If You Enjoyed Actor Chris O’Dowd as Nathan Rhodes Avoid Him In These Other Roles – Re: Bridesmaids Movie

If You Enjoyed Actor Chris O’Dowd as Nathan Rhodes Avoid Him In These Other Roles – Re: Bridesmaids Movie

October 2016

(This post has been edited several times to add new material)

April 2017 update:

With every new review I read of O’Dowd’s past movies (I just read several reviews of his 2012 film “3, 2, 1… Frankie Go Boom” this evening), I am stunned – and horrified.

I am stunned at how awful 99% of the movies are that he has appeared in. He plays creeps, sickos, deviants, or jerks in many movies.

I’m stunned that O’Dowd is willing to appear in such filth and unfunny, tawdry movies. That he has done so either speaks to how desperate he is to earn pay checks – because maybe he’s not getting offered any other roles?, or –

Or O’Dowd has sleazy, scummy morals right down there with child molesters. I cannot understand how any adult who does have good morals would willingly appear in some of the dreck he’s been in and be okay with it.

Are these the kinds of movies O’Dowd wants any of his children to sit through when they’re older and would he be proud of his kids seeing this trash?

I’m not a prude. I’m willing to sit through and laugh at a certain amount of “mature” humor, but some of the movies he’s been in have jokes, lines, and gags that are beyond tasteless.

And it’s sad, very sad. This was an actor I was honestly expecting to like in real life, and in other movie roles, from having noticed him as the cop in ‘Bridesmaids,’ when I began researching him and his movie career online.

O’Dowd may still be getting an occasional pay check in Hollywood (he has filmed at least three or four movies in 2017, according to IMDB’s site), but for any lady who enjoyed him as the ‘Bridesmaids’ cop, his career is dead, over, and buried.

I certainly have no interest in following O’Dowd’s career any longer, not as an admirer or well-wisher.

I certainly have no interest in watching O’Dowd in any future roles where he’s a sleaze ball, and given his 2012 (or 2014?) or so magazine interview where he bashed people of faith, I don’t want to see him in any movies at all – my enthusiasm, or whatever you want to call it, is dead and gone.

And, August 2017 edit
As I detail below, I wish casting people would stop romantically pairing up O’Dowd in other movies or shows with any of his former cast-mates from “Bridesmaids,” which they’ve done in two other movies:

They’ve paired O’Dowd off with Maya Rudolph (“Lillian”) in another movie called “This is 40,” and now, I read, they are doing so with with Rose Byrne (who played “Helen Harris III”), who will be playing a woman named “Annie,” who is married to, or dating, O’Dowd’s character, in a movie called “Juliet, Naked.”

–  Just no. No no no no no, nooooooo. NOPE.

Don’t want to see “Rhodes” dating or married to Lillian, Helen, Megan, or any of the other non-Kristen Wiig actresses or characters from Bridesmaids. It just doesn’t work for someone who’s already seen him as Rhodes canoodling with Wiig as Annie.


This is a long post, and for that I am sorry. But here we go.

I liked the movie “Bridesmaids.” It was in theaters in 2011, but I did not see it until 2015, when it came on television.

Chris O’Dowd as Nathan Rhodes in ‘Bridesmaids’ – screen cap of image via IMDB

I have other reasons for why I feel let down by the actor, Chris O’Dowd, who played the police officer character “Nathan Rhodes” in Bridemaids, but I’ll likely get to that in another, future post (though I did discuss one reason why in another post here and still intend on writing at least one more post later on. April 2017: you can now read that post here: Chris O’Dowd is a Great Big Jerk).

I figured since O’Dowd seemed so nice as the cop character in ‘Bridesmaids,’ that he would be just as wonderful in other movie parts (i.e., playing a likable, nice guy), so I watched the actor in some of the other movies he’s been in.

That turned out to be a big mistake.

After having watched O’Dowd in other roles, some that were pretty profane or had him play a sexist swine, I can’t really appreciate his scenes as the nice guy in ‘Bridesmaids’ any more (among another reason or two).

About the only movies of O’Dowd’s I’ve seen that didn’t tarnish the memory of the Rhodes character for me was his very brief part in the “Thor” sequel, and the voice work he did for a 2013 kid’s animated movie called “Epic.” (He did the voice of a goofy snail in that one.)

By the way, if you’d like to see what movies or TV shows O’Dowd has been in, or which one he’s scheduled to appear in, you can check out his page on IMDB here:

Chris O’Dowd acting / voice roles, listed on IMDB


I am not, nor have I ever been, a fan of humor that is obscene, sex-related, or anything vulgar or involving bodily functions.

I don’t find jokes about genitalia amusing – but some actors and movies have this habit of expecting the audience to laugh just from hearing words such as “dick” or “vagina.” They’re body parts, guys – get over it.

I find hearing the words “dick,” “balls,” or “vagina” about as funny as  I do hearing the words “elbow,” “hand,” or “throat.” -Which is to say, not funny at all.

For some reason I do not comprehend, many movies that come out of Hollywood regularly use coarse humor. And I hate it. I wish the people who write scripts would stop with the trashy language and trashy jokes.

I usually find sex-based or bodily-function type humor crass, obscene, and pretty juvenile. I rarely laugh at such humor.

Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen of him in interviews, both in print that is reproduced online, and in video format on You Tube, and in some of the material he Tweets from his Twitter account…

(Link 1: his Twitter account
and Link 2: one example from his Twitter of what I mean (a dick joke)),

…that O’Dowd’s real-life sense of humor leans to juvenile and of the mild bathroom or bodily function variety, as though he has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old who is stuck in the body of an adult (I believe he is currently 38  or 39 years old.)


In ‘Bridesmaids,’ the Rhodes character was amusing, entertaining, and endearing without resorting to smut, bathroom humor, immaturity, or vulgarity (not much, anyway, aside from the scene where he cusses at the Annie character because he’s so frustrated or hurt), which is one reason I was so fond of that character.

The character was pretty much a gentleman.

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Melissa McCarthy and Discouraging Comments – Re: Bridesmaids Movie

In most interviews I’ve seen of her, Melissa McCarthy comes across as being a nice person.

McCarthy played the character “Megan” in the 2011 film ‘Bridesmaids,’ which I didn’t see until 2015, when I saw it on TV.

Melissa McCarthy as Megan – screen cap of image via IMDB

Before I explain why I am a little upset with McCarthy, I wanted to say several things up front so you can see where I am coming from.

One of my favorite scenes from this film is when Megan gives a pep talk of sorts to the character Annie (who is played by Kristen Wiig).

At the time of filming this movie, I believe Wiig was 38 years old – which may be a somewhat pertinent fact  for some of the things I say below.

A summary of things from the movie: The character of Annie has fallen on hard times, has no self esteem, and is very down on herself.

(I have a lot in common with the Annie character, which I’ll explain more below.)

Annie is broke, lost her job, her last boyfriend dumped her when her business, (a bakery), was a financial failure, and she feels as though she’s losing her best friend, Lillian, as Lillian is engaged and about to be married.

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Celebrities Who Are Not What They Seem – Including Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby seemed like a clean-cut, nice guy on his “Cosby Show” sit com back in the 1980s. On that show, he was the married guy who was also a father.

Cobsy also used to appear in JELL-O commercials and appeared likable and very friendly.

It’s disconcerting to discover that a guy who seemed so trustworthy and genial is alleged to have drugged and sexually assaulted 50 or more women.

Here are links about Cosby and other celebrities who maybe you considered nice – based on their public work – but in private, they’re actually jerks or perverts:

From Wikipedia: Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations

An excerpt:

American entertainer Bill Cosby has been the subject of publicized sexual assault allegations. With the earliest alleged incidents taking place in the mid-1960s, Cosby has been accused by over 60 women of either rape, drug facilitated sexual assault,sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and/or sexual misconduct.

Earlier sexual assault allegations against Cosby became more public after an October 2014 comedy routine by comedian Hannibal Buress alluding to Cosby’s covert sexual misbehavior went viral, and many additional claims were made after that date.

The dates of the alleged incidents span from 1965 to 2008 across 10 U.S. states and one Canadian province.

Prosecutors Say Bill Cosby Used Fame and Fortune to Hide His Crimes

October 2016

“He [Cosby] is an individual who has used his fame and fortune for decades to conceal his crimes and hide his true nature,” District Attorney Kevin Steele wrote, noting Cosby fought repeated efforts by the Associated Press to unseal documents from the civil case file.

I Re-Watched ‘The Cosby Show’ And It Was Brutal 

by Zeba Blay

My decision not to watch the show (which, before the scandal erupted I had marathoned every year), wasn’t wholly moralistic. It didn’t feel “right,” but not just because of the nature of the allegations against the 78-year-old comedian. To be perfectly honest, I was afraid I would no longer be able to enjoy my favorite black sitcom or, worse, I would actually enjoy it and then I’d feel guilty.

By refusing to watch something I had once loved, I was protecting my own nostalgia. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It shapes identity, distorts memory, and sits precariously at the intersection of the bitter and the sweet. Re-watching “The Cosby Show,” in light of Cosby’s recent arraignment, was the very definition of bittersweet.

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Entertainers Who Won’t Keep Their Obnoxious Political or Religious Views Private – or Who Are Jerks About It

Entertainers Who Won’t Keep Their Obnoxious Political or Religious Views Private or Who Are Jerks About It

I may append this post in the future if I find more links about this subject.

For years, I have found it annoying when celebrities spout off in public about their political or religious views. It may not even bother me so much if they only mention their views in passing and keep it polite, but no, many of them don’t go this route.

Celebrities, like anyone else, are entitled to their opinions, but I find it loathsome that they use their platforms – whether on social media, in interviews or on awards shows, to preach to the rest of us. They should just keep their opinions private, and share them with close friends and family and not broadcast them on Twitter or in magazines.

Most of the celebrities who are vocal about their political or religious views are sometimes very rude or arrogant about them. And they can’t simply just say what they believe, but find it necessary to also run down and bad-mouth anyone who holds an opposing view to theirs.

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