I wrote more about my background in a blog post here, if you’re interested – it would be under the part of the post with the heading “Parallels to my Life.”

I’ll try to be quick about it, but – my life fell apart several years ago.

My mother, who I was so close to, died (from cancer and other health concerns); I quit a full time job years before that to be her care-taker; while at that job, I was harassed the last two years of it by one boss (which was another reason that played into my decision to quit the job); my ex-fiance’ was a self-absorbed jerk who exploited me financially and left me broke. Those are just a few of the high lights.

I am interested and inspired in reading biographical information about people – especially people who found success in life, maybe at their profession – who experienced a lot of failure at first.

Maybe they grew up like I did, coming from a family that was very critical and negative, but they tuned out that negativity and achieved their goals and dreams anyway.


I enjoy watching movies. Though I normally don’t care for Rom Coms. I used to love horror movies but am not so much into those any more.

I used to consider the 2011 movie ‘Bridesmaids,’ which I saw for the first time last year (2015) on TV, to be an encouraging movie, but not so much any more, which I explain in a few other posts on my blog, such as this one or this one and this one

And if I have the time and inclination, I may be posting yet another post or two about why I’m bummed out by that movie (‘Bridesmaids’) now. But in the mean time, you have those two posts that fill in some of the reasons (this one and this one).

I rarely go out to the movie theater as much any more, though I did see ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ in the theater back in December of 2015. I watch most movies on TV now.


During the course of my life, I’ve had friends who are all over the place politically and religiously – some of my friends are, or have been, Christian, atheist, Wiccan, Jewish, liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, a-political, and so on.

I don’t have a problem with people who hold differing religious or political views from mine.

My issue is not what you believe, but how you treat others who don’t share your views.

In other words, it’s fine by me if you don’t agree with my religious or political views, but still, treat me with courtesy all the while. Don’t insult me or assume I’m stupid or horrible merely because I don’t believe exactly as you do – that is how I’ve always been about these things.

One of my pet peeves in life are people who demonize or are nasty or condescending to other people who simply disagree with them on political or religious matters.

I am a moderate right-winger.

I dislike both the Democrat and Republican Parties, but mostly for different reasons, which I don’t want to get into.


Regarding Donald Trump: I was disturbed and put off by sexist comments he made that I heard about via the media.

On the other hand, I have an open mind towards Trump and am open-minded about his administration. I am willing to give him a chance to see what he does while in office.

I am annoyed by liberal Trump haters and Republican Never-Trumpers who have a knee-jerk, irrational hatred of the man and every thing and any thing he says or does, and this seems to comprise 99% of the movie and television actors out there, as well as movie directors.

I’m not necessarily a large supporter of Donald Trump across the board, but I think some of his policies are acceptable or wise.

I’m not really a Trump “hater” or a Trump “fan.” My views on Trump are more nuanced – at least more so than most people I’ve seen online and on TV, who are either totally for the guy, or totally against him.


I guess I still believe in God, but some of my former Christian beliefs are now up in the air, and I’m questioning Christianity.

But I am not an atheist.

As I said above, I have had acquaintances and friends in real life and online who are atheists. I get along fine with them – but then, they have all treated me and my faith with respect.

One group of atheists I absolutely cannot stand nor cannot abide are those who go by the label “anti theist,” because all the ones I’ve ever come across personally and talked to, or read about, are smug, condescending, rude, intolerant, angry, and dogmatic.

Anti-theist atheists are just as rude, hateful, narrow minded, and awful as the religious theists (such as fundamentalists) they complain about and ridicule.

I remain amazed that the anti-theist atheists are blinded to the fact that anti-theism atheism and fundamentalist religious beliefs are simply flip sides of the same coin: one side doesn’t believe in God, the other does – that’s the only difference, and it’s not much of a difference, considering both sides treat people who don’t share their views with extreme hostility and contempt.


While I do believe in equality for women, I am hesitant to apply the “feminist” label to myself, because the term comes with a lot of baggage I do not want to be associated with.

I am right of center politically and have fairly traditional values, while a lot of people tend to associate the term “feminist” with a woman being left wing and socially progressive.


On my blog, I am not interested in debating certain topics with people, should people want to drop in and leave comments.

For instance, I have no interest at all in debating atheism with atheists. I simply do not like anti-theist atheism, period, end of story (for reasons I outlined above).

So, if you’re an anti-theist atheist who is offended or angered by my views about anti-theists or anti-theism,  it’s not up for discussion or argument on my blog.

I’m not interested in debating about politics – I’m a right winger, and that’s that.

My blog here is meant for me to write about a few subjects that interest me. I’m not looking to argue with people.

This post has been amended a few times since initially published to add more thoughts or to clarify a few things