“Miscast,” “Wasted,” and “Impressive Resume'” – The Cliches and Inaccuracies in Entertainment Coverage or Movie Reviews about Actor Chris O’Dowd

“Miscast,” “Wasted,” and “Impressive Resume'” – The Cliches and Inaccuracies in Entertainment Coverage or Movie Reviews about Actor Chris O’Dowd

In writing several blog posts about actor Chris O’Dowd, a person who annoys me for reasons I’ve detailed elsewhere on this blog (he also turned out to be very disappointing), including but not limited to explaining in this blog post, I noticed a pattern in movie reviews, articles, or interviews, that mention him.

One of the most inaccurate, baffling, and annoying commonalities I see turn up in coverage about O’Dowd would be a reference to his “Impressive CV” (with “C.V.” being the European equivalent to the American term “resume'”), or authors who refer to him, actor-wise, as being “in demand.”

I am afraid that because O’Dowd comes across at first glance as being friendly, warm and fuzzy when being interviewed on late night talk shows, that the hosts of these shows (especially the European ones) mistake their personal fondness for him with his overall career.

In other words, the late night talk show hosts really enjoy listening to this  guy, who they perceive to be amusing, and they allow this good-will they have for him to spill over in how they view his acting career.

However, for someone who is not suckered by O’Dowd’s “charm shtick” on the late night talk shows, podcasts or print interviews, if one looks at O’Dowd’s acting career (as of 2018) with a more objective stance, it’s really not impressive, and one can see that he’s not been “in demand.”

“Impressive Resume” and “In Demand”

Not to belabor this point too much, because I’ve pointed it out in older posts before (possibly this one or this one), but no, Chris O’Dowd does not have an “impressive resume,” nor is he “in demand.”

Yes, I’ve actually seen articles or interviews with or about O’Dowd, or with his wife, Dawn Porter, where it’s stated that O’Dowd is “in demand” and supposedly has an “impressive resume’.”

The reality is that O’Dowd is a Z-grade actor who is not in demand. A glance at his IMDB page will confirm this (as of 2018).

O’Dowd even admitted in interviews a few years ago that he was not getting offered many parts after “Bridesmaids,” other than a few poorly written rom coms in the first year after that film’s release. Does that sound like an actor who is “in demand” to you? Sure doesn’t sound like it to me.

O’Dowd is not an A-Lister on par with the big names such as Tom Cruise, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, or yesteryear’s Clark Gable, Steve McQueen, or Burt Reynolds.

Some of the movies O’Dowd appears in (which I have discussed in older posts) go straight to Net Flix (which is not always a good sign), or else, the films he appears in are “indie” films that not many people see, such as 2018’s “Love After Love” (in which he plays an emotionally abusive jerk).

Even when O’Dowd does appear in the occasional “big name,” widely-released type film, such as Marvel’s “Thor 2,” it ends up being a bit of a commercial or critical flop out of the series of other better-received Marvel films (examples of that here).

In some cases, as of the end of the year 2018, some of O’Dowd’s credits listed on the IMDB page are voice work credits – he’s not even acted in front of a camera for long stretches of time.

Look at O’Dowd’s IMDB page, which lists his roles. As one can observe from visiting that page, for some years, he has only one or two roles. There are large gaps in his acting employment history, or, he has very few roles per year.

If O’Dowd was popular and being sought after for many movie or TV roles (as the vomitous, hideous entertainment articles about O’Dowd often claim), one would expect to see his IMDB page with many more credits than it has.

I’ve seen 20- or 30- something year old women actresses who have far more acting credits per year, listed on IMDB, than O’Dowd has.

I was recently glancing over the IMDB page for some 20- or 30 –  something actress whose name escapes me, and she has far more roles going back the last 15 years, ~and~ she’s appeared in several movies or TV shows I’ve actually heard of.

This other actor has a far more “impressive CV (resume’)” than O’Dowd has, but she’s younger then he is. (And most of her work appears to be in stuff that was successful at the box office or in the ratings.)

I think getting offered steady work (and in bigger, wider-released projects) is a little more impressive than having large gaps in one’s acting history employment.

Furthermore, when O’Dowd does land a part, in most of the films he appears in, he’s on screen less than five or ten minutes.

Here’s an example or two of what I am referring to, in regards to reporters erroneously referring to O’Dowd’s resume’ as being “impressive” –

From Geek to Hottie in One Hit – The Australian, July 2011, by Hillary Rose

He [O’Dowd] has an impressive CV, but global pin-up he is not.
–end excerpt–

Chris O’Dowd reveals why he is reluctant to take on roles that make him uncomfortable ahead of arrival of second child – Irish Sun, March 2017

But despite his impressive CV, he is very reluctant to take on roles that make him feel uncomfortable.
–end excerpt–

Pacifism and Gun Control

Side note on that: O’Dowd says in that same Irish Sun interview:-

“And I’m a pacifist so I find it hard to do roles where I have to kill people or use guns free and easy.”
–end excerpt–

And yet, O’Dowd plays a violent mafia guy in the TV series “Get Shorty,” where I’ve seen publicity photos of him online pulling a firearm on some other character in that show.  O’Dowd is not very consistent in living by his publicly stated personal convictions.

If you say you are a peace-nik in your personal life and you don’t want to play gun-toting, violent characters in TV shows – then why did you accept the role of a violent, gun-using criminal in your “Get Shorty” TV program?

I’ve addressed O’Dowd’s completely hypocritical and obnoxious anti-theist views in previous posts such as this one, so I won’t get into that here.

“Miscast” or “Wasted”

Before I discuss this next topic, here are a few examples of what I mean:

Film Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – from Feeling Fuzzier

…. O’Dowd is utterly miscast too and his American accent leaves a lot to be desired.
–end excerpt–

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children review- Burton’s back

Chris O’Dowd has an awkward American accent and is wasted here.
–end excerpt–

One occasionally sees movie critics or entertainment writers referring to O’Dowd’s appearance in some TV show or movie as being “miscast” or “wasted.”

I’ve seen other examples in other reviews and articles but could not find them to link to them here.

At any rate, this gets back to what I said in an older post:
Chris O’Dowd, outside the very narrow range of playing the sweet, likable guy from “Bridesmaids,” is not a good actor.

If you are a television or movie actor, and, at times, movie critics or other entertainment commentators are regularly referring to you or your work as an actor as being “wasted” or “miscast,” it goes to show they did not think you were the correct actor for whatever part they are discussing – because you lack the skill, talent, or range to play that role.

When not playing bland, non-descript characters, O’Dowd is usually playing abusive jerks in television shows or movies.

Whether cast as a jerk, a bad guy, a boring guy, or a bland character, that is most often when I see movie reviewers make comments such as “O’Dowd was wasted in this movie” or “O’Dowd was miscast in this role.”

The few times anyone seems to enjoy O’Dowd and give his acting glowing reviews is when he’s doing what is his (and I increasingly find this to be nauseating, because I think this is a put-on and is phony and Europeans keep falling for this), “look at me, aren’t I cute and charming shtick” on late night shows, or, in acting roles in films or shows, when he’s being the sweet, affable type.

If you, as an actor, keep getting references to your work as “miscast” or “wasted in this role,” it’s likely because you were unable to deliver an interesting or authentic portrayal of that character.

You lack the skill and talent to do so – you lack the ability to convincingly play that jerk or abuser, or what have you.

To put this yet another way…
If you’re an actor and had the talent and range to play an interesting or convincing bad guy, then you wouldn’t have reviewers saying you were “miscast” or “wasted” in that role.

That O’Dowd keeps getting these “he was miscast” or “he was wasted in this movie” type comments from movie reviewers shows that O’Dowd doesn’t have the talent to play those roles in the first place.

Charming, Nice Guy Shtick

Every so often, (as to yet what’s become another cliche’), I see the media mentioning that O’Dowd is “charming” or affable.

I really do think that O’Dowd’s friendly, “Nice Guy” persona when appearing on televised interviews is just a routine with him.

If you look past that, how he’s all smiles and telling cute stories in interviews, he’s actually kind of mean-spirited, smug, rude, and obnoxious.

A truly caring, nice, affable, charming person is not going to use his Z-list celebrity grade platform in interviews or social media, as O’Dowd has done, to bash everyone whose political and religious views don’t agree with his own.

If, in the future, I find more cliches in the media about O’Dowd, I may edit this post to add them.

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