Conservative Derangement Syndrome Summer 2019

Conservative Derangement Syndrome Summer 2019

A.K.A.: How Liberal Celebrities Are Ensuring Republican Success in the 2020 POTUS Election

(Post Updated Below with Additional Links)

Some examples of Conservative Derangement Syndrome from Celebrities from Summer 2019:

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee takes aim at Trump supporters 

Tommy Lee is goading President Trump supporters not to go away mad, but to just go away.
On Wednesday, the Motley Crue drummer retweeted a 2018 Reddit scorched-earth post that slammed many facets of American conservatism and Trump fans.

‘Trumpsters’ blast Tommy Lee for lengthy rant about president

by Chris Perez,
August 8, 2019

Tommy Lee was getting blasted by Trump supporters on Thursday — and became one of the top trending topics on Twitter at one point — after posting a lengthy rant on his page about the president.

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Tucker Carlson is Now the Jussie Smollett of Conservative Pundits

Tucker Carlson is Now the Jussie Smollett of Conservative Pundits

It’s conservatives such as FOX cable news television host Tucker Carlson that make me feel embarrassed at times to be a conservative.

Conservatives believe in the concept of taking personal responsibility. Many conservatives – Tucker Carlson in particular – regularly ridicule or criticize liberals for maintaining a “victimhood culture,” in which liberals declare that this or that group (e.g., women, black people, Muslims) are victims.

A few days ago, a liberal site began releasing, over a period of days, collections of controversial statements Tucker Carlson made over a period of years when he was calling into a radio program hosted by a guy calling himself “Bubba The Love Sponge.”

Those inflammatory comments included, but are not limited to, Carlson basically arguing that child rape resulting from forced or arranged marriages is really no big deal; Carlson comparing women to dogs and referring to women as being primitive; and Carlson going along with crude jokes about his daughter and teen girls.

Most recently, a new batch of Carlson comments were released where Carlson was making crude comments about “Miss Teen USA” contestants.

At first, Tucker’s defenders were saying that some of these comments were made “over ten years ago,” as if to say that decency has expiration limits (it does not).

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Toxic Fan Culture: Michael Jackson Fans

Toxic Fan Culture: Michael Jackson Fans

I have a post prior to this one about toxic fan culture, but after seeing the intense amount of insanity and denial among hordes of online Michael Jackson fans in the build up to the release of the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland,” and their backlash against the Oprah-Winfrey hosted program “After Neverland,” I wanted to make a post devoted entirely to this particular fandom, rather than amend my previous post on the subject of insane, irrational, unhinged fans.

Some of the Michael Jackson stans are in denial of facts and of how child sexual abuse victims deal with the abuse as they grow older – all this in spite of the fact the MJ stans run about the internet screaming about ‘facts not lying but people do.’

Below are some links about the Toxic Michael Jackson Fan culture – all of this hideous behavior from Michael Jackson fans is so odd, considering Michael Jackson curated and cultivated a public persona of being sweet, decent, innocent,  polite, and lovable – but his fans sure do not follow his lead on any of that.

Many of the defenders of Michael Jackson do not understand abuse recovery dynamics – defenders of Brett Kavanaugh, R. Kelly,  and many of the other accused, also display a lot of ignorance of how abuse victims react to abuse, so I’ll link to an article or two about that below as well.

I will amend this post in the future as I come across more articles about the obnoxious behavior of Michael Jackson stans.

Why Child Sexual Abuse Survivors May Defend Their Abusers

How Did Michael Jackson Hide Alleged Abuse in ‘Leaving Neverland’ From the Boys’ Moms? Experts Explain

Did Michael Jackson Abuse Because He Was Abused?

Matt Lucas calls police after Michael Jackson fan sends death threat and brands him a ‘paedophile’ for saying he believed claims in Leaving Neverland documentary

Oprah Winfrey Target of Ruthless, Hateful  Messages from Michael Jackson Fans

Oprah: Attacked By Michael Jackson Fans Following Leaving Neverland Special

Michael Jackson’s Fans Unleash Hate-Filled Messages At Oprah After ‘Leaving Neverland’ 

Michael Jackson fans furious with Oprah following ‘After Neverland,’ urge people to #MuteOprah

Leaving Neverland director receiving abuse from Michael Jackson fans ‘as disgusting as you could possibly invent’ 


by Jack Shepherd
February 2, 2019

“I’m getting horrible email messages from Michael Jackson fans,” Reed said. “Several thousand emails in the past three weeks. Absolutely as disgusting as you could possibly invent.

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“Miscast,” “Wasted,” and “Impressive Resume'” – The Cliches and Inaccuracies in Entertainment Coverage or Movie Reviews about Actor Chris O’Dowd

“Miscast,” “Wasted,” and “Impressive Resume'” – The Cliches and Inaccuracies in Entertainment Coverage or Movie Reviews about Actor Chris O’Dowd

In writing several blog posts about actor Chris O’Dowd, a person who annoys me for reasons I’ve detailed elsewhere on this blog (he also turned out to be very disappointing), including but not limited to explaining in this blog post, I noticed a pattern in movie reviews, articles, or interviews, that mention him.

One of the most inaccurate, baffling, and annoying commonalities I see turn up in coverage about O’Dowd would be a reference to his “Impressive CV” (with “C.V.” being the European equivalent to the American term “resume'”), or authors who refer to him, actor-wise, as being “in demand.”

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Ten Hollywood Has-Beens Who Spent 2018 Obsessed with Trump by M. Margolis

Ten Hollywood Has-Beens Who Spent 2018 Obsessed with Trump by M. Margolis

Ten Hollywood Has-Beens Who Spent 2018 Obsessed with Trump


I’ve previously written about how celebrities are ruining Twitter with their political and hate speech. For my last post of 2018, I’ve compiled a special list of Hollywood has-beens who are desperately trying to remain relevant despite Hollywood careers that are well beyond their expiration dates.

10. Rosie O’Donnell

I guess she’s a celebrity… or was. I don’t know. She’s been in a few movies you’ve probably seen.

The only two that come to mind are Sleepless in Seattle and A League of Their Own… but for sure, she had a briefly successful stint in Hollywood in the 1990s as a comedian/supporting actress who now has only the occasional guest spot on a television series.

She had a daytime talk show that only lasted six seasons… but rest assured, she still matters because she’s regularly bashing Trump and the GOP on Twitter!

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Sylvester Stallone’s Temper Problem and Gross Weirdness

Sylvester Stallone’s Temper Problem and Gross Weirdness

(This post has been updated to add new information. Latest update: January 5,  2018)

I began work on another post or two, related to the sexual abuse allegations against Stallone by various women, and I don’t know when or if I’ll get around to finishing those.

In the course of looking up more material for those posts, I ran across some other  disturbing, gross information on the man.

For legal purposes: imagine everything below has the word “alleged” in front of it.

Personally, I have no reason to doubt this information, because I cannot see what any of these people have to gain by it discussing it, and I’m starting to see a pattern emerge with some of these things.

I do believe Stallone raped and verbally abused his half sister, and that he sexually exploited teen girls at the height of his fame.

All of that is degenerate enough, but this other information – about the hotel rooms, hiring prostitutes to defecate in front of him, and so forth – is also disgusting.

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The 1976 Rocky Movie in Light of Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Sylvester Stallone

The 1976 Rocky Movie in Light of Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Sylvester Stallone

I believe that actor Sylvester Stallone is more like the Paulie character from the Rocky movies in real life than like the Rocky Balboa character he actually played in the Rocky movies, which I will explain as this post progresses.

I really wasn’t that familiar with the Rocky movies growing up, so I revisited them not that long ago.

I just saw the 1976 Rocky movie a few weeks ago on cable television, in addition to all the Rocky sequels, and, as I am older now, I was able to more fully appreciate what the original movie was about, the themes and the relationships.

I felt that the Rocky and Adrian characters were wonderful.

Rocky may not be very intelligent, but he seems fundamentally kind, decent, and honest, which won me over.

Rocky Balboa doesn’t seem to be the type of guy who’d sexually abuse his half-sister, sexually exploit a teen fan, tell a girlfriend who he believes to be pregnant with his baby that he’ll offer her a lot of money to abort the baby, habitually ignore his children, and doesn’t seem to be the sort of guy who’d cheat on his wife.

And yet, in real life, it looks like Stallone has done those very things (and see my previous post about the Stallone sexual abuse accusations for more links):

(I have a running list of sexual assault allegations against Sylvester Stallone in this post on this blog under the “New Allegations” section of the post)

I like the fact that the Rocky character is a person of conviction – he may have started out as a reluctant enforcer for the mafia, true – but he’s basically a humble, decent guy.

I’m not seeing much evidence of Stallone having similar, well-grounded morals in his private life. He is quite the opposite, unfortunately.

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Thoughts on Sylvester Stallone’s Career and other Stallone Related Commentary (Part 4 – Sexual Abuse Allegations)

Thoughts on Sylvester Stallone’s Career and other Stallone Related Commentary (Part 4 – Sexual Abuse Allegations)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

See Also:

The 1976 Rocky Movie in Light of Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Sylvester Stallone


Response to Brigitte Nielsen’s (November 2017) Defense of Sylvester Stallone in Midst of Sexual Abuse Allegations


Assume or imagine that the word “alleged” appears before any discussion of abuse allegations in these posts, including this one, should you not see it.
Putting this disclaimer in here in case I forgot to stick the word “alleged” in front of each and every accusation.
I am not stating it is a fact that Stallone did abuse anyone, but it is my opinion, which is based on news reports and information on blogs (which I link to through out), that he is a serial sexual and physical abuser.

This post has been edited several times to update it with new information. Most recent update: January 2018

Before I discuss the sexual abuse accusations against Stallone, I wanted to explain what my original motive was for posting about him – and it wasn’t about the sexual abuse allegations.

About a month and a half ago, I sat through a Rocky movie marathon on a cable channel.

I had not really seen the first Rocky movie – well, I had, as a kid – but I was too young to fully understand everything in the movie.

My brother had rented copies of Rocky 2, 3, and 4 when I was a teenager, or possibly when I was in my 20s, but over the years, I had pretty much forgotten having seen them.

On this blog, I tend to discuss several topics on a repeated basis, some of which deal with dreams, goals, obstacles in life, where and how to find inspiration when life doesn’t seem to be going how you want it to, and so on.

When I saw the ads for the upcoming Rocky movie marathon on TV a few weeks ago, I thought to myself,
“I never really did see all of part 1, and I didn’t understand all of what I saw when I was a kid. This movie is supposed to be inspirational, so maybe I should watch it and then write a blog post about it.”

After I watched the movie – now, as an adult – and some of its sequels – I had a better understanding of why so many did find the movies uplifting.

I was prepared to write a blog post or two about it, including a review of the Rocky series.

Then these sexual abuse allegations from 1986 against Stallone resurfaced, so I did some more internet research, where I found other women had made other, similar accusations against Stallone.

I believe the allegations against Stallone.

I believe, after having read several news sources, that Stallone is, or has been, regularly abusive towards women, that he repeatedly sexually, physically, and emotionally abused his now-deceased half-sister Toni Ann Filiti (also known as Toni D’Alto), and that he is (or was at one time) a serial sexual predator whose favorite target group were girls ages 13 to 17.

I have much more to say about all that as I continue this post, but I wanted to say how terribly disappointed I was to discover all this.

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Celebrities With Conservative Derangement Syndrome Fall 2017

Celebrities With Conservative Derangement Syndrome Fall 2017

Is it Fall 2017 already? I first started these Conservative Derangement / Trump Derangement Syndrome posts around January 2017.

In some cases, liberal celebrities don’t just bash Trump, they bash anyone who voted for Trump.

As fall melts into winter, I will edit this post to add any new anti-Trump or Conservative Derangement comments or behavior by celebrities.

Chrissy Tiegen | September 2017

All I know is that she is supposedly a celebrity, but I don’t know who she is. I’m not sure if she is an actress or a model or what.

Chrissy Tiegen makes it known that when she slams the president, she’s NOT just insulting Trump

Chrissy Teigen roasts Ivanka Trump on Twitter, calling out her misuse of the word ‘otherwise’

Robert Redford (movie actor) | September 2017

Robert Redford to Esquire: Trump Is ‘Our Fault,’ Worse ‘Than Nixon’

by C Weaver, Sept 13, 2017

Starring in movies about politics allegedly gives celebrities a political background. At least, that’s what Robert Redford thought in his latest interview.

The actor spoke with Esquire’s Michael Hainey in an interview published on September 13, where he talked about Nixon, Trump, and Mitch McConnell. …

On the subject of Donald Trump, Redford said, “I just think he is who he is. You can’t blame him for being who he is. He’s always been like that. He’s our fault — that’s how I see it.”

Since he starred in All the President’s Men, Redford decided that he had enough political credibility to be able to compare Nixon to Trump: “Whatever Nixon was, whatever his dark side, he was an accomplished politician … I think on the other side, there’s more ignorance.”

Danny Zucker (TV producer) | September 2017

WOW: Modern Family producer tweets ‘Dear Christians … f*ck you’ over DACA , deletes tweet

It seems like DACA has brought out the ugliest (and most hilarious) deleted tweets from our ‘friends’ on the Left. Suppose that’s what happens when your whole set of political ideals is based on emotion rather than fact or reality.

Like this winner from Danny Zuker, producer of Modern Family:

[Tweet said:]


Dear Christians, if you support @realdonaldtrump’s decisin to end DACA your Christianity is bullshit. But on the other hand fuck you. 9/3/17, 10:13 PM

/// end Tweet

Guess Danny doesn’t think Christians watch his show? Or maybe he just doesn’t want them to.

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The Inconsistency of Actor Chris O’Dowd Regarding Religion – His 2017 Comments

The Inconsistency of Actor Chris O’Dowd Regarding Religion – His 2017 Comments

(This post has been edited to add additional links or commentary – latest edit: December 2018)

One of my previous posts, out of several, critical of actor Chris O’Dowd, is already fifty feet long.

Rather than add more commentary to that post, making it even longer, I thought I’d make a new post, so here we are.

At this point, I guess you could say I am “hate-watching” O’Dowd’s career.  I am not following his career out of fondness, no.

Sometimes news about O’Dowd comes across my radar. I was on one of my social media accounts yesterday, and there was a headline saying that his “Get Shorty” cable TV show has been renewed for a season two.

So, I sometimes don’t go looking for stuff on O’Dowd, it crosses my path.

I started out sort of liking the guy.

I assumed (oh so very wrongly) that O’Dowd must be as nice and considerate in real life as the nice cop character he played in the ‘Bridesmaids’ movie, which is why I googled him a few months after I first saw the movie on cable TV in 2015.

I thought around that time, well, if he’s as nice in real life and has played similar characters in other movies or shows, I may follow his career from here on out.

But the more I read about O’Dowd, the more disappointed I became.

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