Irish Entertainers Publicly Supporting Abortion – including U2 and Actor Chris O’Dowd (This Is Not A Good A Thing)

Irish Entertainers Publicly Supporting Abortion – including Pop Band U2 and Actor Chris O’Dowd (This Is Not A Good A Thing)

I’ve said it before on this blog, and I’ll no doubt have to say it again in the future, but celebrities really should keep their political views to themselves – and I’dd add they should keep their view on highly controversial, inflammatory topics, such as abortion, to themselves as well.

Before I address the annoying public celebrity commentary and support of a controversial issue, to get you up to date here is a link or to about what I’m discussing in this post:

Ireland abortion referendum – the key facts

On May 25 Irish people will vote on whether to relax the country’s strict abortion laws.

Irish abortion referendum: voters on both sides prepare to head home

Ireland divided ahead of abortion referendum

May 2018

Ireland’s strict anti-abortion law was enshrined in its constitution in 1983. No exceptions are made for rape, incest or foetal abnormality, but a later amendment does allow women to travel abroad for a termination.

The vote takes place on May 25th. If the current law is repealed, abortions will be allowed up to 12 weeks of pregnancy in most cases and up to 24 weeks if the women’s health is at risk.
/// end excerpt

Which brings me to this:

Irish Celebrities Publicly Supporting Legalized Abortion

Irish celebrities have been turning up in the news to support the legalization of abortion in Ireland the last few weeks.

At first, I saw mentions of Irish pop band U2, but as of today, I’ve seen a few mentions of Irish actor Chris O’Dowd (who last I heard is residing in a Los Angeles home that he apparently paid around $870,000 in cash for, yet complaining at one time that some of the movie roles he’s accepted don’t pay enough!!), also publicly speaking out in support of abortion.

In addition, as I noted in a previous post or two on actor O’Dowd, his support of legalized abortion is rather hypocritical in a way, as, in one interview he gave a few years ago, he “slut shamed” the character “Annie Walker” in the movie he guest starred in called “Bridesmaids,” where he played her love interest.

How is it that this seemingly very liberal actor can on the one hand criticize a (fictional) woman’s sexual choices and behavior in a real-life interview about said character, but then turn around and support abortion?

So, O’Dowd looks down on women for having casual sex, but is morally fine with them killing the un-born babies in their wombs? This isn’t really very consistent, and it’s another reason he should keep his pie hole shut about abortion in public.

And some fans are very upset, disappointed, and outraged. Here are some links about that:

Regarding U2 publicly supporting abortion:

U2’s Christian fans are outraged over the band’s push for abortion in Ireland.

U2 comes out in support of Ireland abortion ban repeal  

by Bradford Richardson, May 3, 2018

U2 is encouraging the repeal of Ireland’s constitutional ban on abortion.

In a Twitter post Tuesday, the Irish rock band told its fans to vote to “Repeal the 8th” in the May 25 referendum.

…U2 frontman Bono is known for being outspoken about his Christian faith, and several of the rock band’s songs include allusions to Christ.
// end excerpt

U2 angers pro-life fans after tweeting support for legalizing abortion

U2 angered fans last week after the rock band tweeted support for legalizing abortion in Ireland.

The band tweeted a graphic with the words “Repeal the 8th,” referring to the upcoming Irish referendum on abortion. Voters in Ireland will head to the polls on May 25 to possibly repeal Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution, which gives unborn fetuses the same right to life as the mother.

Though some supported U2’s stance on the issue, many pro-life fans said they were “disappointed” with the band.

“This breaks my heart. I have loved and followed you for 20 years. I still love you but I can’t follow you down this road. My tickets to upcoming shows will go unused,” one fan wrote.

Another fan tweeted, “So disappointed. A fan since the release of the single ‘Fire’ back in the day.  I’m pro choice as I believe God is. All our choices are our choices and should be freely made But to support abortion?? And this coming from such a Life loving, Life giving band. #sosad #don’tgetit”

“Unfollowing one of my (former) favorite bands,” one person tweeted.

“U2 ‘two hearts beat as one’ Why do you want to stop the unborn baby’s heart from beating ? #savethe8th,” another tweet read.
//end quotes

By the way, I don’t think most people want to hear politics when they go to attend a pop concert:

U2 mix memories of Dublin childhood with politics on opening gig of world tour

May 2018

U2 have never been short of a political message, and this tour carries on this fine tradition. Tonight, their messaging, where visuals do much of the talking, run a gamut from feminism and Northern Irish politics to racial politics (incorporating rousing images from 2017’s Charlottesville white supremacy rally, the KKK and Martin Luther King). The slogans come thick and fast (“Respect existence or expect resistance” is just one), and yet somehow U2 manage to kibosh the sense that they’re merely picking off issue after issue.
//end excerpts

Regarding: actor Chris O’Dowd publicly supporting abortion:

Actor Chris O’Dowd Calls On Irish Men To Vote ‘Yes’ in Abortion Referendum

May 2018

Hollywood actor and Irish native Chris O’Dowd is supporting a yes vote in the upcoming abortion referendum in Ireland and has urged Irish men to vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment.
//end excerpt

Generally, the type of men who are eager to support abortion are men who like the enjoyment of casual sex – using women like sex objects – but not wanting to take on the possible responsibilities and consequences of their actions: pregnancy.

See, for example, this article:

Easy abortion is a winner for sleazy men


 By Naomi Schaefer Riley

But the truth is that men benefit from the easy availability of abortion at least as much — if not more — than women.

Which is one reason the recently departed Hugh Hefner was such a big proponent. Playboy published its first article supporting the legalization of abortion in 1965 and even listed the numbers of hotlines where women could obtain them — even before Roe v. Wade. The audience for this information was clearly not women who were reading Playboy articles but men who had, as they used to say, gotten women in trouble.

…Imagine the possibilities [to easier abortion access]. When a man like Murphy or someone who may be preying on a vulnerable woman — perhaps even an underage one — finds that he has made a “mistake,” he may be able to simply phone a doctor who calls in a prescription without even a visit to fix his mistake. It will be like getting penicillin for an ear infection.

…But without parental consent, men can get girls pregnant and then pressure them to have abortions without anyone who cares about them finding out.

And frankly, it’s not just sexual predators but even fairly normal, pro-life-leaning men (a la Murphy) in perfectly consensual relationships who like loose abortion laws.
//end excerpt

In the United States, we had a group of men a few years back who were calling themselves “Bro-Choice,” a play of words on the phrase “Pro-Choice.”

These men were supporting abortion only because they don’t want to deal with being legally or financially responsible for fatherhood. More on that:

Bro-Choice: Meet the Men Who Want Abortion Legal for the Sake of More Sex

 These “Bro-Choice” men want abortion legal so that when or if they get their girlfriend pregnant, they can just send her on down to an abortion clinic.

These men are not supportive of abortion due to altruistic motives. They are selfish. They don’t truly care about women.

“Bridesmaids” star Chris O’Dowd backs the Yes campaign ahead of abortion referendum

by Frances Mulraney / May 14, 2018

Chris O’Dowd supports the repeal of the constitutional ban on abortion in Ireland.

The IT Crowd and Bridesmaids star Chris O’Dowd has voiced his support for the Yes campaign ahead of Ireland’s May 25 vote on whether the country’s constitutional ban on abortion should be lifted.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity to stand with our wives, our girlfriends, our mothers, our daughters, our friends,” O’Dowd states, speaking as part of Amnesty International Ireland’s “Vote Yes” campaign.

“Be part of the future, not the past. Every vote really, really counts. We all need to come out and vote Yes on May 25th.

“As a man, it’s worrying that a lot of polls are saying that men aren’t going to come out and vote. They feel that in some way it’s not their business. But this is not something we can stay out of. Those voting ‘no’ won’t be staying out it. This is our chance to be united with people who have difficult times ahead, to stand with the women you love.

“We have to vote Yes,” the Co. Roscommon actor concluded.

Currently, the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland, ratified in 1983, gives mothers and unborn equal rights to life. On May 25, 2018, the Irish public will have the chance to vote to allow the Irish Parliament (Dáil Éireann) to put forth new abortion legislation.

While abortion is supposed to be allowed in Ireland if the life of the mother is at risk, it is illegal apart from this, even in the cases of rape, incest, or a fatal fetal abnormality.
///end excerpts

Irish people are certainly welcome to hold any views about abortion they’d like to, including entertainers, but why can’t they (the celebrities) just keep their views private?

Why do they have to go to their social media accounts, or get up on stage during tours, or grant interviews, where they espouse these positions?

These celebrities need to stop going public with their views on topics such as this one. Just get on stage and act if you’re an actor, or sing on stage if you’re in a rock band.

I don’t need or want to hear your moralizing scolding (which is doubly hypocritical – see Weinstein links below) on abortion or certain other subjects.

Will Weinstein Be the End of Hollywood Moralizing?

With Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood’s sanctimonious chickens come home to roost  by Jay Caruso


… For the most part, Hollywood and Democrats are in lock step with each other. For the longest time, their political pontifications were limited to the red carpet, gala events and awards shows.  The social media boon gave them a way to reach more people and use it to amp up the sanctimony.

Not content to be artists, a public saturation of preening, moralizing Hollywood progressives got louder. They not only showed a creepy devotion to Obama but made sure to cast aspersions on anybody who dared criticize him or refused to toe the line on leftist orthodoxy.

Harvey Weinstein, after 20-plus years of sexually harassing (and possibly sexual assaulting) women, had the rug pulled out from under him, thanks to a 3,500-word expose in The New York Times.

Weinstein, a longtime Democratic donor and fundraiser (particularly for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election) believed he could make it all go away when he issued a lame mea culpa and said he was committed to going after the NRA and Donald Trump.

One might conclude that only the addled mind of an embedded left-wing Hollywood power player could think for a moment that some halfhearted attempt at aligning with the politics of his brethren (and victims) would merit a pass for his behavior.

But Weinstein must have ingrained in his head this belief — shared among so many liberals — that alignment with the Democratic Party bestows upon believers a cloak of virtue that allows for their self-righteousness to see past the evil that exists within their own body politic while excoriating others because they happen to be Republicans.

…For Hollywood players, they likely know that Weinstein is not a lone wolf but part of a pack. If his story was kept under wraps for over 20 years, it’s likely the stories of others have been, as well.

The question is whether this persuades any of them to ratchet down the self-righteousness.

Weinstein sexual harassment controversy exposes Hollywood’s double standard by Meg James


Hollywood has a poor track record when it comes to women. Actresses received just 31.4% of speaking roles in the top 100 films released last year, according to the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative at USC Annenberg’s School for Communication and Journalism.

The “sexy stereotype” persisted with more than a quarter of females in those films wearing sexy attire, compared with 5.7% of men.

In 2015, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission opened an investigation into allegedly discriminatory hiring practices against female directors.

“Hollywood likes to project an image of being progressive about issues of race, gender and social issues — but at the end of the day it is an incredibly regressive industry,” said Caroline Heldman, a college professor who has worked with alleged victims of Bill Cosby and Weinstein. “It is an industry that, in many ways, looks more like the 1950s.”

…Instead of expressing shock or even dismay, Hollywood insiders acknowledged that Weinstein’s behavior was an “open secret,” the fodder of gossip for decades.

Weinstein’s alleged behavior may have been enabled by Hollywood’s sometimes toxic workplace culture, which often tolerates — and in some cases, glorifies — an array of inappropriate, exploitative conduct.

…Over the years, Weinstein has given generously to Democrats and liberal causes, contributing more than $600,000 to Democratic politicians and groups, according to federal records. He donated tens of thousands of dollars to the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

…Others jumped on the details of Weinstein’s alleged behavior as evidence that the entertainment industry has a double standard when it comes to sexual harassment.

“Hollywood stood by and did nothing and continued to award this person, work with him and glorify him,” Alex Marlow, editor in chief of Breitbart News, said in an interview. The scandal could further erode Hollywood’s credibility with middle America, Marlow said. “While he was allegedly preying on vulnerable people, the whole town that virtue-signals about women’s rights and female empowerment stood silent.”
//end excerpts

You, a celebrity, want to lecture Americans and the rest of the world about abortion or other topics, yet you reside in an industry where male power-players regularly sexually victimize women. I don’t think you celebrity guys have much credibility here.

Edit. People who support the legalization of abortion in Ireland do not support the right of those who are pro-life in sharing their views:

Check out this Twitter account which seems to exist only to stifling dissent:

“Repeal Shield” (link to that Twitter account), which describes itself as,

Blocking blatant, harmful Anti-choice misinformation so you don’t have to. Subscribe to blocks by clicking link below. 

And then there’s this:

Facebook, Google to block ads leading up to the Ireland abortion referendum

Facebook and Google have banned ads ahead of Ireland’s abortion referendum

Tech giants are ensuring they have as little impact as possible on Ireland’s upcoming abortion referendum.

On May 8, Facebook started to block ads related to the referendum that didn’t originate from advertisers in Ireland. A day later, Google announced it would suspend all ads related to the referendum. The ads will be blocked until the Irish go to the polls on May 25.

…While pro-choice campaigners were in support of the tech giants’ unprecedented move, anti-abortion groups were unhappy. In a joint statement by Save The 8th, Pro Life Campaign and The Iona Institute, campaigners describe the ban as “an attempt to rig the referendum.” They claim that the internet was “the only platform available to the NO campaign to speak to voters directly,” adding that is “now being undermined.”

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