Tucker Carlson is Now the Jussie Smollett of Conservative Pundits

Tucker Carlson is Now the Jussie Smollett of Conservative Pundits

It’s conservatives such as FOX cable news television host Tucker Carlson that make me feel embarrassed at times to be a conservative.

Conservatives believe in the concept of taking personal responsibility. Many conservatives – Tucker Carlson in particular – regularly ridicule or criticize liberals for maintaining a “victimhood culture,” in which liberals declare that this or that group (e.g., women, black people, Muslims) are victims.

A few days ago, a liberal site began releasing, over a period of days, collections of controversial statements Tucker Carlson made over a period of years when he was calling into a radio program hosted by a guy calling himself “Bubba The Love Sponge.”

Those inflammatory comments included, but are not limited to, Carlson basically arguing that child rape resulting from forced or arranged marriages is really no big deal; Carlson comparing women to dogs and referring to women as being primitive; and Carlson going along with crude jokes about his daughter and teen girls.

Most recently, a new batch of Carlson comments were released where Carlson was making crude comments about “Miss Teen USA” contestants.

At first, Tucker’s defenders were saying that some of these comments were made “over ten years ago,” as if to say that decency has expiration limits (it does not).

But did Carlson stop making the same sort of comments that he was making ten years ago on the Bubba the Love Sponge show? No.

Carlson continues to spew the same sort of rhetoric, but more toned down, on his FOX television show.

At any rate, the liberal sites then dug up similar comments Carlson has made in the last few years, showing that his comments from ten years ago were not an aberration.

I myself, who watch Carlson’s program nightly, can attest that he does harbor sexist views of women, all the while claiming he’s not sexist. (A lot of conservative men do this, as well as some brainwashed conservative women.)

I watched Carlson’s program on FOX almost every night for the last few years. It’s not unusual for him to report on, or have on as a guest, some feminist, whom he then paints as being a supporter of Victimhood Culture for women. (Carlson acts as though he finds feminist or liberal Victimhood Culture disdainful.)

But then, oddly, he will later have on a guest on his program who says that boys and men are the “real” victims in our nation, and Carlson will nod his head in agreement.

Now, here lately, Carlson and some of his apologists are depicting Carlson as being Victim to a “Left Wing Mob” who are supposedly out to get him.

So, Carlson rails against Victimhood Culture but only against groups he does not agree with, but he’s more than willing to apply Victimhood status to himself or to groups he feels protective of.

If not portraying Carlson as being a victim of a liberal witch hunt (as David French did in a recent column), Carlson or his defenders suggest that his comments were made in jest on a comedy show, so if anyone finds his comments appalling, we are humorless kill joys who have sticks up our asses.

I’m not a liberal. I have a sense of humor. However, I don’t find comments like the ones Carlson made funny – I don’t have to find them funny. I don’t have to enjoy the same type of humor that others do.

My take on this is that Carlson truly does believe that in some ways, girls and women are “less than” boys and men, that he sincerely believes in a lot of old fashioned gender stereotypes, about women being “more emotional” than men, or women not being as rational and logical as men, and so on.

I see that attitude bubble under the surface from him on his FOX program, especially whenever he has a woman feminist on to debate him on some gender related topic or another.

For Carlson or his apologists to tell me, “Lighten up, his comments weren’t serious, he was JUST KIDDING,” is a con. They’re trying to cover over the obnoxiousness and inappropriateness of his comments by saying, they were “just jokes.”

I don’t buy this rationale coming from other conservatives, and I don’t buy it when liberals pull it.

If you’re a conservative, did you, years ago, find “jokes” by liberals hoping Republican Sarah Palin (or her daughter) get raped of hanged very funny?

Did you find that type of “humor” against a conservative woman or her daughter appropriate? Probably not.

So why give Tucker Carlson a pass for “joking” that women are like dogs, and that there’s nothing wrong or immoral about statutory rape, and so on?

I’m non-partisan concerning the topic of sexism.

I don’t support sexism, regardless of the political or religious beliefs of the person making the sexist comments or “jokes.” Unfortunately, I’m one of the few.

Any time a liberal person gets called out by conservatives for having made a sexist remark, or for sexually harassing a woman, other liberals run to that person’s defense.

And, this works the other way, as well: any time a conservative or a Republican man gets called out by liberals over sexual harassment of women, or for having made sexist comments, other Republicans or conservatives rush to his defense.

None of these groups – liberals, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats – are truly opposed to sexism. They all claim to be against sexism, but where the rubber hits the road, they are all to happy to stand up and defend any one from their group who is guilty of it.

Carlson Akin to Smollett

Actor Jussie Smollett, who is very much opposed to the Trump administration, was recently accused of staging a hate crime.

Smollett is a gay black man who had a role on the television show “Empire.”

Smollett claimed in or around late January 2019 that he was attacked early in the morning on a city street by two white men wearing MAGA hats who screamed, “This is MAGA country,” while dousing him with bleach and hanging a noose around his neck.

The police investigated and found that Smollett orchestrated the whole thing himself.

Instead of just admitting his guilt, Smollett continues to play victim.  He, the last I read, is still maintaining his innocence – even though it’s pretty obvious to 99% of the public that he was not innocent.

Here you have an actor who brought his current predicament upon himself. He refuses to apologize for his wrong-doing. He still wants to be thought of as a victim. He wants your pity or your protection.

In the same way, conservative host Tucker Carlson brought his predicament upon himself.

Carlson and Carlson alone made derogatory, insulting, disgusting comments publicly on a radio call-in show, but instead of doing the mature, conservative thing and taking responsibility for those comments and the backlash his comments are now receiving, he keeps painting himself as the victim.

Carlson, I think, is hoping that other conservatives rally round him and protect him.

Carlson wants the public to think he’s the victim of a liberal witch hunt or liberal mob.

Carlson is trying to frame his situation as “liberals don’t tolerate dissent and try to shut down free speech.”

This conservative woman is not buying it.

That is not what this is about. Regardless if liberals are out to shut down Carlson’s show or not, it remains we have audio of him saying horribly sexist, vile things about girls and women.

Carlson, you may have free speech in this nation, but it was your choice to utter a bunch of reprehensible garbage while the guest on a radio show.

No liberal put a gun to Carlson’s  head and forced him to make light of statutory rape, to say that women are “primitive,” or to crack distasteful, perverted jokes about teen girls and their sexuality. That is on you and you alone, Carlson.

No “liberal mob” put you up to making those remarks.

Now, you, Carlson, are rightly receiving push back for repugnant comments you chose to make (while he was an adult – he was in his mid or late 30s at the time, which is old enough to know better), so you need to own your comments and deal with the push back.

That is, deal with the criticism like a conservative who supposedly believes in taking personal responsibility, who is opposed to victimhood culture.

And does it not occur to guys like Carlson that conservative women such as myself are not going to endorse, like, or agree with, our biological sex being compared to dogs and so on?

Is Carlson under the false illusion that the only women who stand opposed to sexism are liberal feminists? – if so, he would be very wrong about that. I’m a conservative; I’m not part of any “liberal mob” who is “out to get him.”

I’m a conservative woman who does not appreciate sexist attitudes or remarks, regardless of the political or religious beliefs of the man or woman who holds them or makes them.

Nor do I buy into the conservative defense of, “it’s okay that Carlson said some horribly tacky and sexist comments, because hey, it was ten years ago after all, and also, it’s a plot by liberals to get him removed.”

Carlson initially tried to defend his odious comments about women by saying (paraphrase), “the liberals are disingenuous to act shocked over my old, naughty remarks, since liberals are fine with naughty humor.”

The problem with Carlson’s comments is that they were derogatory towards women – not wholly or necessarily that they were “naughty.”

Carlson tried to mischaracterize his own words to make them seem less offensive, or offensive to prudes only, but it’s an approach that doesn’t work.

A person doesn’t have to be humorless,  a prude, a liberal, or a fiery feminist to find Carlson’s comments objectionable.

I don’t feel sorry for Carlson. He’s not a victim. He’s no different from victimhood- status- seeking liberal actor Jussie Smollett.

Further, as of this writing, Carlson is still refusing to apologize for his comments.

The defense of “but it was ten years ago” means nothing, when, one reason of a few, he refuses now, in 2019, for having made them.

If you are a conservative man reading this: please take your head out of the sand. Please realize and acknowledge that, yes, there is a lot of sexism among conservatives, and that is not acceptable.

Conservatives: stop defending men like Carlson when they step in it. Stop trying to “spin” his sexist comments as being harmless or fine. Stop trying to diminish the awfulness of such sexist comments

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