Ten Hollywood Has-Beens Who Spent 2018 Obsessed with Trump by M. Margolis

Ten Hollywood Has-Beens Who Spent 2018 Obsessed with Trump by M. Margolis

Ten Hollywood Has-Beens Who Spent 2018 Obsessed with Trump


I’ve previously written about how celebrities are ruining Twitter with their political and hate speech. For my last post of 2018, I’ve compiled a special list of Hollywood has-beens who are desperately trying to remain relevant despite Hollywood careers that are well beyond their expiration dates.

10. Rosie O’Donnell

I guess she’s a celebrity… or was. I don’t know. She’s been in a few movies you’ve probably seen.

The only two that come to mind are Sleepless in Seattle and A League of Their Own… but for sure, she had a briefly successful stint in Hollywood in the 1990s as a comedian/supporting actress who now has only the occasional guest spot on a television series.

She had a daytime talk show that only lasted six seasons… but rest assured, she still matters because she’s regularly bashing Trump and the GOP on Twitter!

Her tweets are juvenile and unhinged, but that’s the recipe that makes a celebrity matter these days.

But, between her and Donald Trump, Trump is the one with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And I guess she’s really bitter about that. I couldn’t tell you what she’s up to with her career these days, but she’s not gonna let us forget that she hates Trump and that thinks his inevitable impeachment is approaching.

9. Mark Hamill 

I’m not sure if Mark Hamill is a Hollywood has-been, or a Hollywood never-was, because despite having starred in the biggest movie franchise of all time, Mark Hamill’s career has been largely forgettable.

He’s been busy in Hollywood, that’s for sure, but his filmography is filled with a wide array of voice work.

Chances are you’ve probably heard his voice in some animated TV series without realizing you were listening to the voice of Luke Skywalker. His most recent notable movie appearance was in Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi— which got mostly negative responses from fans.

So it’s not particularly surprising that he spends a good portion of his time on Twitter bashing Trump.

Hamill most recently made headlines for declaring on the podcast of WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart that Donald Trump is worse than Darth Vader. “Listen, I really get upset then when people compare [Mr. Trump] or even Dick Cheney to Darth Vader because Darth Vader repented. He saw the error of his ways. I don’t see either one of them doing that.” This is less offensive than comparing Trump to Hitler, but no less moronic.

Hamill’s Twitter feed is at least more evenly split between tweets bashing Trump and tweets promoting himself and what he’s up to. Perhaps he should spend more time on the latter. The next Star Wars movie will most certainly be his last in the franchise.

7. Alyssa Milano 

I know her mostly as Samantha Micelli from Who’s The Boss, but her most recent noteworthy role is from a WB show called Charmed that ended in 2006 after an eight-year run.

Based on her IMDB page, she’s had a number of unmemorable roles in movies and shows you probably didn’t watch.

This relatively young actress has apparently already passed the prime of her career; her most memorable role in recent years has been that of a low-information activist during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings—a guest of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Her Twitter feed is peppered with left-wing rants and retweets… leaving you little doubt as to why the best days of her acting career appear to be over.

2. Jim Carrey

Once one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, Carrey has since gone completely off the rails, spending more time creating bad art and obsessing about politics. Scrolling down his Twitter profile you’ll be treated to what we can only assume represents the “best” of his work.

President George W. Bush has also taken up painting as a hobby, but there’s a huge difference between the work of the former president and the work of the has-been actor. While Bush’s art is friendly, apolitical, and unassuming, Carrey’s art is mostly incendiary and political.

One can only assume from Carrey’s art that he is a deeply troubled man, consumed by anger and hate.

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