Actor Chris O’Dowd Silent on Hurricane Harvey Victims but Not Islamic Migrants

Actor Chris O’Dowd Silent on Hurricane Harvey Victims but Not Islamic Migrants – Also: Would O’Dowd Mock Singer Beyonce For Her Religious Beliefs and Practices?

Where to Donate to (Hurricane) Harvey Victims (and How to Avoid Scams) – New York Times

And, update, August 30, 2017: I can only guess it was this very post that motivated O’Dowd to Block me on Twitter?

Second update: Dec 2018 edit, to add a story from July 2018

A year of more ago, actor Chris O’Dowd and his wife, Dawn O’Porter, were using their social media to promote charities related to Islamic migrants – they were trying to raise funds to help Muslims who were migrating to Europe.

Like most all liberals, they are too politically correct to notice or admit that a percentage of these migrants consist of young, single men, and ones who, when they arrive at their destinations, rape or grope European women or little boys.

See these links (you can find more examples than this if you google for them):

–   ‘Just wait…’ Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe

–   Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of Control

–  ‘Easy Meat.’ Britain’s Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up

 (Muslim) Migrant who admitted raping a 10-year-old boy at an Austrian swimming pool because of a ‘sexual emergency’ has his sentence cut and will soon be free

O’Dowd’s favorite atheist, Richard Dawkins, got in trouble some time ago for making critical comments about Islam, by the way:

New Atheist Richard Dawkins Dis-Invited to Speak by Liberal Berkeley Radio Station for Criticizing Islam

As much as I dislike Dawkins (specifically, his manner of promoting his atheism, which tends to be arrogant and obnoxious), I do believe Dawkins is at least correct in mentioning the dangers posed by extremist Islam, which is more than I can say for O’Dowd and a majority of liberals and anti- Trump Republicans, who remain in denial about it (or silence, due to political correctness).

Contrary to what O’Dowd seems to believe (from what I saw of his Tweets on the subject), Muslim migrants to Europe or the U.S.A. are not the same thing as 20th century Irish immigrants to the United States, as I discussed in another post earlier (under the section about Pence).

At any rate, O’Dowd’s wife, O’Porter, kept tweeting links and things a year or more ago, asking readers to donate funds to help buy food or supplies for Islamic migrants coming into Europe. At that time, O’Dowd re-tweeted a few of his wife’s Tweets about charity efforts for Islamic migrants.

Here we are days after Hurricane Harvey hit the south east region of Texas, causing loss of life and a lot of damage, and I don’t see anything at all by O’Dowd or his wife, O’Porter, on their respective Twitter pages or Instagram.

Link to O’Dowd’s Twitter account,

Link to O’Porter’s Twitter account

Link to O’Porter’s Instagram account

As of today, Aug 29, 2017 (Tuesday), the last tweet I see by O’Dowd is some jovial, goofy animated GIF of him, and that Tweet is dated August 24.

Edit: As of today, August 30, the latest Tweet I see by O’Dowd is this August 29 Tweet, (see screen capture below) where he is making fun of first lady, Melania Trump, for the clothing she is wearing. He makes no mention in that Tweet or any other ones of how people can send money to charities that are helping people hurt by the hurricane and flooding.

Above: August 30, 2017 screen capture taken of an Aug 29, 2017 Tweet by actor Chris O’Dowd mocking first lady Melania Trump for her clothing, as she travels to Texas during the aftermath or Hurricane Harvey. This is the only mention or allusion to Hurricane Harvey this actor has made on his Twitter account to date. (When other celebrities, such as Kevin Hart and Sandra Bullock, are using their celebrity to raise money or send money to hurricane victims)

As of today, Aug 29, O’Dowd’s wife has tweeted several jokey tweets (example, example, example, and here is her first Tweet from Aug 25), but no mention of asking readers to send money to the Red Cross or any other charities, to help Texans who have been misplaced or lost their homes due to the storm.

And (edit here), as of August 30, O’Dowd’s wife, who was so keen to help Islamic migrants to Europe, has also not Tweeted anything in response to Hurricane Harvey, like asking her followers to donate funds to Red Cross or anything.  Today, she made this tweet where she seems to be promoting a book she wrote (or a book by one of her friends?).

Scrolling through O’Porter’s Twitter timeline, looking down Tweets she has made since August 24 and on-wards, I don’t see any mention of Hurricane Harvey at all.

As I am composing this post, O’Porter is actually in the process of Tweeting – I just saw her post a Tweet a few second ago, as I am typing this post. And it’s not a Tweet about the storm (it’s this one).

By the way, regarding O’Dowd’s August 29 tweet where he’s poking fun at Melanie Trump’s clothing, this is pertinent:

And this is pertinent as well (I believe that is former FLOTUS on the right, Michelle Obama, who was married to Democrat Barack Obama):

August 30, 2017 update:

Fox news report: Death toll from Hurricane Harvey now at 31
(but making fun of Melania Trump’s wardrobe is just so much more pressing, according to liberals):

December 2018 Edit.

This story was published in July 2018:

Chris O’Dowd protests Trump at rally with genius sign”


…The Boyle man joined them in the march – and took aim at the President in the most Irish fashion. [He is pictured carrying a sign that reads, “Trump is shit at golf”]

The Moone Boy star [O’Dowd] has tweeted numerous times about the POTUS [Donald Trump] in the past.
—end excerpts–

According to that article,  via “,” O’Dowd was participating in a 2018 Anti Trump rally in London, carrying an anti-Trump sign on behalf of an organization called “Help Refugees.”

So, my take away here is that, hypocritically, O’Dowd will support Muslim immigrants storming into Europe, but wouldn’t tweet anything in support of charity or raising funds or awareness for victims of hurricanes in the United States, where O’Dowd earns a large portion of his paychecks.

And besides all that, celebrities really ought to keep their politics to themselves. If they insist on discussing them on social media or other outlets, they should be respectful about it.


(Under this section, I have more to say about O’Dowd, but first some information about the hurricane that hit Texas:)

Hurricane Harvey began hitting the Texas coast on Friday, August 25 and has been featured on the news ’round the clock since (at least on cable news channels).

The hurricane was down-graded to a tropical storm, and has been hovering over the Texas coast, spilling more rain on that area in a few days then they get ALL YEAR.

People have died due to the flooding caused by the storm, many others are now displaced because their homes are under water.

Here is one of the earliest reports on the hurricane:

(by the way, I have more commentary below this list of links and excerpts, so please keep scrolling down the post, thank you)

Hurricane Harvey slams into Texas as Category 4 cyclone – Aug 26, 2017

From August 27, 2017:

(I just heard on cable news, as I am typing this post, that a police officer died by drowning in his patrol car because of this storm. So, we have first responders who are losing their lives in the process of helping others.)

3,000 guard troops called up as ‘catastrophic’ Harvey causes deadly floods in Texas

Hurricane Harvey Is Only Getting Worse, With Floodwaters Continuing to Rise

NASA calculates Tropical Storm Harvey’s flooding rainfall

Catastrophic flooding ‘beyond anything experienced’ in Houston and ‘expected to worsen’


The worst fears of flooding have been realized with Harvey. Close to three feet of rain has already fallen in Southeast Texas, and there’s still more to come. It’s the most extreme rainfall the region has ever witnessed.

(end excerpt)

More than 30,000 people expected in shelters as extent of Harvey’s blow comes into chilling focus


In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Houston and an ever-expanding swath of cities and towns remained under siege Monday by torrential rain and surging floodwaters with officials predicting more than 30,000 people may be forced into temporary shelters.

(end excerpt)  

The last I saw, the death toll from this storm was 13 dead.

Here are some of the latest updates about Hurricane Harvey’s impact on Texas (it’s also affecting south west Louisiana):

August 29, 2017:

Family of six counted among the dead as Harvey death toll rises to 14 

A family of six trying to escape the floodwaters produced by Harvey has been counted among the 14 victims who died in the historic storm, authorities said.

Major dam overflows for first time as more rain dumps onto flood-weary Texas

Houston police make 3,400 rescues as Harvey gears up for another landfall – Aug 29, 2017

Pair of 70-year-old dams protecting Houston overflow – Aug 29, 2017


HOUSTON (AP) — A pair of 70-year-old reservoir dams that protect downtown Houston from flooding began overflowing Tuesday, adding to the rising floodwaters from Harvey that have crippled the city after five consecutive days of rain.

What’s Causing Tropical Storm Harvey’s ‘Unprecedented’ Rainfall?

Houston floods: ‘Catastrophic’ flooding from Harvey to worsen 

This headline below (which was published 14 hours ago) – I heard on the TV news that the death toll is now up around 13 or 14:

At least nine people dead as Tropical Storm Harvey continues its rampage across Texas  

August 28, 2017

Tropical Storm Harvey continued to pummel southeast Texas on Monday, leaving at least nine people dead and vast swaths of the nation’s fourth-largest city unrecognizable as murky brown water submerged highways, houses, shopping plazas and entire neighborhoods.

Federal officials said more than 30,000 people in Houston and across the Gulf Coast were likely to seek temporary shelter as Harvey, which initially made landfall as a hurricane, continued to drench parts of Texas and Louisiana with heavy rain and surging floodwaters.

Parts of Harris County have seen 30 inches of rain — and an additional 15 to 25 inches are still on the way as Harvey regains strength, the National Weather Service said.

“It has to be categorized as one of the largest disasters America has ever faced,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told reporters.

(end excerpts)

Harvey’s relentless rain sends water spilling over local levee and two dams protecting downtown Houston

O’Dowd and His Wife, Who Live Off American Society, Will Tweet For Muslim Migrants in Europe, but Not For Americans Hit by Natural Disaster

While O’Dowd and his wife O’Porter were willing to publicly ask for help for Islamic immigrants pouring into Europe, I’ve not seen either one acknowledge the worst flood in United States history in the mean time – a flood that has killed several people, doing a lot of property damage, and people are now homeless.

O’Dowd is originally from Ireland.

O’Dowd moved to the United States – he lives in West Hollywood, 713 N. Alta Vista Blvd, specifically.

O’Dowd is more than happy to take money, via movie tickets and the like, from American audiences (and is also happy to insult Republican Americans and religious Americans), but…

O’Dowd cannot take two minutes out of his day to Tweet a few times on behalf of Hurricane Harvey victims (Americans who live in South East Texas and South West Louisiana), to link to charities that are assisting these people?

Other Celebrities and Hurricane Harvey

O’Dowd said he once shot a TV show pilot with actor Kevin Hart, if I recall correctly.

At least Kevin Hart and other celebrities are speaking up on behalf of Hurricane Harvey victims.

Hurricane Harvey: Kevin Hart, Chris Young and Other Celebrities Donate to Relief Efforts 

Kevin Hart Challenges Celebrities to Donate to Texas Relief With Chris Brown Answering the Call & Pledging $100,000


August 29, 2017

The Jumanji actor, 38, took to Instagram Monday to encourage his fellow celebrities to donate to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in light of thedestructive flooding that has left millions of people without shelter or safety.

“Today, I’m calling out more [friends],” Hart said. “Instead of donating $25,000, I did $50,000.”

“I call out T.I., I call out Nelly, my boy Usher, Ludacris, the rest of the Houston Rockets,” he continued. “I call out my man Chris Brown, I call out Drake.”

Hart added he is imploring “simply anybody right now who’s in a powerful position who can impact this issue through social media. Let’s really try to save some lives.”

(end excerpts)

Kim Kardashian West pledges $500,000 to Hurricane Harvey victim


Beyonce offers aid to Houston flood victims


“I remain in constant prayer for those affected and for the rescuers who have been so brave and determined to do so much to help,” the star said.

She added that she was working with her charity and her pastor “to implement a plan to help”.

Houston has been hit by unprecedented levels of rain, with more set to come.

(end excerpt)

Beyonce’ and O’Dowd

Note in that excerpt above that Beyonce mentions prayer for the victims and that she is working with her pastor on how to assist storm victims – she is obviously a person of faith, and as I wrote of before, O’Dowd has mocked and insulted religion, people of faith, and the concept of prayer.

(All of which is ironic, because, from what I can gather from reading interviews he’s given, O’Dowd and/or his wife are big Beyonce’ fans.
How can one be a Beyonce’ fan and simultaneously mock her via interviews by comparing her (anyone’s) religious faith to a “weird cult” or referring to that faith as “weird shit”? – If you have no clue what I mean by that, please see this post.)

Beyoncé Says That She’s Working to Help Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Beyoncé pledges to help as many victims of Hurricane Harvey as she can


Beyoncé is sending more than her thoughts and prayers to Houston. The Lemonade superstar promised her support in aiding the victims of Hurricane Harvey through her charity initiative, BeyGOOD.

“My heart goes out to my hometown, Houston, and I remain in constant prayer for those affected and for the rescuers who have been so brave and determined to do so much to help,” Beyoncé said in a statement to The Houston Chronicle. “I am working closely with my team at BeyGOOD as well as my pastor [Rudy Rasmus at St. John’s in downtown Houston] to implement a plan to help as many as we can.”

(end excerpt)

So. When can I expect O’Dowd to go on to Twitter or some interview and mock Beyonce’ for praying for the hurricane victims? Or to mock her that she’s partnering with a church to raise funds for the victims?

Is O’Dowd going to say Beyonce’ is like a “weird cult” member and her spiritual beliefs are nothing but “weird shit” and they’re like “racism?” (If you have no clue what I mean by  any of that, please see this post.)

More on Other Celebrities and Hurricane Harvey Charity Efforts: 

Thank you Kevin Hart, Beyonce, and any other celebrities who are or will be donating money and/or using their platforms to bring attention to Texans hurt by the storm.

If famous people spent more time actually using their fame and money to help other people, and less time bashing Americans who don’t share their religious and political views, I’d be able to respect them for that.

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