Hollywood Celebrities Hurt Liberal Causes As Much As They Help, Political Scientists Say

Hollywood Celebrities Hurt Liberal Causes As Much As They Help, Political Scientists Say

Regardless if they help or harm their liberal causes, I wish they would keep their political opinions to themselves, instead of spewing them in interviews, on social media, and in You Tube videos.

This was written by Christian Toto, who I follow on Twitter:

Hollywood Celebrities Hurt Liberal Causes As Much As They Help, Political Scientists Say 


Hollywood celebrities once again are gearing up to advocate and agitate for their causes as elections approach, but political scientists and observers say liberal stars do as much to hurt as help their efforts.

…But in the wake of the failure of the full-scale industry push for Hillary Clinton in 2016, political observers are left to assess whether Hollywood’s progressive campaigns do more to mobilize liberals or energize conservatives.

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The Now-Removed Tweet Where Sylvester Stallone Sexualizes His Daughters – Yet Again (Feb. 2018)

The Now-Removed Tweet Where Sylvester Stallone Sexualizes His Daughters – Yet Again (Feb. 2018)

I wrote a blog post a few months ago, where I mentioned (about 3/4th down the page) how Sylvester Stallone sexualized one of his daughters in one of his Tweets. That same post also discussed sexual abuse allegations against Stallone by different women, including his now-deceased half-sister, Toni-Ann.

Many men (and I guess a few women) who saw this latest (Feb. 2018) Twitter content from Stallone realized how bad it looked, but Stallone was apparently oblivious to how bad it looks for a father to tweet about how his daughters look “hot” or how they having “bangin’ bods” or whatever the magazine headlines he was quoting were going on about.

But then, when one considers he not only allegedly preyed on teen-aged girls in the 1980s, but that he allegedly repeatedly groped and raped his own half-sister, I guess his moral compass regarding sexual ethics and inappropriate behavior has always been off-kilter.

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Eight Rejection Letters That Will Inspire You To Not Give Up – BBC

Eight Rejection Letters That Will Inspire You To Not Give Up – BBC

8 rejection letters that will inspire you to not give up  

Excerpts from the page:

U2’s Rejection Letter

“Thank you for submitting your tape of ‘U2’…”

U2 were given the generic refusal letter treatment by RSO Records after Bono (Paul Hewson)  mailed the London based label a demo tap in 1979. “We have listened with careful consideration,” the label’s Alexander Sinclair said, and we’ll never known whether that’s actually true. Either way, Mr. Sinclair must be kicking himself now.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Initiative Time’s Up Launched by Hollywood Women

Sexual Harassment Prevention Initiative Time’s Up Launched by Hollywood Women

300 Hollywood women announce initiative to fight sexual harassment in all workplaces

The #MeToo movement has given rise to #TimesUp, an initiative by 300 prominent women in the entertainment industry to fight sexual harassment and gender disparity in every workplace across the country from “movie sets to farm fields to boardrooms alike.”

Time’s Up: Women launch campaign to fight sexual harassment

More than 300 actresses, writers and directors have launched a project to help fight sexual harassment in the film industry and other workplaces.

The initiative, which is called Time’s Up, was announced via a full-page advert printed in the New York Times.

The Hollywood project is described as a “unified call for change from women in entertainment for women everywhere”.

It comes in the wake of sexual abuse allegations by high-profile actresses against film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Initiative Time’s Up Launched by Hollywood Women

Shonda Rhimes and Reese Witherspoon are among the key players of the effort, which includes a legal defense fund to help women in blue-collar industries and the call for women to wear black to the Golden Globes.

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Why Art Shouldn’t Be Separated From The Artist by Sharon Loeffler

Why Art Shouldn’t Be Separated From The Artist by Sharon Loeffler

Why Art Shouldn’t Be Separated From The Artist

by Sharon Loeffler As told to Gene Maddaus


…Hollywood has always looked the other way when it comes to sexual misconduct. When disturbing stories emerge, we are told to separate the art from the artist. Even last year, the president of the Academy urged people to go see “The Birth of a Nation” and consider it independently of the director’s [Nate Parker’s] past [of allegedly raping women].

But asking us to ignore an artist’s misconduct and focus on the art just protects that artist’s career from the consequences of his actions.

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Sylvester Stallone’s Temper Problem and Gross Weirdness

Sylvester Stallone’s Temper Problem and Gross Weirdness

(This post has been updated to add new information. Latest update: January 5,  2018)

I began work on another post or two, related to the sexual abuse allegations against Stallone by various women, and I don’t know when or if I’ll get around to finishing those.

In the course of looking up more material for those posts, I ran across some other  disturbing, gross information on the man.

For legal purposes: imagine everything below has the word “alleged” in front of it.

Personally, I have no reason to doubt this information, because I cannot see what any of these people have to gain by it discussing it, and I’m starting to see a pattern emerge with some of these things.

I do believe Stallone raped and verbally abused his half sister, and that he sexually exploited teen girls at the height of his fame.

All of that is degenerate enough, but this other information – about the hotel rooms, hiring prostitutes to defecate in front of him, and so forth – is also disgusting.

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Women Celebrities Who Victim-Blame Women Sexual Assault Survivors

Women Celebrities Who Victim-Blame Women Sexual Assault Survivors

(this post has been edited since it was originally published to add new names or links)

I so far have not seen any male celebrities engage in victim-blaming, but I’ve seen about 3 or 4 women celebrities do so.

It’s beyond me how a woman (famous or not) can fault a woman for having been raped or sexually harassed.

But they’ve done so. A few have later apologized.

So far, actress Pamela Anderson has not only not apologized for her victim blaming comments (comments which she insists are not victim blaming – but they ultimately are), but she refuses to apologize, and I disagree with her views on this.

Some women may be too young, naive, or trusting, and that is no excuse for a pervert such as a Harvey Weinstein to exploit that and sexually abuse them, but Anderson is basically saying they are to blame for being naive or too trusting or for lacking life experience.

A note to actress Kirstie Alley (link to her victim blaming comments farther below):

If Alley is wanting to know why women do not accuse their rapists or harassers immediately, right on the spot after being propositioned or groped, and so on:

Some women do not confront their workplace abusers at all, or not for until many years later, because many women are too afraid to do so immediately.  They are often in shock or experiencing emotional trauma.

They may be afraid their abuser may rape them again right then and there, kill them, cause other physical injury, or get them fired from their job.

Furthermore, a lot of women, especially younger ones, do not have the necessary self confidence and level of assertiveness to confront an abuser – many girls and women are brought up by their parents, any religion they are raised in, and the culture, to be docile, non-confrontational, and passive (this is how I was raised).

Boys and men in our culture are often encouraged to be out-spoken, confrontational, and bold, while girls and women are often punished, ostracized, or discouraged from having those qualities – qualities which are necessary ones to confront abusers face- to- face.

From Time Magazine’s Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers

Nearly all of the people TIME interviewed about their [sexual harassment] experiences expressed a crushing fear of what would happen to them personally, to their families or to their jobs if they spoke up.

For some, the fear was borne of a threat of physical violence. Pascual felt trapped and terrified when her harasser began to stalk her at home, but felt she was powerless to stop him. If she told anyone, the abuser warned her, he would come after her or her children.

Those who are often most vulnerable in society—immigrants, people of color, people with disabilities, low-income workers and LGBTQ people—described many types of dread. If they raised their voices, would they be fired? Would their communities turn against them? Would they be killed?

Juana Melara, who has worked as a hotel housekeeper for decades, says she and her fellow housekeepers didn’t complain about guests who exposed themselves or masturbated in front of them for fear of losing the paycheck they needed to support their families.

…Many of the people who have come forward also mentioned a different fear, one less visceral but no less real, as a reason for not speaking out: if you do, your complaint becomes your identity.

(end quotes)

Here are some of the women celebrities who have engaged in victim-blaming ever since the Harvey Weinstein story broke:

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik Apologizes (for Real This Time) for Her Victim-Blaming Op-Ed

Mayim Bialik Apologizes After Being Accused of Victim-Blaming Sexual Adult Survivors

Mayim Bialik Apologizes for Her Controversial Harvey Weinstein Op-Ed by Tolly Wright, October 18, 2017

Mayim Bialik has issued an apology on social media for the New York Times op-ed she wrote last week about being a “nontraditional looking” actress in Hollywood.

The Big Bang Theory star landed in hot water among some readers who were upset about the connections Bialik seemed to draw between her choice to dress modestly and how she has managed to escape three decades in the industry without an encounter like those detailed by Harvey Weinstein’s accusers.

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