Celebrities Who Get It – They Don’t Alienate the Public By Publicly Trashing Other People’s Politics or Religious Views

Celebrities Who Get It – They Don’t Alienate the Public By Publicly Trashing Other People’s Politics or Religious Views

This is an on-going list. Any time I see a famous person who comprehends that it’s really stupid to unnecessarily offend about half the country (and it’s almost always liberal celebrities trashing right wing people or people with conservative religious beliefs) I want to add such examples to this post.

(I may also post examples of celebrities who speak up in disagreement with liberal celebrities and directors on other matters.)

Just to get started:

Mel Brooks (actor, director, comedian):

Mel Brooks Calls Political Correctness The Death Of Comedy

Chris Pratt (actor)

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Celebrities With Conservative Derangement Syndrome Fall 2017

Celebrities With Conservative Derangement Syndrome Fall 2017

Is it Fall 2017 already? I first started these Conservative Derangement / Trump Derangement Syndrome posts around January 2017.

In some cases, liberal celebrities don’t just bash Trump, they bash anyone who voted for Trump.

As fall melts into winter, I will edit this post to add any new anti-Trump or Conservative Derangement comments or behavior by celebrities.

Chrissy Tiegen | September 2017

All I know is that she is supposedly a celebrity, but I don’t know who she is. I’m not sure if she is an actress or a model or what.

Chrissy Tiegen makes it known that when she slams the president, she’s NOT just insulting Trump

Chrissy Teigen roasts Ivanka Trump on Twitter, calling out her misuse of the word ‘otherwise’

Robert Redford (movie actor) | September 2017

Robert Redford to Esquire: Trump Is ‘Our Fault,’ Worse ‘Than Nixon’

by C Weaver, Sept 13, 2017

Starring in movies about politics allegedly gives celebrities a political background. At least, that’s what Robert Redford thought in his latest interview.

The actor spoke with Esquire’s Michael Hainey in an interview published on September 13, where he talked about Nixon, Trump, and Mitch McConnell. …

On the subject of Donald Trump, Redford said, “I just think he is who he is. You can’t blame him for being who he is. He’s always been like that. He’s our fault — that’s how I see it.”

Since he starred in All the President’s Men, Redford decided that he had enough political credibility to be able to compare Nixon to Trump: “Whatever Nixon was, whatever his dark side, he was an accomplished politician … I think on the other side, there’s more ignorance.”

Danny Zucker (TV producer) | September 2017

WOW: Modern Family producer tweets ‘Dear Christians … f*ck you’ over DACA , deletes tweet

It seems like DACA has brought out the ugliest (and most hilarious) deleted tweets from our ‘friends’ on the Left. Suppose that’s what happens when your whole set of political ideals is based on emotion rather than fact or reality.

Like this winner from Danny Zuker, producer of Modern Family:

[Tweet said:]


Dear Christians, if you support @realdonaldtrump’s decisin to end DACA your Christianity is bullshit. But on the other hand fuck you. 9/3/17, 10:13 PM

/// end Tweet

Guess Danny doesn’t think Christians watch his show? Or maybe he just doesn’t want them to.

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Blocked by Actor Chris O’Dowd on Twitter

Blocked by Actor Chris O’Dowd on Twitter

August 30, 2017

I think that O’Dowd needs to take personal responsibility for his public comments and actions – whether in interviews and social media or where ever else – as even the cop character he played in the film “Bridesmaids” was telling another character in one scene she ought to do, but he seems happier to brush off or ignore criticisms in real life.

The picture I’m getting is that O’Dowd does not want to accept personal responsibility for any offensive or terrible things he Tweets or has said in interviews (he has insulted people of faith in interviews, insulted all religion in general, and periodically insults conservatives or Republicans on his Twitter account).

I found out today I was blocked by O’Dowd on Twitter. I suppose he blocked me either yesterday or today – probably today, though I’m not sure.

O’Dowd is apparently not as nice and friendly as the media keep saying he is.

However, that is something I’ve come to discern over the last year or two after reading more of his interviews, which came as a surprise at first, because I was expecting him to be as nice in real life as the character he played in the ‘Bridesmaids’ movie.

I’m not sure exactly which tweet of mine set O’Dowd off that caused him to block me. Or, maybe it was a combination Tweets?

(Maybe it was this Aug 24 Tweet where I said I had no plans of watching his “Get Shorty” show, as he slams conservatives on his Twitter page and is an anti-theist?)

I’ve only blogged about O’Dowd a few times on my blog. I’ve never tweeted to him or at him, however. I’ve never threatened him or harassed him. I’m harmless. I’m just a person with a blog and some opinions.

Even though O’Dowd has blocked me, by logging out of Twitter, I can still go back to his page and read it, if I so choose.

I didn’t have plans of visiting O’Dowd’s Twitter page on a regular basis, only to check back over this next week or so to see if he’s done any charity work on behalf of Texans displaced by Hurricane Harvey, but no, he has not.

I would guess O’Dowd periodically checks for his name on Twitter, under the hash tag system – because I was hash tagging his name to the Tweets I made where I linked to my few blog posts about him?

I’ve only blogged about this guy a handful of times on my blog here.

I have never used O’Dowd’s Twitter handle to talk to him personally or to leave him comments.  (Until today, when I sub-tweeted his Melania Trump bashing tweet here, but this was after he blocked me.)

(By the way, even though O’Dowd blocked me, I did not block him.)

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Liberals Angry With Singer Taylor Swift For Not Publicly Discussing Her Political Views

Liberals Angry With Singer Taylor Swift For Not Publicly Discussing Her Political Views

A day or two ago, singer Taylor Swift released her first single, “Look What You Made Me Do” off her upcoming new album entitled “Reputation.”

I’m rather neutral on the topic of Taylor Swift herself. I am the Switzerland of Taylor Swiftdom.

Based on several song reviews I’ve seen, some liberal commentators or music reviewers are either actually comparing Swift to white supremacists or angry that she has not spoken out against President Trump.

If there’s one topic of a few I repeatedly discuss on this blog, it’s that I am opposed to celebrities discussing their politics publicly – at least if they do it often or are hateful about it.

I don’t have anything against Taylor Swift, but I really have no desire to know her political views. I think it’s actually a point in her favor that I do not know what her political views are, and neither do the idiot jerk reviewers criticizing her in their reviews of her new song, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

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Actor James Cromwell to Hollywood: We Need to ‘Get More Political,’ ‘Educate People on the Right’

Actor James Cromwell to Hollywood: We Need to ‘Get More Political,’ ‘Educate People on the Right’

This movie actor thinks that liberals need to be MORE publicly out-spoken about their political views? Is he serious? If he is…

No. No, no, no. One reason of several I started this blog a few months ago was to precisely call out and catalog the liberal entertainer habit of spouting off political views publicly, and lecturing the American people, and to kindly ask them to please, please knock it off.

Celebrities: please stop discussing politics in public.

No, I don’t need you to “educate me” about politics. That is an arrogant attitude.

I am college educated – most of you celebrities I’ve read about are not. You either dropped out of college and did not get a degree, or you did not attend at all, but you think you are in a place to lecture ME?

Liberal actors (and singers) already publicly pontificate on politics far too much as it stands.

I have been right wing my entire life and was a Republican until a couple of years now (I am now, currently, no longer affiliated with any political party).

What annoys me and bothers me is that these liberal celebrities, who have never met me, who don’t know me, never the less act rudely towards me – to people like me who buy their records, watch their movies – and they behave rudely and condescendingly because I don’t share their political sentiments; they go on to their social media accounts and TV shows and interviews insulting anyone who is not a liberal.

I have a few posts on this blog already with numerous examples of different celebrities who have publicly insulted Republicans, conservatives, and anyone else who is not a liberal Democrat.

I would suggest that actors and singers shut up about politics in public. You’re alienating people who may otherwise buy tickets to see your movies or concerts.

James Cromwell: Hollywood Stars Must Get ‘More Political’ to Save Humanity

Actor and activist James Cromwell insists that Hollywood actors and actresses must get more involved in politics and rails against the American justice system and President Donald Trump in an interview released this week.

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Actor William Shatner Under Fire From Liberals For Refusing to Condemn President Trump and Not Supporting Social Activism

Actor William Shatner Under Fire From Liberals For Refusing to Condemn President Trump and Not Supporting Social Activism

I participated in a tweet or two in the conversations that actor William Shatner was receiving, that the news articles below are referring to.

A liberal person was saying in one tweet that only conservatives dictate who other people can date, which is false. These days, we have liberals and “trans activists” telling people who they can date.

For example, in the last few months, a few trans-women have posted videos online telling CIS, hetero men that they should date trans-women (here is one example).

Here is a link to the tweet by Shatner where I was responding to a person or two. Here is one of my Tweets, my other Tweet.

Here are the news stories:

William Shatner Blasts ‘Social Justice Warriors’  
July 2017, by Derek Hunter

William Shatner has been the subject of left-wing anger since he announced in May that he would not follow the lead of many in Hollywood and attack President Donald Trump.

Shatner, a Canadian, said, “I consider myself a guest here,” when asked to comment on former Star Trek cast member George Takei’s constant criticisms of the President.

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This is Why Hollywood Should Blacklist Trump-Detractor Entertainers by Sarah Taylor

This is Why Hollywood Should Blacklist Trump-Detractor Entertainers by Sarah Taylor

This is why Hollywood Should Blacklist Trump-Detractor Entertainers by Sarah Taylor


….Despite the poor endings that entertainers often meet after threatening Trump, many of them continue to do it, and Depp is just the latest in a long line of those abusing the privilege of free speech.

In the United States, it is still a federal crime to threaten a president, sitting or otherwise:

“Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon — a former President or a member of the immediate family of a former President; a member of the immediate family of the President, the President-elect, the Vice President, or the Vice President-elect; a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate; or a person protected by the Secret Service under section 3056(a)(6); shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.”

[end quote]

= = = = = = = = =

Do we see any liberal entertainers sitting in jail for remarks that they’ve made? No. And frankly, what makes these “celebrities” think they have a free pass at breaking the law when the common man and woman would likely be considered a terrorist or treasonist and incarcerated immediately for making similar remarks?

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