The Inconsistency of Actor Chris O’Dowd Regarding Religion – His 2017 Comments

The Inconsistency of Actor Chris O’Dowd Regarding Religion – His 2017 Comments

(This post has been edited to add additional links or commentary – latest edit: December 2018)

One of my previous posts, out of several, critical of actor Chris O’Dowd, is already fifty feet long.

Rather than add more commentary to that post, making it even longer, I thought I’d make a new post, so here we are.

At this point, I guess you could say I am “hate-watching” O’Dowd’s career.  I am not following his career out of fondness, no.

Sometimes news about O’Dowd comes across my radar. I was on one of my social media accounts yesterday, and there was a headline saying that his “Get Shorty” cable TV show has been renewed for a season two.

So, I sometimes don’t go looking for stuff on O’Dowd, it crosses my path.

I started out sort of liking the guy.

I assumed (oh so very wrongly) that O’Dowd must be as nice and considerate in real life as the nice cop character he played in the ‘Bridesmaids’ movie, which is why I googled him a few months after I first saw the movie on cable TV in 2015.

I thought around that time, well, if he’s as nice in real life and has played similar characters in other movies or shows, I may follow his career from here on out.

But the more I read about O’Dowd, the more disappointed I became.

I followed O’Dowd under my primary Twitter account for about two weeks before realizing he’s actually not so nice in real life, and so I un-followed him.

One of my several criticisms of this actor pertains to some very snotty, condescending, rude comments O’Dowd made about religion and people of faith in a 2014 UK edition of G.Q. magazine.

O’Dowd has also insulted conservatives and Republicans on his social media account on several occasions from around 2016 and on-wards, that I saw.

I was a lifelong Republican until around 2014 or 2015. I am currently a conservative Independent.  I used to be a Christian, but as of late, my faith has been up in the air, so I’m not sure what I believe (but I am not an atheist, I do know that much).

However, my mother, who died a few years ago, was a Christian and a Republican.

(One of the reasons the “Bridesmaids” movie, in which O’Dowd appeared, meant so much to me when I first saw it on TV in 2015 is that it cheered me up over losing my mother, among a few other reasons I won’t re-hash in this post. I go into detail about that in previous posts on this blog.)

Any time and every time I see atheists and liberals, whether they are celebrities or not, go into interviews or social media and make sneering, disrespectful comments about conservatives, Republicans, or Christians, they are either indirectly insulting and hurting me personally, or they are doing so to my mother.

My mother, who happened to be a Republican and a person of faith, was a very loving, kind woman, so I do not appreciate any liberal or any atheist who goes around trash-talking all Republicans and all Christians, because, when they do so, they are in effect doing so to my mother.

And I do not appreciate that at all (hence, my initial and sustained animosity towards O’Dowd).

I could see from O’Dowd’s Twitter account,  when I used to follow it, that he follows famous anti-theist atheist author and speaker Richard Dawkins.

O’Dowd was in a movie (“Friends With Kids”) where Dawkins, Dawkins’ work, and anti- theism are subtly promoted by other characters in the film (I wrote more about that in this post).

In light of all that circumstantial evidence, you cannot convince me that O’Dowd is not a supporter of Dawkin’s brand of rude, arrogant, snotty, anti – theism atheism, where it’s considered perfectly acceptable and fine to slam and ridicule people of faith.

When I was following O’Dowd’s Twitter at one time, he did things like Tweet a link to a newspaper editorial whose author was ridiculing and criticizing people of faith for having prayed in time of national tragedy, as if to suggest it was moronic for people to pray.

That is not respectful towards people of faith – the editorial itself was disrespectful, as well as the fact O’Dowd re-tweeted it, presumably, because he agreed with it, was disrespectful.

Mr. Z-Lister

By the way, before I continue with the main point of my post.

Look, I don’t mean this as an insult, but I am baffled by all these articles that use the words or phrases such as “star” or “stardom” or “in high demand” with O’Dowd, because he’s still a Z-list actor.

And I’ve seen this in articles or interviews with O’Dowd that date from 2011 to the present.

O’Dowd doesn’t have the big name recognition of a Harrison Ford, Robert Redford, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, or Tom Cruise. Physically, he’s not that recognizable. You could walk past O’Dowd in a Wal-Mart and not turn your head. He’d blend in with everyone else there.

O’Dowd’s IMDB credits page has large gaps in it.

It’s not like O’Dowd was filming five, ten, or more movies a year, and the ones he did film ended up going straight to DVD or NetFlix; they weren’t well-known titles.

I therefore find it pretty puzzling when these journalists write these pages about O’Dowd gushing about how “in demand” he is, or refer to his “stardom.” Oh please, spare me.

If O’Dowd was up there with Robert Downey Jr, Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Emma Stone, or Hugh Jackman, I’d concede the point, but currently? No, he’s Mr. Z-Lister.

(Sharing a single scene with an A- or B- Lister such as actress Natalie Portman for five minutes doesn’t count, either. The audience mainly saw the back or side of O’Dowd’s head in that scene and Portman’s character’s menu. The restaurant menu Portman held got more “face time” on camera than O’Dowd.)

O’Dowd has certainly been in more movies than I’ve been in (I’ve been in zero), but then I have no desire to be in movies.

I don’t know why anyone would want to be an actor, as it looks like it’s an unappealing job for different reasons.

(I hate travel. I would not want to fly to other countries or states to film scenes or to market the movie by giving interviews. I would not want to be recognized by the public and filmed by paparazzi while out buying toothpaste at K-Mart.)

O’Dowd Is Now Claiming, August 2017, That He Is Not ‘Anti Religion’

In August of 2017, O’Dowd has been promoting a new cable TV series he’s been in called “Get Shorty.”

From one interview he gave (as an aside, I disagree with Roman Catholic theology; the Catholic church rejects belief in sola fide, that salvation is by FAITH ALONE.)

Get Shorty’s Chis O’Dowd on his laidback path to stardom

August 22, 2017

By Luaine Lee

… A former Catholic altar boy, O’Dowd is a self-confessed atheist.

“There are actually things about the church I really like,” he said, nodding. “I just don’t have any faith in God, so I’m an atheist. I think it would be wonderful to be a believer. What comfort you must get from believing there’s this whole world after you die.

“I can understand why religion exists; what a joy,” he said. “But if you don’t believe it, you don’t believe it. You can’t make yourself believe. I invited our parish priest to our wedding. He’s a close friend, an absolute delight as a man, and we talk about religions sometimes. I find religion fascinating. I’m not anti-religion, I just don’t believe in it.”

-(end excerpts)-

O’Dowd is certainly inconsistent about his views on theism, atheism, and faith.

O’Dowd most certainly did in fact hold an “anti-religion” (what is normally called “anti theism” if adopted by atheists) position in 2014.

Aside from the horribly sexist, gross photoshoot O’Dowd took place in for this 2014 GQ magazine issue (where he’s posing with scantily clad bimbo models, some samples of which are available in this post)…
Something that would’ve been out of character for his Nathan Rhodes character (it’s more something sleazy Ted from “Bridesmaids” would’ve been happy to participate in) – O’Dowd trashes religion and people of faith in that interview!

Here is what O’Dowd said in his 2014 GQ magazine interview, and he’s never, that I am aware, apologized for these remarks (via SMH):

Actor Chris O’Dowd says religion is ‘unacceptable’
(via SMH, Sydney Morning Herald, March 2014)

O’Dowd has told Britain’s GQ magazine: “For most of my life, I’ve been, ‘Hey, I’m not into it, but I respect your right to believe whatever you want’. But as time goes on, weirdly, I’m growing less liberal. I’m more like, ‘No, religion is ruining the world, you need to stop!’.

“There’s going to be a turning point where it’s going to be like racism. You know, ‘You’re not allowed to say that weird s**t! It’s mad! And you’re making everybody crazy!’

“And you know, now America can’t have a president that doesn’t say he believes in God. So we’re f**ked! Like, they f**ked everything!

“You wanna go and live in your weird cult and talk about a man who lives in a cloud, you do that, but don’t. I mean, you really think that Barack Obama believes in God? No way!”

–(end excerpt)–

How can O’Dowd claim in a 2017 interview that religion is lovely, he can see why people are attracted to faith, insist he’s not “anti religion,” but just three years prior, in another interview…

O’Dowd is saying obnoxious things such as religion (all religion, no exceptions made by him, no caveats, no qualifiers) “ruins the world,” he was very insultingly comparing all people of faith to “weird cultists” and to RACISTS (!), O’Dowd was comparing people’s faith in a God (or gods) itself to RACISM (!), and hoping for the day all religion would go away?

How is that pile of condescending, rude, steaming pile of horse excrement that came out of O’Dowd’s mouth, to some GQ magazine journalist that he had to have known would be printed and hence shared publicly, not ‘anti religion,’ pray tell?

How were those insulting comments NOT “anti religion?”

O’Dowd’s Priest Friend

Regarding this comment O’Dowd made:

I invited our parish priest to our wedding. He’s a close friend, an absolute delight as a man, and we talk about religions sometimes.

-(end excerpt)-

To O’Dowd: And how do you think your close friend, the priest must have felt, if he read or heard about your horrible comments about religion and religious people?

You referred to your priest friend’s deeply held convictions as being “weird shit,” you compared him to being a cultist and a racist, and compared his beliefs to racism.

You don’t care if you insult your friends, never mind people such as me or the memory of my mother, people you’ve never met?

As much as I disagree with atheists and liberals, I don’t indiscriminately bash them, partly because I am personal friends with some.

I do not go on to my social media where I am friends with atheists and liberals and write how stupid or moronic I think all atheists or liberals are (nor do I think all atheists and liberals are that way.)

If I were a celebrity, I sure as hell would not grant an interview with a magazine besmirching any and all atheists or liberals, because I know my atheist and liberal friends might read it or hear about it from the newspapers.

How is it that O’Dowd, who is claiming to be friends with a priest – a priest who probably believes in God, as it’s part of his vocation and faith, hello – felt it was acceptable to basically trash that friend of his, and everyone else who believes in a deity, in a magazine interview?
And to occasionally tweet links to editorials that are critical of faith or faith practices (such as prayer)?

Never Apologized

From the liberal web site Salon and I do believe this essay’s author, Phil Torries, is an atheist:

What he [atheist Sam Harris] should have done [when he offended atheist women with his sexist commentary] is, quite simply, said “I’m sorry.” These words, I have come to realize, are nowhere to be found in the new atheist lexicon.

-(end excerpts)-

So far as I am aware (and I did a lot of reading up on this guy over 2016, and a few articles lately), O’Dowd never apologized for those bigoted comments against faith or people of faith in that 2014 magazine.

When asked about those comments a year or two later, in another interview (I’m sorry I did not save the link or recall which publication this was for), the interviewer said that O’Dowd just sort of sat there, grinned a dumb grin, and shrugged his shoulders as if to say,

“Eh, so what if people were upset or offended by my anti- religious comments?”

Apologize to a Sexist Pig Movie Director But Not People of Faith?

As I discuss in another post on this blog, O’Dowd, in 2012, sent a letter of apology for ‘widely- recognized- in- Hollywood- as- being- sexist- and- a- jerk’ movie director Michael Bay for having publicly criticized Bay in other interviews in 2012, regarding actress Megan Fox.

In that letter, O’Dowd told Bay he was not the kind of guy to unnecessarily hurt people’s feelings, so he told Bay he was sorry if he had hurt him.

I don’t grasp this.

How can O’Dowd sit there and apologize to some sexist caveman movie director over some critical comments in the media, but not feel the need to apologize to the many people who may have been hurt or offended by his hateful anti-religious comments in the 2014 GQ magazine (and this would include people like me, who had previously felt he was a nice guy in real life based on characters we saw him play)?

I included some quotes in one of my last posts by women (though I saw a few men, too, on other sites) who were shocked, hurt, and/or angered by his anti-religious screed in GQ magazine.

These were people who saw O’Dowd on the “IT Crowd” show he used to be on, or in “Bridesmaids,” who just assumed he was as nice in real life as the characters he played, only to see him saying rude, hateful, or dismissive things about their beliefs or people they care about.

Singer Beyonce’ and O’Dowd

Please see the section of my other blog post, under the section entitled “Beyonce” and “Beyonce and O’Dowd,” for more:

Actor Chris O’Dowd Silent on Hurricane Harvey Victims but Not Islamic Migrants – Also: Would O’Dowd Mock Singer Beyonce For Her Religious Beliefs and Practices?

Ruined ‘Bridesmaids’ Movie For Me

I’ve gotten to the point where I can no longer really watch the “Bridesmaids” movie anymore, knowing what I know about O’Dowd.

I used to watch that movie when it came on TV if I needed cheering up or needed motivation (I’ve been going through some tough times in my life the last few years), but O’Dowd pretty much ruined that movie for me now.

It’s very disconcerting to watch the scenes with Rhodes the nice cop, who O’Dowd played in the movie, in “Bridesmaids,” only to be thinking in the back of your mind during those scenes, things like,

“I can’t believe this is the same guy who goes into interviews and social media insulting people such as myself or my mother, all over political or religious differences.
He’s actually a jerk in his personal life and doesn’t care who he insults or offends. This nice guy he’s playing is just another role. Wow, this is sad.”

The “You Can Hurt People” Scene

Then the one scene in ‘Bridemaids’ that kills me now because of the hypocrisy (it’s so unsettling now to watch) – the scene where O’Dowd, who’s playing the nice cop, shows up after the Annie character gets into a car accident.

O’Dowd’s character, Rhodes, tells the Annie character she should be careful, because what she says or does can hurt people.

I note that Annie at least apologizes to Rhodes later in the movie for having brushed him off and hurt him.

However, O’Dowd, in real life, when given the opportunity to apologize to anyone in the public he may have hurt or offended by his awful comments in GQ magazine, passed up the opportunity.

O’Dowd just sat there and grinned, like a self-satisfied jackass, according to the journalist who interviewed him.

My mind reels. How can you play a character in a movie who lectures another character to be more sensitive to how her words or actions can hurt those around her, but in your personal life, not practice this yourself?

The “What A Dick” Scene

There’s also a scene earlier in the film where Rhodes, the cop, pulls the Annie character over because she’s driving erratically.

They get to talking, and Annie tells Rhodes how her ex boyfriend dumped her when her business tanked.

Rhodes responds to this by telling her something like, “What a dick!” (in reference to the Annie character’s ex boyfriend dumping her so terribly.)

This has become another very awkward, cringe-worthy, or painful scene for me to watch, knowing that in real life, O’Dowd has, well, acted like a total dick, too, AND he doesn’t realize it. He must really think he’s a nice, tolerant guy.

Sometimes when I re-watched “Bridesmaids” and the scenes with Rhodes come on, I can recall in the back of my mind the nasty comments O’Dowd made about religion and religious people and other such things, and it really takes me out of the movie and makes me feel sick.

You see his smiling, sweet face as Rhodes the cop while watching “Bridesmaids,” but in the back of your head, you can hear these words from his 2014 interview playing in the background:

“[Religion is] like racism. You know, ‘You’re not allowed to say that weird shit! … “…  Like, [people of faith] fucked everything!
“You wanna go and live in your weird cult and talk about a man who lives in a cloud, you do that, but don’t….”

And you remember the Tweets he made where he conveyed his opinion that any and all Republican Americans are dim-witted idiots.

Not quite so sweet and likable, and definitely takes you out of the movie when his scenes are on.

Being Smarmy with Other Women While Dating His Future Wife

Not only does O’Dowd do objectionable things such as insulting people of my beloved mother’s religious and political persuasion, but he does other cruddy things as well, some of which I wrote about here and here.

O’Dowd doesn’t just stop at insulting Republicans, Christians, other theists, prayer, and conservatives, no. There’s more. Such as….

I was reading a recent interview O’Dowd’s wife, Dawn gave, and here’s an excerpt:

Dawn O’Porter: ‘I was living the Hollywood life, but I felt like a loser’ 

March 25, 2017

…A few years into her relationship with actor Chris O’Dowd, the writer and TV presenter Dawn O’Porter received an interesting introduction to the trials of dating someone well-known.

It was shortly after the success of his film Bridesmaids – the 2011 Kristen Wiig comedy that took nearly $300 million at the box office – when the couple were leaving a bar in London’s Shoreditch.

‘I’d left my jacket inside so I went back to get it,’ she says, ‘and when I came out, this hot blonde was basically straddling Chris – really flirting with him. Chris was standing there looking a bit shocked, but also enjoying it because the fame thing was still quite new to him and, well, because he’s a man. I didn’t know what to do, so I just waited until she’d finished.’

Dawn starts laughing. ‘I mean, I understand that people lose their cool when they meet someone famous and I didn’t want to get in the way of their moment!’

-(end excerpt)-

How in the hell did some random lady recognize O’Dowd? He’s not well-known. I guess over in the UK, where this incident took place, he may be more recognizable because he was on some TV sit com over there for a few years?

In the United States most people are not familiar with O’Dowd, and he’d walk on by without turning a head.

I couldn’t help but note how gross O’Dowd’s behavior is in this incident (very unlike the cop character he played in the movie).

You do not sit there basking in the glow of some hot thing flirting with you when you are already in a dating relationship, as he was with Porter at that time, and he was actually ON A DATE with his lady friend that night.

I thought that was a dirt bag and inappropriate move on his part.

O’Dowd could have politely rebuffed that blond woman’s attention but apparently did not.

That is the sort of thing – just allowing some woman to hit on you while your girlfriend is inside retrieving her jacket – that the self-absorbed dirt ball “Ted” character from the “Bridesmaids” movie would’ve done.

But the guy who played the gentleman, the nice cop from “Bridesmaids,” was being the dirt ball in this scenario – my lord, how disappointing.

So, in the past year of researching O’Dowd, after having seen him in the “Bridesmaids” film, expecting to find that he’s a really sweet guy in real life, I find anecdote after anecdote of him being a disappointment, or else, the man himself belittling anyone who doesn’t share his political or religious views.

Now, he’s saying in a 2017 interview that he’s not “anti religious”?

You could’ve fooled me after the 2014 interview where O’Dowd felt quite free to impugn people of faith, as though anyone and everyone who believes in a deity or prays is some kind of knuckle-dragging idiot or weirdo crazy person.

(As I noted in an older post, O’Dowd is reported in various media as being a college drop out who didn’t take his studies seriously.

I am a college graduate, and I was a straight-A student. I also was a devout Christian for many years, during the time I was a college student.

My father is the smartest guy I’ve ever met – he has more than one college degree, was a straight-A student, and my Dad still believes in God.

I can damn well guarantee you that my father is ten times smarter than O’Dowd is or can ever hope to be.

Where does O’Dowd get off looking down upon, or acting intellectually superior and smug towards, those who are likely smarter or obviously more educated than he?

Being an atheist does not automatically add 100 points on to your I.Q., nor does belief in a deity subtract points – I don’t care what Fantasy Land of Imagined Atheistic Superiority Richard Dawkins lives in, or what Dawkins says or thinks, or whomever O’Dowd’s current atheist hero is.)

Unless and Until

Unless and until I see O’Dowd publicly (say, in a professional press release, for instance)…

  • fully repudiate and apologize for his 2014 (or, I apologize, the interview I am thinking of may have dated from 2012?) comments in the GQ magazine where he insulted and mocked people of faith,
  • apologize for his Republican and conservative-bashing on Twitter, and
  • never again publicly mocks or insults religious people, religion in general, or Republicans and conservatives…

I absolutely positively do not believe he’s a “nice guy” who really is reluctant (contrary his claims to the director Michael Bay) to hurt people’s feelings or is not “anti religion.”

I have a few other gripes with the guy, but those are my main ones, I suppose.

I can”t promise I’ll never write about O’Dowd again – I’d like to return to posting more about other Hollywood types who act like snobs about politics, and to posting motivational content, or links to articles about failing and trying again – but I saw these quotes today from some new interview he gave and had to say something.

I’m a forgiving person. Should O’Dowd ever have a change of heart and give a sincere apology about being a butt-head about politics and religion (and stop doing or saying sexist things), I would consider letting all this go.

In the mean time, oh hell no.


From the August 2017 article on Reading Eagle:

The youngest of five himself, O’Dowd is the father of a 2-year-old son and a 7-week-old baby boy. He’s sleep deprived, but says it’s worth it.

“Becoming a father for the first time changes you dramatically,” he says. “It made me become much less driven in a different way. You push yourself all the time, but now I want to push myself to be the kind of man that I’d like my boys to be, rather than the kind of man that I thought I wanted to be – not that I have a perfect example of what either of those are.”

-(end excerpts)-

Given that O’Dowd is a low-key sexist, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that his wife pops out a baby daughter, so maybe he can get a clue about what the world is like for women and girls – and it’s not as easy as it is for boys and men. He’s blind to his own sexism, as I outlined in older posts, with examples.

Having a daughter might be more of an eye-opening experience for O’Dowd. His wife needs to stop popping out male children.

I hope O’Dowd raises any children he has to be more respectful towards people who disagree with them on religion and politics than he himself has been.

I said this before in an older post, but I really cannot picture the cop character O’Dowd played in the “Bridesmaids” movie mocking or insulting people over religious or political differences, as O’Dowd has done in real life.

That was a very disheartening and shocking discovery for me, to see an actor from a film that cheered me up for awhile, at such a dark time in my life, to turn out in real life to be so awful and to likely hate me, or to hate people I care about (such as my mother), merely for believing in a deity or for being politically right wing.

Hopefully, O’Dowd will raise his kids not to be mocking, insulting little jerks when they talk about their political and religious views – disagree with others if you want, but it’s not necessary to insult others in the process.

At the very least, if O’Dowd does not go that route, I hope all kids he has grow up to be right wing, Christian, and Republicans who argue with him at holiday dinners over religion and politics. The poetic justice would be amusing.

In Closing

So, O’Dowd says in a 2017 interview he’s not “anti religion,” which I don’t believe for one moment, not after, among other clues, his anti- religious rant in a 2014 interview that he has never apologized for, not even when asked about the furor it created when interviewed at a later time by a different journalist.

O’Dowd had a prime chance to apologize then, but he did not. He instead grinned, shrugged it all off, as though it was nothing. Didn’t mean anything to him that he offended, hurt, or upset people who were assuming, based on nice guys he played on screen, that he was such a jerk in real life, when he goes on his anti-religion or anti-conservative rants.

O’Dowd can still apologize, though. It’s never too late for that.

Edited December 2018 to add this:

I wanted to address this – see my comments below this link and the excerpts:

‘NO GUNS OR GOD’ Chris O’Dowd reveals why he is reluctant to take on roles that make him uncomfortable ahead of arrival of second child


by By Aoife Finneran, March 2017

The Irish actor said because he is an atheist and a pacifist he wouldn’t take roles where god is triumphant or had to use guns

…Speaking to comedian Maeve Higgins on her Maeve In America podcast, he revealed: “I’m an atheist so I find it hard to do roles where I feel god is triumphant.

… But despite his impressive CV, he is very reluctant to take on roles that make him feel uncomfortable.

He said: “I’m an economic migrant.”

Chris is also paying more attention to politics in his adopted country and said: “I have been thinking about it increasingly. I’m a bog-standard liberal.”

Last week he hit out at Mike Pence after the US vice president launched a charm offensive about his Irish roots ahead of St Patrick’s Day.

The comments didn’t go down well given his well-documented anti-immigrant views, with an unimpressed O’Dowd telling him: “You’re a snake. March 17 is anti-you, ya feckin’ eejit.”

I’ve commented on O’Dowd’s unnecessary, highly obnoxious, and mean-spirited attack on American Vice President Pence’s 2017 “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” tweet in another post on this blog, so I won’t get into that here and now.

O’Dowd says he’s a liberal in this interview – he should keep his political views to himself, and stop using interviews or his social media to insult and attack all Republicans and conservatives.-  Once more, I’ve commented on that in another post on this blog, so I won’t get into that here and now.

No Triumphant God – Say What?

As to O’Dowd’s comments about not wanting to take play a character in a movie where “god is triumphant.” -What? Huh?

For one thing, as I said in this post the other day, O’Dowd’s IMDB page is scant (view his IMDB page here). He does not film many television or movie roles per year.

O’Dowd admitted in an interview years ago, after “Bridesmaids” was released, that he was being offered only “second rate” rom com roles at that time, and he turned them down, because he was holding out for better roles – but none came along.

O’Dowd told one interviewer he had to start taking roles, any roles, whether good or bad, because he needed the paychecks to pay bills.

O’Dowd is not in a position to be picky when choosing which roles to reject. Chris O’Dowd is a bad actor. He clearly does not have dozens of Hollywood people banging on his door begging and pleading with him to be in one show or movie after another.

O’Dowd wants me to believe that if someone offered him a good role, and one in a big budget, interesting movie, he’d turn it down if it had God as a protagonist, and God is triumphant? I don’t buy that.

If O’Dowd  doesn’t believe in God, why on earth would he care if a movie has God in it, or depicts God in a positive fashion? How is being in a movie with a deity as a character any different than appearing in one with space aliens or other fantastical beings?

O’Dowd has already appeared in movies with fantasy creatures, super hero characters, and aliens, such as The Cloverfield Paradox, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Thor: Dark World, after all. So I don’t see what the issue is for him playing in a movie that has a deity figure in it.

Regarding this line from that article:

“But despite his impressive CV…”

With “CV” being the European term for “Resume'” – no, Chris O’Dowd does not have an impressive resume’. My good gracious, the only quality role the guy ever had was the one he mocks now and takes for granted: as the nice guy state trooper Rhodes in the movie “Bridesmaids.”

About every role and/or movie he’s been in since Bridesmaids has been poor quality – either his acting is terrible in the role, or the role is very small (he’s on screen less than five minutes), or the entirety of the movie he’s in is dull and doesn’t do well at the box office. None of what I just described is indicative of “an impressive resume.'”

Dec 2018 edit.

Speaking of yet more inconsistencies by O’Dowd, please see the section on this other blog post of mine entitled, “Pacifism and Gun Control” located here.

Edited to add: because O’Dowd likes to broad-brush all people of faith and all conservatives and all Republicans in insulting terms (he doesn’t make exceptions), I found this Tweet (by some guy I don’t know, Chet someone who is replying to a Scott someone) to be relevant:

My Tweet above referenced this one, from The Christian Post account:

New Atheism May Be Finished, but Its Sad Legacy Lives On

“Even if New Atheism no longer grabs the headlines, it has left behind a significant and very unfortunate legacy of incivility and anti intellectualism …”

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Actor Chris O’Dowd Silent on Hurricane Harvey Victims but Not Islamic Migrants

“Miscast,” “Wasted,” and “Impressive Resume’” – The Cliches and Inaccuracies in Entertainment Coverage or Movie Reviews about Actor Chris O’Dowd

From Vulture: Every Netflix Original Movie, Ranked – O’Dowd Appears in Two on the List, and the Reviewer is Not Impressed with the Films

New Atheist Richard Dawkins Dis-Invited to Speak by Liberal Berkley Radio Station for Criticizing Islam

Why Art Shouldn’t Be Separated From The Artist by Sharon Loeffler

(Part 3) Does Actor Chris O’Dowd Even Understand the Annie Character or Feminism? – Feminism, Sluttiness, Why Women Date Jerks, and Annie Walker in Bridesmaids – Did We Even See The Same Movie? – Re: Bridesmaids

If You Enjoyed Actor Chris O’Dowd as Nathan Rhodes Avoid Him In These Other Roles – Re: Bridesmaids Movie

If the Nathan Rhodes Character Acted in the Bridesmaids Movie the Way Actor Chris O’Dowd Does In Real Life, Most Women Audience Members Would’ve Hated the Character

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