Blocked by Actor Chris O’Dowd on Twitter

Blocked by Actor Chris O’Dowd on Twitter

August 30, 2017

I think that O’Dowd needs to take personal responsibility for his public comments and actions – whether in interviews and social media or where ever else – as even the cop character he played in the film “Bridesmaids” was telling another character in one scene she ought to do, but he seems happier to brush off or ignore criticisms in real life.

The picture I’m getting is that O’Dowd does not want to accept personal responsibility for any offensive or terrible things he Tweets or has said in interviews (he has insulted people of faith in interviews, insulted all religion in general, and periodically insults conservatives or Republicans on his Twitter account).

I found out today I was blocked by O’Dowd on Twitter. I suppose he blocked me either yesterday or today – probably today, though I’m not sure.

O’Dowd is apparently not as nice and friendly as the media keep saying he is.

However, that is something I’ve come to discern over the last year or two after reading more of his interviews, which came as a surprise at first, because I was expecting him to be as nice in real life as the character he played in the ‘Bridesmaids’ movie.

I’m not sure exactly which tweet of mine set O’Dowd off that caused him to block me. Or, maybe it was a combination Tweets?

(Maybe it was this Aug 24 Tweet where I said I had no plans of watching his “Get Shorty” show, as he slams conservatives on his Twitter page and is an anti-theist?)

I’ve only blogged about O’Dowd a few times on my blog at this time of writing. I’ve never tweeted to him or at him, however. I’ve never threatened him or harassed him. I’m harmless. I’m just a person with a blog and some opinions.

Even though O’Dowd has blocked me, by logging out of Twitter, I can still go back to his page and read it, if I so choose.

I didn’t have plans of visiting O’Dowd’s Twitter page on a regular basis, only to check back over this next week or so to see if he’s done any charity work on behalf of Texans displaced by Hurricane Harvey, but no, he has not.

I would guess O’Dowd periodically checks for his name on Twitter, under the hash tag system – because I was hash tagging his name to the Tweets I made where I linked to my few blog posts about him?

I’ve only blogged about this guy a handful of times on my blog here.

I have never used O’Dowd’s Twitter handle to talk to him personally or to leave him comments.  (Until today, when I sub-tweeted his Melania Trump bashing tweet here, but this was after he blocked me.)

(By the way, even though O’Dowd blocked me, I did not block him.)

Maybe he saw my Tweet where I linked to this last blog post of mine, and this was what got him upset:

Actor Chris O’Dowd Silent on Hurricane Harvey Victims but Not Islamic Migrants

Maybe that was the blog post that went too far for him, who knows?

Not only has O’Dowd not posted anything asking his followers to please donate to Hurricane Harvey victims, but…

As of August 30, in an August 29 Tweet O’Dowd made, the only mention I see of Hurricane Harvey, a very indirect one, was his Tweet of a photo of Melania Trump (First Lady of the United States, who was on a trip to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey), where he was ridiculing her over her choice of clothing.


Above: August 30, 2017 screen capture taken of an Aug 29, 2017 Tweet by actor Chris O’Dowd mocking first lady Melania Trump for her clothing, as she travels to Texas during the aftermath or Hurricane Harvey. This is the only mention or allusion to Hurricane Harvey this actor has made on his Twitter account to date. (When other celebrities, such as Kevin Hart and Sandra Bullock, are using their celebrity to raise money or send money to hurricane victims)

O’Dowd and his wife spent days or a few weeks over a year ago, on their social media accounts, asking for donations on behalf of Islamic migrants to Europe, but he (or his wife) cannot be bothered to use their status and celebrity (Z-list though it is) to bring attention to American victims of one of the worst floods of American history?

(I went into more detail about all that in this post.)

Before he blocked me, I wonder if O’Dowd bothered to read some of my older posts about him, how he pretty much ruined the ‘Bridesmaids’ movie for me, which is really bad, because that was one of the few things that cheered me up at a real low point in my life (after having gone through the death of my mother, and so on)?

I find it really difficult to sit through scenes of it with O’Dowd in that movie now, where he’s playing such a nice guy, knowing that in real life he does stuff like…

Insults or mocks anyone who believes in a God, in prayer, or anything religious (though, as of August 2017, he’s pretending like this is not so); insults any one who doesn’t share his political views (examples elsewhere on my blog); and now, does stuff like block people on Twitter who haven’t been harassing him on Twitter. Very sad.

Far as I’m concerned, all O’Dowd had to do was –

  • apologize for his terrible anti-theist screed from the 2014 G.Q. magazine,
  • refrain from bashing people of faith and political conservatives ever again (at least in public – if you’re in show business and are going to hate people over religion and politics, at least do it in private), and
  • had he at least offered up one tweet asking his followers to help Hurricane Harvey victims in some way,

I would’ve been pretty much okay with the guy again.

Instead, he responds to some pointed criticism from me by blocking me on Twitter? Way not to address your shortcomings.

Remember, the thing that makes this even more ironic and sad…

This was the guy who played the Nice Guy Cop from ‘Bridesmaids’ who essentially told the down-on-her luck lady character in one scene that she should be careful about what she says and does to others, because she can hurt people, and she shouldn’t be hurting people.

I’ll do something O’Dowd refused to do (because bashing politicians is apparently more fun or important to him than actually helping hurting people, or hurting Americans – he prefers Islamic migrants to Americans, I suppose), I will provide a link to a charity that is helping those who lost their family members or homes in flooding from Hurricane Harvey:

Via the Red Cross: 

Help People Affected by Hurricane Harvey. Donate Now.

Though O’Dowd has blocked me on Twitter, I will keep Tweeting links to my blog posts about him here occasionally, using his name and project titles (such as “Get Shorty”) as hash tags, so other people out there will see them.

O’Dowd may not see them on Twitter so long as he has me blocked, but others will – which is sort of the point.

The media will also likely notice my blog posts about O’Dowd via my Tweets, eventually.

Not on this blog, but on other sites I’ve had in the past where I’ve written about other people or topics, I’ve been approached privately by journalists asking for interviews about this sort of thing and they write articles about those things.

Does O’Dowd really want negative publicity? I think his career is staked in part on being perceived as a “Really Nice and Likable Guy.” I would hope that he really is a nice and likable guy, but I have my doubts.

By the way, even should a major media outlet never pick up my blog posts about O’Dowd, Google and other search engines sure do. If one types in O’Dowd’s name and certain words, such as “obnoxious,” “feminism,” or “jerk,” whose blog posts do you think turn up in the top five results on page one as of 2017? Yep, mine.

I’m just looking for an apology and other things from the list above, is all.

I think I may be even more disappointed in O’Dowd than I was before.  He’s not wanting to be held accountable for how his views have upset or offended people, or listen to how his comments and actions bother people. No, he goes straight for blocking them.

Nice character he played in that one movie – it’s a shame he’s not more like that in real life.

Edit. New additions to this post:

‘Get Shorty’ Star Chris O’Dowd: ‘Bluntness Works’ in Hollywood, Because It’s Rarer – Aug 14, 2017

That headline is fairly ironic considering O’Dowd does not appreciate bluntness from other people, such as myself – since he blocked me on my Twitter account, though I’ve never Tweeted at him.

In an earlier post I wrote about O’Dowd I speculated that he must live in an atheist, liberal bubble and does not talk regularly with people of faith or with conservatives or Republicans.

And here he went and blocked me the other day on Twitter, which sort of makes me think my suspicion is right:

Dude does not want to be confronted with constructive criticisms or views that disagree with his own.

I can only guess that O’Dowd likes to spend all his time with and around other liberal actors, or canoodling with his atheist wife, or cuddling up with his copy of “God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. He probably does not have any religious or conservative friends.

In the 2014 interview with GQ magazine about religion and religious people, and on his Twitter for over the past year, O’Dowd has broadbrushed a lot of people. I don’t see him adding qualifiers to his comments such as, “I am not referring to ALL Republicans,” or “I don’t mean to suggest ALL people of faith are like this…” but he just lumps them all in together, as though they are all the same.

So, when I saw this Tweet by someone else today, I thought of that:

Boy do I relate to this one, though in my case, I didn’t even Tweet to the person in question, I only hash-tagged his name to my Tweets, and that was enough to get my head on the chopping block: 

Another pertinent Tweet:

This is how celebrities are supposed to behave in light of a natural disaster: raising funds, bringing awareness, not making jokes at Trump’s wife’s expense:

(This post has been edited a few times to add more commentary and a few links)

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