History Vs. Hollywood Site – How Accurate Are Movies or TV Shows Based On Real Life Events and People?

History Vs. Hollywood Site – How Accurate Are Movies or TV Shows Based On Real Life Events and People?

I recently added a link to a site called “History Vs Hollywood” to my blog’s blogroll.

I’ve only at this stage skimmed over a few entries, but it appears to be a very interesting site that analyzes how accurate movies based on real-life events are.

Most of the pages have side by side comparison photos, showing the real-life person next to whatever actor portrays that person in the movie.

The site also seems to provide a few reviews of television shows – such as mini-series – as well.

Here is a link to that site:

History Vs Hollywood

Here are a few examples from that site:

From their page on WELCOME TO MARWEN (2018)


Were the men who beat Mark Hogancamp neo-Nazis?

No. This is the movie’s biggest fabrication with regard to the true story. In real life, Mark’s assailants did admit to beating him because he told them he was a cross-dresser, which would make it a hate crime, but they weren’t actually neo-Nazi white supremacists like in the movie.

One of the real-life attackers, a 16-year-old nicknamed “Black Freddy,” wasn’t even white. However, to reinforce the point, the movie even shows one of the men with a swastika tattoo on his bicep.

Both in the Marwencol documentary and in the articles written about Mark Hogancamp, including in The New York Times, there was never a mention of his assailants being neo-Nazis. They also appear a bit older in the film. In real life, two of the five attackers were still teenagers.


Did Freddie Mercury really love cats as much as the character does in the movie?

Yes. The film is accurate in its depiction of Mercury’s adoration for cats. According to the memoir of his personal assistant, Peter Freestone, he would even talk to them on the phone when he was away, which is shown in the movie. Mercury owned a number of cats throughout his life.

Was John Deacon the band’s original bass player?

Fact-checking Bohemian Rhapsody confirms that Freddie Mercury was known for having an eye for detail and being a perfectionist. By May 1970, his desire to create the perfect band had contributed to the demise of the first two groups he was in.

It was around this time that Brian May and Roger Taylor’s band Smile had lost member Tim Staffell, who left to join the band Humpy Bong.

Freddie came on board and persuaded the remaining members to change the band’s name to Queen. They did recruit John Deacon to play bass, but not until 1971.

He wasn’t the band’s original bassist like in the movie, nor did he play at the first Queen concert in 1970. He was actually the fourth bassist they tried.


How does Sharon Tate’s family feel about the movie?
One aspect of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that’s loosely based on a true story is the inclusion of Sharon Tate, portrayed by Margot Robbie, and her tragic death at the hands of Charles Manson’s followers. The late actress was stabbed to death by members of the Manson Family in 1969, the year Quentin Tarantino’s movie takes place.

Sharon’s sister, Debra Tate, told TMZ, “To [celebrities] it’s a paycheck and these people just don’t care. They are terribly hurtful to the actual family and all the living victims. They don’t give a s–t.”

She continued by saying that Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are “throwing all their social responsibility to the wind.” The movie uses the Manson Family murders as a backdrop. Most of the real people portrayed in the movie were in some way connected to Tate or the Manson Family.

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