If the Nathan Rhodes Character Acted in the Bridesmaids Movie the Way Actor Chris O’Dowd Does In Real Life, Most Women Audience Members Would’ve Hated the Character

If the Nathan Rhodes Character Acted in the Bridesmaids Movie the Way Actor Chris O’Dowd Does In Real Life, Most Women Audience Members Would’ve Hated the Character

I will use this blog post to copy and paste any comments I made about O’Dowd on other sites. If I make any more. So far, there’s just the one.

I posted the following comment at a British site under an article about Chris O’Dowd.

O’Dowd just annoys me (ever since I found out he’s kind of jerky in real life), and it bothers me that there’s this perception of him as being a “Really Nice Guy” when he really is not one.

Months ago, when I first looked up info on O’Dowd (after having seen him in ‘Bridesmaids’), I came across some survey taken among British or Irish readers who were asked “out of everyone (or all Irish entertainers) you had to be stuck on a long car trip with, who would you choose.”

And I think O’Dowd was number one on the list, or in the top five.

For some reason, a lot of Europeans seem to be under the faulty impression that O’Dowd is this really great, nice guy who it would be enjoyable to spend time with.

Then, about a month ago, actor Jon Hamm said in some article that Chris O’Dowd is “one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.” I’m sure in person, O’Dowd is probably polite or rather friendly. I won’t dispute that.

However, I don’t think anyone who is truly “nice” – especially someone who is a celebrity with a large platform, such as television appearances and magazine interviews -would go around unnecessarily bashing religious people or right wingers, as O’Dowd has done and continues to do.

The comments you see below were originally placed at the bottom of this page:

Crews spotted filming adaptation of novel Juliet, Naked with Chris O’Dowd and Ethan Hawke in Broadstairs and Ramsgate – Aug 3, 2017, via Kent Online

Kent Online has this commenting policy in place:

“People who post abusive comments about other users or those featured in articles will be banned.”

I did leave some critical comments on their page, but nothing rude or hateful. In case the people at Kent Online disagree, however, I have copied my comments here:

My Comments on Kent Online, Aug 3, 2017:

What I have to say here is critical, but I don’t consider it “abusive,” so I hope this comment is not scrubbed from this page.

Had O’Dowd’s “Nathan Rhodes” character in the 2011 ‘Bridesmaids’ movie done or said some of the things O’Dowd has said and done in real life-

O’Dowd as Nathan Rhodes in ‘Bridesmaids’ movie – Photo via screen cap from IMDB’s site

(such as, but not limited to, condescendingly and smugly insulting people for believing in a deity, or being politically right wing) –

-women audience members would have detested that Rhodes character, and much more so than the “jerk” character, “Ted,” played by actor Jon Hamm. I don’t think O’Dowd appreciates this fact at all.

I have no desire to watch O’Dowd in any future movies or TV shows, after having learned more about him online.

I really thought the character O’Dowd played in 2011’s “Bridesmaids” movie, the cop named Rhodes, was very sweet, so I was assuming (when I looked him up online after having seen the film) that he would be much the same way, but I was very wrong, and it was disappointing.

I’m surprised at the number of people who still think O’Dowd a likable, friendly guy, after his 2012 rude, arrogant rant against religion and people of faith in an issue of “GQ” magazine.

O’Dowd also, at times, mocks or insults religious beliefs or conservatives or Republicans on his Twitter account, so I un-followed him there.

O’Dowd even had the audacity to insult American vice president Mike Pence in March 2017 over a totally innocuous “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” comment that Pence tweeted. I mean, regardless of one’s political views, who is hostile and bitter enough to insult someone over something so harmless? I think it speaks volumes about O’Dowd’s true life personality, and none of it nice.

O’Dowd is not quite the friendly, lovable guy a lot of people (especially in Europe, apparently) feel that he is, or as he tries to pass himself off as, in certain late night television interview shows.

O’Dowd (like a lot of liberal celebrities) need to remember that at least half to more of their audience is comprised of those who do not share their political or religious views.

Or does O’Dowd not care that Republicans, Christians, conservatives, Jews, and those of other religious and non-liberal political persuasions, watch TV and attend movie theaters as well?

Had O’Dowd’s Rhodes character in the movie been a far left wing liberal and anti theist Atheist (as he is in real life), and had he mocked or insulted the Annie Walker character for being right wing, a Republican, or a Christian or someone who believes in prayer, I strongly suspect that even any far left wing liberal Atheist women in the movie audience would’ve thrown rotten tomatoes, pop corn, and Coca-Cola cans at the movie screen every time his character was shown.

I cannot think of any woman who would find a Rom Com appealing where the male love interest mocks or insults the leading woman’s religious or political beliefs – especially to her face, or over the phone or in e-mail, or whatever the medium.

The fact that this actor behaves this way in real life has sort of soured me on the ‘Bridesmaids’ movie.

It’s difficult to watch the scenes in ‘Bridesmaids’ where O’Dowd (as Rhodes) is doing things like telling the Wiig character (Annie) that her ex is a “dick” for having broken up with her over her failed bakery, when I know full well that O’Dowd has acted like a dick himself in interviews and on Twitter.

It’s disconcerting, sad, and it pulls me out of the movie when he’s on the screen, knowing he’s a jerk in real life. Who he plays on the screen doesn’t match up with his real life attitudes and actions.

Something I mentioned in one of my older posts about O’Dowd (see the links below, under “See Also”) that I remain incredulous and stunned about, is that when he was given an opportunity a few years ago, by a journalist, to comment on his offensive comments against religious faith in the GQ 2012 issue, O’Dowd refused – as in, he had an opportunity to apologize to anyone he hurt or offended with his remarks, and he refused.

But, then, he went on to apologize at some other point, to a sexist movie director for having spoken negatively of him in the media (that is also mentioned in a previous post I made).

Even more bewildering for me is the fact that O’Dowd played a character in a movie (Rhodes in “Bridesmaids”) where his character lectured the unthinking Annie character to be careful about what she says and does, because she can hurt people.

How does a guy who uttered that speech to another character in a movie (paraphrase of O’Dowd’s character’s comments: ‘be careful what you say and do, because it can hurt other people’) not learn from that and apply it in real life, and, instead, he does just the opposite of that? I do not get it.

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2 thoughts on “If the Nathan Rhodes Character Acted in the Bridesmaids Movie the Way Actor Chris O’Dowd Does In Real Life, Most Women Audience Members Would’ve Hated the Character”

  1. I’ve read a few of your posts and I’m now wondering: Has it occurred to you that as a Christian you should simply pray for Chris O’Dowd’s return to the Church? He’s right that you can’t make yourself believe, but God can give him faith. We must pray and then trust that God is working in his heart. Demanding apologies and criticizing someone’s acting, appearance, and even what they’ve named their child (!) is not a way to restore their faith. Who cares if he’s good-looking or not? (I think he is, but it really doesn’t matter.) He has no obligation to be anything like his character in Bridesmaids. Let’s remember that actors are human beings first, and children of God, with faults and feelings, hopes and doubts, and sinful natures, just like the rest of us. Expecting them to behave the way we would prefer may be an indicator that we’ve made an idol out of them, so it’s worth praying about that, too.
    I have little doubt that God is pursuing his beloved lost sheep. Wouldn’t Chris rejoining the Church one day be much more significant than a (perhaps empty) apology to his Christian fans?


    1. Hello Fiona P.
      You may want to read the section entitled “Religious Beliefs” on my blog’s About page

      I also have a series of posts on my blog (such as this one) about other celebrities and how myself and/or others have difficulty enjoying / watching / or listening to their work once news is released that the person is, in real life, abusive or a jerk.

      After the “Leaving Neverland” documentary was released, for example, a lot of people find they can no longer listen to Michael Jackson’s pop music.

      I don’t think the guy (O’Dowd) is good-looking, no. He’s actually on the homely-looking side, IMO. The only thing I found attractive about him in that one role was the characters’s very sweet nature (i.e., his personality).

      I resent that his real-life obnoxious behavior has tainted what was once an enjoyable movie for me.

      If you read my other post that contains excerpts of O’Dowd’s real life religious views, you can see he is very rude towards people of faith and about faith itself.

      I don’t care if he’s an atheist, but like many atheists out there, he is condescending about his atheism, which is what I object to.

      O’Dowd should apologize because it’s the right thing to do.
      As I’ve noted on this blog in another post, he actually apologized to a movie director everyone in Hollywood knows is sexist, yet he has, to this point, refused to apologize for making unnecessarily obnoxious comments about people of faith (where he compared them to racists, suggested they are irrational idiots, etc)

      You said,
      “…and even what they’ve named their child…”

      A lot of Hollywood types (he’s no exception, sadly), give their children either very weird names, or unattractive names.

      You said,
      “He has no obligation to be anything like his character in Bridesmaids”

      I never said he had an “obligation” to be like his character.
      But it’s very disillusioning to find out he’s not the type of guy in real life that he played in the movie, but he’s actually more like the “jerk” character in the film, played by actor Jon Hamm.

      (It’s also very sad and disillusioning to find out that singer Michael Jackson – who seemed like a nice guy in public – was molesting little boys. It’s sad and disillusioning to find out that actor Bill Cosby – who seemed like a stand up guy, based on the fictional characters he played in television shows – drugged and raped numerous women over the years in his personal life.)

      Further, the media, in the articles I see about O’Dowd, keep passing him off as being like the “cop” character from Bridesmaids – the charming, nice guy. This is annoying.

      I’ve seen O’Dowd in interviews with late night TV hosts, and he does put on this “look at me, I’m such a nice guy!” routine, but he really isn’t, if you look at his religious and political views he gives in print interviews and on his social media accounts.

      It’s very disingenuous of O’Dowd, and of the media, to keep depicting him in a manner that is not actually true to who he is.

      I’ve noticed, though, the when O’Dowd has a faith-based film to promote, or one involving faith (like one that featured a priest as a main character), he waters down his anti-theist views in interviews he does to market those films, to make it sound like he is a-okay and accepting of theism – when in fact he is not. That is dishonest.

      And his wife (Dawn) puzzles me. She said in an interview years ago that she is an atheist, but she does not agree with atheists who are rude about their views, who mock people of faith for believing in a deity – but that is exactly what her husband has done (and keeps doing).

      I have no idea why she, the wife, does not tell her husband in private to put a sock in it, to stop bashing faith or people of faith in public.


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