The Now-Removed Tweet Where Sylvester Stallone Sexualizes His Daughters – Yet Again (Feb. 2018)

The Now-Removed Tweet Where Sylvester Stallone Sexualizes His Daughters – Yet Again (Feb. 2018)

I wrote a blog post a few months ago, where I mentioned (about 3/4th down the page) how Sylvester Stallone sexualized one of his daughters in one of his Tweets. That same post also discussed sexual abuse allegations against Stallone by different women, including his now-deceased half-sister, Toni-Ann.

Many men (and I guess a few women) who saw this latest (Feb. 2018) Twitter content from Stallone realized how bad it looked, but Stallone was apparently oblivious to how bad it looks for a father to tweet about how his daughters look “hot” or how they having “bangin’ bods” or whatever the magazine headlines he was quoting were going on about.

But then, when one considers he not only allegedly preyed on teen-aged girls in the 1980s, but that he allegedly repeatedly groped and raped his own half-sister, I guess his moral compass regarding sexual ethics and inappropriate behavior has always been off-kilter.

A normal man – one who doesn’t rape teens or rape his own half-sister – would know why it’s wrong to tweet magazine photos of his daughter in her skimpy bathing suit, proclaiming her a sexy hottie.

If a guy apparently thinks it’s okay to have forced (or any type of) sex with his OWN HALF-SISTER, I guess he would not be able to ascertain that it’s not okay for him to tweet out articles or photos of his own daughters proclaiming them to be sexy or knockouts, even if he was just pasting in the titles of the article themselves.

I’m possibly fine with a guy wanting to tweet a photo of his daughter saying, “Doesn’t she look nice today” or something, but these tweets of Stallone’s are pushing things.Here is a screen cap of the September 2017 tweet where Stallone seemed to be sexualizing one of his daughters (which I not only found disturbing, but so to did several people who left replies below the tweet):

September 2017 “Crave” magazine Tweet screen capture

He’s at it again.

In February 2018, Stallone shared this tweet, which another site took a screen capture of, before Stallone deleted it (but not until he got some push back from others online telling him how inappropriate this was):

Screen capture of Feb. 2018 Stallone tweet via Crave

I note with irony that the same site above – Crave – seems to be the same exact one that Stallone tweeted out in Sept. 2017 (see first screen cap on this page, above).

It’s the same magazine, once again commenting on how attractive his daughters are – only now, the magazine is taking Stallone to task over sharing this on his Twitter timeline this time.

I think they, Crave magazine, are a tad complicit in this – they are objectifying women, only they’re saying it’s okay when THEY do it, but not okay when the father does it.

Does Stallone – or Crave magazine for that matter – ever Tweet anything where he brags about his daughter’s scholastic achievements? Or is the only thing he fawns over is their sexuality and bodies?

I say in both scenarios it’s wrong, whether this objectification and obsession with a woman’s looks is coming from the father or from an online magazine. Women are more than their looks, bodies, or sex appeal.

At any rate, here are links to the articles about it:

Sylvester Stallone Tweeted About His ‘Bombshell’ Daughters And People Are Just Cringing

Sylvester Stallone Tweets About His Hot ‘Bombshell’ Daughters And Weirds Twitter Out – Crave

Here’s what the Crave page had to say

We all know that Sylvester Stallone has some hot daughters. And we’ve written about them before, too. We told all of you folks of one of Sly’s hot daughters named Sophia Rose, and we also told you about his other hot daughter, Sistine. And it’s fine that we talk about them. What’s not fine? When Sly himself decides to tweet a news article about his ‘bombshell’ daughters. Yet, that’s just odd.

The news article was written by Daily Star, and shows ‘sizzling snaps’ of daughters Sophia and Sistine. The Daily Star also anoints them ‘Instagram Babe of the Week.’ Again, that’s all fine and dandy because they are hot. But Sly, dude, you can’t tweet that out.

Update: Sly of course took it down, but we took a screengrab of it beforehand

People are grossed out by Sylvester Stallone’s ‘inappropriate’ tweet about his young daughters

…He may remain a big screen draw after all these decades (Rocky came out 42 years ago), but on Monday he was drawing attention for very different reasons. The New Yorker chose to share a feature in the Daily Star about two of his three daughters, 21-year-old Sophia and 19-year-old Sistine. All good so far.

Except it was the nature of the story that left many followers feeling somewhat uncomfortable. That’s because the pair were joint recipients of the Star’s ‘Babe Of The Week’ title, and tone and language of the article was rather salacious. That didn’t stop Stallone proudly sharing a link with working:

‘Sylvester Stallone’s bombshell daughters set pulses racing with sizzling snaps’

Both Sophia and Sistine are models, and their dad is clearly very proud of them, but the wording and nature of the tweet left a number of followers feeling a bit grossed out.  …

(Sample tweets responses):

-He also should not be tweeting stuff like that about OTHER MEN’S daughters.

Thoughts on Sylvester Stallone’s Career and other Stallone Related Commentary (Part 4 – Sexual Abuse Allegations)

The 1976 Rocky Movie in Light of Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Sylvester Stallone

Response to Brigitte Nielsen’s (November 2017) Defense of Sylvester Stallone in Midst of Sexual Abuse Allegations

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