My New Twitter Account Because For Some Reason Twitter Froze My Original One (October 2019)

My New Twitter Account Because For Some Reason Twitter Froze My Original One (2019)

My new Twitter handle is @butterp14862280, and it is located here

My original Twitter account is @popcorn871 and is located here

I did not violate any of their rules.

I was using my original Twitter account as I have always done, which is mainly retweeting links from other people that I find interesting.

I was periodically pasting in links on twitter to some of my blog posts to this blog – and I was not doing so in a “spammy” manner.

I have several twitter accounts, with each one being dedicated to a separate topic or interest, like one for dogs, one for movies, one for photography, etc etc, and I’ve had Twitter unfairly block those accounts in the past as well.

My experience is that Twitter will keep an account locked down or suspended from two to four months.

I don’t want to sit around waiting 2 – 4 months, so I have created a new Twitter account so I can get back to Tweeting.

Twitter is really messed up and needs to fix this.

I’ve had them block me from other accounts before, and I was not harassing anyone on those accounts, I was not sending out the same link 56 times a day, etc.

I was not using “automated means,” either (I wouldn’t even know how to do that).

I’ve not owned a cell phone in 20 years (seriously) and can access their site only via lap top or desktop computer, and yet, their only suggestion on how to get my accounts un-blocked is to text them a message with my cell phone, and they will text me back a code – but I don’t have a cell phone, so how is that supposed to work?

So, if you’re someone who followed me on my original “buttered popcorn” account, you may want to follow me under my new one (@butterp14862280). I am sorry about the inconvenience.

There is no rhyme nor reason to how, when, and why Twitter bans, blocks, suspends, or freezes my Twitter accounts.

I read their rules violation page, and I honestly do not see where or how I violated any of their rules.

The last time they unfairly blocked an account of mine, months later, they unfroze it and sent me an apology saying they made a mistake.

This is really frustrating and shows a level of incompetence on Twitter’s  part.

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