Here’s How To Overcome Fear And Get Unstuck by D. Brustein

Here’s How To Overcome Fear And Get Unstuck by D. Brustein

Here’s How To Overcome Fear And Get Unstuck


It can be difficult to find your path, get unstuck, build confidence, and overcome fear. And if it’s challenging for us as adults, how do we create positive habits for children and set them up for happiness and success?

In an effort to uncover tried-and-true strategies, I spoke with Brent Feinberg, author of Freeing Freddie, who breaks down for us the best ways to approach these topics, no matter your age!

Join us in the conversation:

….Brustein: You write about believing in oneself as the foundation for curiosity and wonder. What is preventing kids from developing this self-esteem, and how do they begin to build it?

Feinberg: The quote in my book is from e. e. Cummings. Fear is a big factor holding children and people of all ages back from exploring life in a way that will bring them greater fulfillment and happiness.

 Self-esteem is built by exploring and pushing our own boundaries further within a safe environment. Complacency and staying in one’s comfort zone prevents us from discovering what we are truly capable of creating and accomplishing.

Fear is a powerful aspect within each of us that prevents us from reaching our true potential.

When we learn the skills and tools to deal with our fears positively, we learn to take on more in our lives and then build greater self-esteem.

….Brustein: The web is a metaphor you use. Can you explain what it means?

Feinberg: The web is used in two cases in the story: one being a web of fears that entraps us, and the other a web of dreams.

It’s just like a spider web that can be seen from the view of an insect trapped in it, or from a human perspective. The insect’s perspective would be frightening.

Overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness, the insect feels so small in the web. As a human, we can see the beauty in the web’s incredible design.

We can choose the web we want in life; a web of dreams that feels expansive and free, where we have the ability to see the beauty of life and construct a life of our design.

Or, we can choose to remain stuck in our fears: stuck in a web that keeps us limited and small.

…..Brustein: What is the role of challenges in one’s life?

Feinberg: Challenges are inevitable in life. We have the choice of how to perceive them. If we can reflect back on our lives, challenges are really opportunities that push us to become softened and strengthened.

Softened is all about the heart, becoming more compassionate and understanding. Strengthened is about the mind and our will to strive forward to greater peace and joy in our lives.

With this in mind, we have the choice either to see challenges as a gift, or, adversely, we can curse and complain about them. It becomes a choice.

When we see them as an opportunity to grow, then we see how much more we can handle moving forward with the newly- found skills learned from each challenge through which we move.

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