Carr says, “Jennifer never knew that I’d been having a secret affair with Sly. When Sly first married Jennifer in 1997 we didn’t see each other for a while. But it didn’t take long before he was up to his old tricks again.”

Exotic dancer: ‘Rocky’ assaulted me – via CNN

SANTA MONICA, California — Sylvester Stallone is accused of sexual assault.

Exotic dancer Margie Carr filed a lawsuit in Superior Court on Wednesday. In it, she claimed that more than a year ago, on February 28, 2000, the actor assaulted her in an office at Santa Monica Bodybuilding Center, where they both work out.

The suit claims that Stallone ripped off her clothes and attempted to forcibly have sexual intercourse on a couch.

…Carr told the Globe supermarket tabloid in a story published January 2 that she had had a 10-year secret affair with the actor. She also said that she loved Stallone and wanted to marry him, and detailed a romantic rough sex session at the gym.

Stallone …. [is] married to Jennifer Flavin.

–(end quotes)–

Howard Stern Program Summarization: Stern Interview with Carr – via “Marks Friggin”


Margie Carr’s Sylvester Stallone Story. 2/14/01. 7:45am
This woman Margie had a story written about her in The Globe.

In the story she claims that she had a 10 year affair with Sylvester Stallone. She also sent Howard a letter asking him out.

Howard wanted to find out why she would squeal on him like that. Margie told Howard that she wasn’t the one who went to The Globe, it was a friend of hers who told them.

….Margie went through the whole story of how she met Sylvester at the gym she worked out at.

They flirted a few times and Sly eventually brought her to his private office at the gym.

She ended up performing oral on Sly after only a short time knowing him. He didn’t return the favor though.

She said Sly complimented her ass and that’s what really got her going.

Howard read that one time Sly rushed her through oral because he had a meeting to go to. She said he didn’t really rush her, he was just nervous because he was meeting with President Clinton.

….Margie claims that she even went to Sly’s 46th birthday party which was thrown by Sly’s girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Flavin.

Margie claims that Sly cheated with a lot of women at that gym, she wasn’t the only one.

Margie told Howard that Sly attempted to rape her toward the end of their affair. Howard said the article didn’t say it that way though. In there it said that he just held her down and bruised her arms. She’s not claiming it was almost rape.

Through all of this Howard kept trying to figure out why she squealed on him.

…She said that she was upset with Sly because he promised her stuff and never came through. She said he told her he’d buy her a 3 carat diamond ring and it never happened. Robin pointed out that she demanded the ring before he promised it to her so she shouldn’t be upset about it.

…Howard made sure to say that Sylvester Stallone denies all of these allegations.


Stallone went on to have three daughters with his current wife, Flavin, as I mentioned earlier. Their names are, if memory serves, Scarlett, Sophia, and Sistine.

The oldest of the three daughters, as of 2017, is currently 20 or 21. The other two are around 16 to 18 years of age.

I hope to God Stallone is not sexually abusing his biological daughters or not allowing any of his staff or bodyguards to abuse them, because if a man is okay with sexually abusing his own half-sister for several years (or for any amount of time), you know he’d likely not consider other biological relations off- limits, either.

Is Jennifer Flavin completely, totally, absolutely, 100% sure that her old man is not fondling their daughters? According to Carr, Flavin was unaware of Carr’s ten year long affair with Stallone, Stallone’s alleged affairs with other women from the same gym.

A few weeks ago, when I visited Stallone’s Twitter page (@TheSlyStallone), I do remember on Stallone’s Twitter timeline, he linked to an article from a magazine referring to his daughter as being “hot,” or “sexy” or something, which I found very strange.

This account appears to Tweet whatever Stallone posts to his official Instagram account ( Instagram account).

I recall thinking at the time it was strange, a bit creepy, and unseemly that a man would approvingly link to content that was sexualizing his own daughter.

Ah yes, here is the tweet, via Crave Online, referring to his daughter Sophia as being a “knockout”:

I find it a little odd that a father would share (and so proudly) that sort of sexualized material of his own daughter (which is on Crave’s site, and he linked to it via his Twitter or Instagram). Sort of makes me want to barf in a bucket.

I completely agree with this person’s Tweet, who replied to the Stallone account:

‘Sort of an odd thing for a father to post about his daughter, isn’t it? Most fathers don’t glorify their daughters as sexual creatures.’

(from a Tweet posted by “Calling A Spade A Spade”)

Assuming his daughters go on to get married, how would Stallone feel about his son- in- laws breaking his daughters’ hearts by having affairs on them?

How would Stallone feel about men pressuring his daughters into having sex, as he supposedly did to that teen girl in the mid-1980s?

Many of the things I’ve learned about Stallone since researching him since late October 2017 have been disappointing, but the most troubling or disgusting thing that concerns me is the mid-1980s police report that he took advantage of a 16 year old girl, when he was 40 years old.

A 40 year old with a teen girl is perverse, immoral, in bad taste, and it’s statutory rape.

Update Feb 2018:

The Now-Removed Tweet Where Sylvester Stallone Sexualizes His Daughters – Yet Again (Feb. 2018)

January 2018.

You know, when you’re a 19 year old kid, and your dad is about two or three months into sexual abuse allegations – some of which include him allegedly raping his own half-sister many times and forcing her to perform other sex acts, and, as a result of that alleged incestuous action on his part, I’ve wondered on this blog if Stallone has perhaps sexually abused his own daughters with Jennifer Flavin – it’s not the time to post photos or videos of yourself exercising in a skimpy thong bikini doing a pilate work-out.

Sylvester Stallone’s daughter Sistine stretches out for a pilates class in a red thong one piece and COWBOY boots for Love Advent Calendar

Sistine Stallone flaunts her model figure in plunging red thong swimsuit and cowboy boots as she shows off some very sexy Pilates moves in LOVE Advent video

She is best known for being the daughter of Rocky legend Sylvester Stallone.

But Sistine Stallone ensured all eyes were on her on Friday as she paraded her model figure on the January 5 edition of the LOVE Advent.

Clad in a plunging red swimsuit, the 19-year-old looked sensational as she worked up a sweat doing Pilates in the sizzling clip.

…Speaking about her relationship with her father in December, Sistine toldW Magazine the 71-year-old is ‘very supportive’ of her modelling career and tells her to ‘cherish every moment’.
(end excerpts)

Very poor timing on her part. Or, maybe there is never a good time for that kind of thing.


I found Tweets by a woman on Twitter, Stefanie Iris Weiss, who is claiming that when she was around 13 years old that Stallone, around 1985, was shooting a layout for Vanity Fair magazine at a beach club type place she was visiting, and that during this time, Stallone sent a lifeguard over and asked him to make a lewd comment, a pass at her, on Stallone’s behalf.

Weiss claims that she made it into one of the Vanity Fair shots that has Stallone in the foreground, and you can view a scan of that image here. Weiss says she is one of the girls in the lower right corner of that photo.

Here are screen shots of Weiss’ Tweets:

Tweet Link 1 | Tweet Link 2 | Tweet Link 3| Tweet Link 4






I have no reason to doubt Tweeter Stefanie Iris Weiss. Targeting females age 13 to 18 seems to be one of Stallone’s favored tactics. She says Stallone targeted her when she was 13 years old.

Stallone, according to various online reports such as this one, began the abuse with his half-sister when she was only 15 years old, allegedly sexually exploited a 16 year old in 1986, and then, we have this woman, who, when she was 13, was propositioned by Stallone via a life guard.

And a 30 or 40-something man, even if it was meant in jest, does not tell a 13 year old girl he wants to “suck on her tiny titties.”

A normal, healthy, mature, ethical, decent man does not say such things to any girl. He wouldn’t even think such a thing. It wouldn’t cross his mind. It’s crass, rude, and wrong on so many levels.

Does Stallone think or assume every one is just as gross, disturbed, and perverse as he is? We are not.

Does Stallone assume everyone is as sex- obsessed as he is? We are not.


As Ms. Weiss points out, one approach Stallone allegedly favors in luring in teen victims is to send in a third party: with her, it was a life guard on the beach which he was doing a Vanity Fair magazine photo shoot for, and with the under-age girl at the Las Vegas hotel, it was a young male co-star and a bodyguard.


In at least two of the alleged assaults, Stallone ripped the clothing off his victims.

This is something Stallone did often when attacking his half-sister, Toni-Ann, according to this complaint:

Sylvester Stallone hush money leaves unanswered questions

by Doug Poppa


According to a draft of a Verified Complaint that was to be filed in US District Court for the Southern District of New York in 1987, Toni Ann Filiti was requesting a trial by jury and asking for damages in excess of $25 million.

The statement, dated June 29, 1987 reads in part:

“Plaintiff Toniann Filiti brings this action against, S. [Sylvester Stallone], her half- brother, for damages sustained as a result of his sexual assaults on her over an eight-year period, from 1979 through 1987.

…“Starting in or about 1979, and continuing to on or about March, 1987, defendant [Sylvester Stallone] terrorized plaintiff [Toni Ann] through repeated forcible sexual assaults, which included molesting her, ripping her clothes off, forcing himself upon her, forcibly engaging in sexual acts against her will, including sexual intercourse and oral/genital sex, and otherwise restraining her from escaping from him through physical force and intimidation.

–(end quotes)–

Compare that information about Toni-Ann to this other report about Margie Carr (several sites carrying this information, including News24, E! Online, CNN, and several other sites):

Via CNN (link):

The suit claims that Stallone ripped off her [Margie Carr] clothes and attempted to forcibly have sexual intercourse on a couch.

–(end quotes)–

Via E! News (link):

In a suit filed last week in Santa Monica Superior Court, Margie Carr claims the 54-year-old actor [Sylvester Stallone] attacked her last February at the Santa Monica Bodybuilding Center, “forcibly pinned” her against a wall and tore her clothes off.

–(end quotes)–

Based on these news stories (some dating all the way back to the late 1970s, on up to the mid or late 1990s), it would appear that ripping off women’s clothing in attempting to rape them is another Stallone S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure).


I completely agree with this poster on the “Crazy Days and Nights” blog who wrote (source):

The striking thing about this [1986 allegations of Stallone intimidating an under-age girl into having sex with him in a Las Vegas hotel room], like so many of these stories, is that someone like him could have gone into a bar and said, “Who wants to get it on with me and my bodyguard back at the hotel?” and had plenty of attractive volunteers. But that wasn’t good enough.

He had to find a young one, probably one that seemed nice and innocent and not the type to do something like that. It couldn’t just be fun, it had to be degrading and take something away from her.

–(end quotes)–

Stallone sexually humiliated the 16 year old girl from the Las Vegas hotel – he was allegedly sexually attacking his own sister starting when she was 15 – I think all of this sexual activity is less about him getting any sort of sexual fulfillment, but he seemingly enjoys humiliating or having control over females, especially under-age ones.


One wonders where this perverse motive and inclination comes from. I wrote a little bit about Stallone’s strange family in this previous post.

Did Stallone grow up hating his mother, so he takes hostility of her out on girls?

Did his biological father or someone molest him when he was around 15 years of age? Or did he see a family member regularly molesting a teen family member?

If all these accusations by these women are true…

Stallone obviously got some kind of warped, sick idea at some stage in life that it’s (in his view) appropriate for a man who is 18 or more years older than a woman to coerce her into sex.

Somewhere along the way in life, Stallone seemingly learned from someone or somewhere that it’s normal or acceptable (in his view) for an adult man to commit sexual acts with, to, or on a 15 year old girl.

Again, assuming all these accusations are true, I would guess Stallone likely picked this up from his family of origin.

There may have been some abusive dynamics going on in the Stallone household when he was a kid. It’s also possible he has a high degree of entitlement – a lot of abusers do.

There is nothing moral, normal, or acceptable about anyone coercing or pressuring anyone into a sex act.

And no, it’s nor normal, acceptable or moral for a man in 1970s America, or beyond, to have sex with teen-aged girls.

There is something very wrong and perverse with Sylvester Stallone, and unless he was simply born as a psychopath or sociopath, he clearly picked up this revolting behavior from somewhere in life, before he hit age 25.


Stallone, according to online biographies, married his first wife, Sasha Czack, when he was 28 years old.

By the time the alleged abuse of his half sister Toni began, Stallone was around 33 years old and had been married for some time – and had already fathered one or two sons with his first wife by that point.

Stallone was having normal sexual marital relations (or some kind of sexual relations, normal or not) with his wife while simultaneously, five years after marrying her, began allegedly molesting and raping his half-sister Toni.

That also goes to show that although Stallone was having (I’d assume normal and regular) sex with his wife, that was not enough for him – he had to also coerce and force sex from under-age, unwilling or naive, inexperienced, nervous, scared females.

And what goes through Stallone’s perverse little mind to believe or think that it’s normal or acceptable for a 20- or 30- or 40-something year old man to have any sort of sexual relations, forced or not, with a teen, especially HIS OWN BIOLOGICAL SISTER?

There is a pathology there, a felt need to dominate, command, control, and an entitled attitude, among who knows what other psychological disturbances.


-Seeing the common threads among some of these alleged attacks, their similarities in some areas;
-that some of the victims did not publish these stories or seek out media or police, but they were approached, and their stories were published by other parties;
-that I see stamps and hallmarks of usual predatory abusive behavior in all the accounts of victims describing Stallone’s behavior;
-combined with the small details reported by other victims, are a few of the things that leads me to believe these allegations are true.

If there are other Stallone victims out there, I hope they find the courage to speak up publicly, or at least go through someone in the media to tell their stories.

I find it difficult to believe there are not more than four, five people who he’s assaulted or sexually harassed over a three or four year decade span.

Author Doug Poppa has an e-mail account on some of his Stallone articles, such as this one (his e-mail is in the “Contact” link at the bottom of that page). He may be happy to listen to victims tell their stories, investigate them, and then publish articles about their claims.

The Daily Mail was asking any other Stallone victims  or anyone with relevant information to contact them if they’d like to share their stories.

  • If you have any information regarding Sylvester Stallone please contact alan.butterfield 

I think Stallone should be held accountable for what he’s done – and throwing a few million around here or there, say, to his sister, does not suffice.

That is just paying someone to shut up, it’s not making true restitution. It’s not repenting. It’s not truly making amends for the pain you’ve caused someone else.

Jail time might be nice. A public admission of guilt and a public apology would be better than nothing.

I’d like to make maybe one more post on these subjects, one that analyzes the Rocky character and Rocky movies (especially the very first one) through what I’ve now learned about Stallone’s real life (lack of) character. This has not been a series of happy posts to write.

I recently had a brief window of time in which I was enjoying some of the Rocky movies, but thanks to discovering what an abusive deviant Stallone apparently is (or was) in real life from all these news sources, I’m afraid I can’t watch the Rocky movies anymore, certainly not enjoy them.

New Allegations

December 2017 Edit.

I knew that there had to be more victim. (I’m not happy about being correct, though.)

I believe Stallone is a sexual predator, and predators never stop at ONE victim. (I believe he’s also abusive in his private life and has a bad temper, more indications that he’s probably abused many girls and women over his life.)

There are probably dozens (to hundreds) of more other victims out there.

Woman files police report against Sylvester Stallone, 71, accusing the actor of raping her in 1990 and district attorney’s office will decided whether or not to prosecute

-The unnamed woman filed a report with Santa Monica police, reported TMZ
-She claims the incident occurred in 1990 during a meeting at his office

Sylvester Stallone is being investigated by police for a rape he’s accused of committing in 1990.

According to TMZ, a woman recently filed a report with Santa Monica police about the incident which she says occurred during a 1990 meeting at Stallone’s office.

Although the 10-year statute of limitations has expired, authorities are said to be investigating her claim and that the district attorney’s office will decided whether or not to prosecute.

TMZ also reported that Stallone has accused the woman of filing a false report against him and that the actor’s attorney, Marty Singer, says the 71-yar-old intends to file a complaint requesting that police investigate his accuser.

Sylvester Stallone investigated by police over claim he raped teenager in the 1990s

The actor says he was single, she was not a minor and maintains there was never a rape. He also denies he saw her at all in 1990, TMZ reported.

…”The (alleged) victim came forward to report the incident in November 2017. The alleged incident occurred in the early 1990s in Santa Monica.”

The claim is believed to fall outside California’s statute of limitations, which has since been scrapped, but the spokesman said a “thorough investigation” would be made before the case is presented to the district attorney.

Police are reportedly investigating claims Sylvester Stallone raped a woman in the 1990s


Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 7:59 PM

According to TMZ a woman accusing him of raping her in 1990 filed a report with Santa Monica police. Although the 10-year statute of limitations has expired, authorities are said to be investigating her claim.

The case will reportedly be presented to the District Attorney’s office, who will then decide whether to prosecute.

Stallone is pushing back, however.

Edit. January 5, 2018.

This story was published in December 2017, but I did not see it until January 2018.

Sylvester Stallone steps down from directing ‘Creed 2’

December 12,  2017

Sylvester Stallone is handing over the directorial duties for “Creed 2.”

The 71-year-old actor announced on Monday he will not be directing the upcoming installment of the “Rocky” franchise and tapped Stephen Caple, Jr. as the new director.

This was also in the news recently:

Sylvester Stallone Visits Hospital After Denying 1990 Rape Claim from Radar Online

January 2, 2018,
by Radar staff

The Rocky actor, 71, was having tests done at a Los Angeles area medical center on Tuesday.

“Sly is at a facility for tests which his doctor has suggested, which he does periodically to maintain good health,” a source close to the actor told Radar.

“It’s not stress related,” the insider insisted about the action hero. “His doctors want him to do certain tests in the hospital.”

Stallone told Radar that he was devastated that his family had to hear the unfounded accusations.

It’s one thing to go after me,” he told Radar. “But they really attack the innocents, the people that are going along with their lives, their reputations are sullied by this,” he said about his wife, Jennifer Flavin, and three daughters.

Stallone said that the woman was not telling the truth as multiple high-powered men in Hollywood were accused of assault and that his family was adversely affected by the accusations.

“They are carrying the burden of a lie for the rest of their lives. Cruel is cruel. You don’t have to make things up.

-(end excerpts)-

Hard to say if this is unrelated or not to the surfacing of several different sexual assault allegations against the actor that began around fall or winter of 2017.

Regarding this comment by Stallone as appears in Radar Online:

It’s one thing to go after me,” he told Radar. “But they really attack the innocents, the people that are going along with their lives, their reputations are sullied by this,” he said about his wife, Jennifer Flavin, and three daughters.
-(end excerpts)-

I think Stallone is guilty of all the sexual harassment or sexual abuse accusations – of which there have been about five or sex at this point, some dating back to the 1970s, some as recent as the late 1990s or early 2000s.

Therefore, it’s disturbing for me to see him essentially depict the accusers (his victims) as liars, and to make all of this about him and the supposed ramifications upon his current wife and his daughters.

Stallone is trying to make himself out to be the victim here, which is pretty rich.

If you spend two or more decades of your life preying upon naive teen fan girls to sexually exploit them, and you have been raping or groping teens and grown women for two decades or longer, I’m not going to feel sorry for you when the stories break and you start to be held accountable for your actions.

I wonder, since a large portion of these alleged attacks took place in the 1980s, if Stallone at that time just assumed that these stories would never, ever break. He apparently was not counting on the internet or that the 15 or 16 year old girls at the time would grow up to be 40 year old women who are no longer intimidated by him or his horrible attorney.

You should feel remorse for all the girls and women you sexually exploited or raped, for all the people you verbally abused in a fit of rage, and for allegedly killing a puppy – what kind of a-hole kills a sweet, innocent puppy?

If you didn’t want to face scrutiny now, or have your daughters think poorly of you, you should not have done all these evil things in the first place.

Edit – Nov / Oct 2018 

No sex-crime charges to be filed against Sylvester Stallone in California case

October 30, 2018

USA TODAY obtained a filing notice by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office  Tuesday, which says due to “insufficient evidence,” they are no longer pursuing a sex crime case against Stallone, 72, for decades-old allegations that resurfaced when a woman filed a police report in Santa Monica, California, last November.

The DA’s office stated that Stallone and the unnamed woman had a consensual relationship in 1987. Although the woman alleged rape in 1987 and 1990, the witnesses she provided did not corroborate her allegations, according to the report. The Santa Monica allegations against Stallone are also outside the statue of limitations.

Stallone’s representative, Michelle Bega, confirmed the report.

Last December Stallone’s attorney, Martin Singer, said Stallone “categorically denied” the rape allegations, and called the claims “totally fabricated.”

Singer previously conceded that Stallone had a consensual relationship with the accuser in the 1980s. “Stallone had a relationship with her for less than a week while shooting a movie in Israel in 1987; he was single at the time and she was of legal age,” he explained.

 Singer claimed the accuser went to police after she was unable to persuade an unnamed media outlet to publish a story about her allegations.

“There would be no reason to file such a report since she knew that it was too old a claim. However, she wanted a story published. Notwithstanding that, she filed a police report, (and) the media outlet refused to publish the story. “

Last year, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey established a task force of specially trained prosecutors after the Harvey Weinstein news broke to investigate allegations of sex crimes in the entertainment industry. To date, law enforcement agencies have referred 36 cases to the sex crimes unit but there has yet to be a criminal filing.

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