The Power of Visualization by M. Horowitz

The Power of Visualization by M. Horowitz

The Power of Visualization by M. Horowitz

6 Tips to Visualize Your Dreams Coming True


Sometimes it’s not enough to have a goal. Sometimes you have to picture yourself achieving it.

…. In his book Positive Imaging, Norman Vincent Peale writes that visualization “consists of vividly picturing, in your conscious mind, a desired goal or objective, and holding that image until it sinks into your unconscious mind, where it releases great, untapped energies.

… What I’ve discovered is that visualizing for positive changes is easier and often more powerful than we realize. Here is how it works.

Keep it real.
Visualize something that’s achievable. At age 53, I’m not going to be recruited to do space walks for NASA. Think of at least two or three things that you can do right now that will move you forward.

Remember it’s not about daydreams or fantasies but attainable concrete goals. If you dream of one day starting a dog-grooming business, have you go the skills? What are the next steps to get them?

Let’s say you want to go to med school. Are you taking the right courses in biology and chemistry? See to the things you can do. Authentic dreams are actionable.

Feel it first.
Visualizing and believing in your ability to do something may be the only ways to make it happen. Without the courage to make that leap of faith, no success can occur. Hence the first part of visualization is to feel the confidence that you are up to the task.

… if you’re looking to be promoted at work, picture your boss shaking your hand, maybe showing you to your new office. Take in the sense of achievement and feel it. The simpler the scene, the better. It makes it easier to return to and focus on.

Hang in there.
Sometimes people tell me that they’e tried visualization yet nothing has occurred. I remind them that things can take time. Events can loop together in surprising ways if you wait and trust.

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