Why Art Shouldn’t Be Separated From The Artist by Sharon Loeffler

Why Art Shouldn’t Be Separated From The Artist by Sharon Loeffler

Why Art Shouldn’t Be Separated From The Artist

by Sharon Loeffler As told to Gene Maddaus


…Hollywood has always looked the other way when it comes to sexual misconduct. When disturbing stories emerge, we are told to separate the art from the artist. Even last year, the president of the Academy urged people to go see “The Birth of a Nation” and consider it independently of the director’s [Nate Parker’s] past [of allegedly raping women].

But asking us to ignore an artist’s misconduct and focus on the art just protects that artist’s career from the consequences of his actions.

I hope that with “The Birth of a Nation,” which fared poorly both financially and among Oscar voters, we have begun to realize that that won’t cut it anymore.

For real change to occur, the consequences have to be real. No one should get a pass, no matter how powerful or successful or brilliant or talented. No one.

Now we are seeing several powerful men fall every week. Too late — far too late for my sister — we are starting to take women’s allegations seriously. I know how hard it is for these women to come forward, not knowing if they’ll be believed or attacked.

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