Oscar-Nominated Designer Slams Melissa McCarthy For Her Outrageous Academy Awards Outfits (2019)

Oscar-Nominated Designer Slams Melissa McCarthy For Her Outrageous Academy Awards Outfits (2019)

Veteran Costume Designer Slams ‘Tasteless’ Melissa McCarthy Rabbit-Covered Oscars Gown

Melissa McCarthy’s Oscars bunny dress criticised by top designer 

Oscar-winning designer slams Melissa McCarthy her outrageous Academy Awards outfits

Top designer slams Melissa McCarthy’s outrageous Oscars costume

Oscars: Costume Designer Slams Melissa McCarthy, Brian Tyree Henry’s Ensembles as “Insulting”

by Feb 27, 2019
by Chris Gardner

Oscar-nominated Arianne Phillips took to Facebook to criticize the outfits they wore during the Oscars as “tasteless and insulting.” Her post generated a discussion from both critics and supporters of Katja Cahill’s work.

…Twitter thought the ensembles were delicious, but Oscar-nominated costume designer Arianne Phillips said they made her sick.

Phillips, singled out by the Academy for her work in 2012 on Madonna’s W.E. and in 2006 for James Mangold’s Walk the Line, took to Facebook Monday night to slam the looks as “tasteless and insulting” to her industry.

“I like to think I have a sense of humor,” posted Phillips, who worked on Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “I have heard from more than a couple friends and family members who also thought this was insulting and in bad taste…. WHAT say you fellow Costume Designer, costumer peeps and facebookers? AND…Sandy Powell & Ruth Carter whose work was made a mockery and the makeup design from Black Panther as well.”

…The post generated a healthy amount of comments from her friends group, and nearly all were in support of her opinion. Superstore costume designer Alix Hester commented that she’s “getting very concerned about the lack of respect for our craft. Would they ever ridicule production design or cinematography in this way? I‘m tired of being called wardrobe with no understanding that we create costumes that inform a character and tell a story.”

…Another user, American Horror Story costumer designer Paula Bradley, agreed and went as far as to suggest an open letter to the L.A. Times.

Still, Cahill found support for her Oscars craft from Pitch Perfect 3 costume designer Salvador Perez who rushed to her defense. “A costume designer designed this and is very proud of it, she has posted many pics to her Instagram account about it, it may not be your taste, but it was designed by a fellow costume designer, not a producer,” he wrote. “The beauty of costume design is that we get to show creativity in many ways, this was her vision. Be careful how you dismiss your colleagues’ work.”

Phillips responded to Perez to applaud Cahill’s efforts while also defending her original point. “She and her team obviously worked meticulously to create such elaborate comedy. So bravo for doing her/their job well! I do not agree with the content and context of how that script was written. This is my opinion, and the opinion of many people here as well as many people who contacted me after seeing the show. We can agree to disagree. In my opinion this tacky and egregious misstep is about representation.”

Oscar-Nominated Designer Slams Melissa McCarthy For Her Outrageous Academy Awards Outfits 

February 27, 2019

This designer isn’t hoppy — er, happy — about Melissa McCarthy’s stuffed-rabbit-covered Oscars dress.

Arianne Phillips — who has worked on films such as “Walk the Line” and the upcoming “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” — slammed a skit at the Academy Awards where McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry wore exceptionally eccentric outfits onstage to present the award for Best Costume Design.

“I like to think I have a sense of humour. And I love Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry,” Phillips posted to Facebook, according to BBC. “But… I honestly thought this was tasteless and insulting to costume design.”
Her Facebook page is currently private.

Henry and McCarthy’s over-the-top getups appeared to be parodying clothes worn in the 18th century period drama “The Favourite.”

McCarthy dress featured a lengthy train covered in stuffed bunnies.
“The Oscars are an opportunity to honour our craft(s),” Phillips continued. “As costume designers we struggle with people in our own industry UNDERSTANDING our job.”

She added, “SHAME on The Academy for allowing this to be broadcast.”

Phillips is a two-time Oscar nominee. She was first nominated for Best Costume Design for “Walk the Line” at the 2006 ceremony, and then for “WE” six years later.

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