Japanese Runner Finishes Relay Marathon on Her Hands and Knees After Breaking Her Leg

Japanese Runner Finishes Relay Marathon on Her Hands and Knees After Breaking Her Leg

Talk about dedication! This lady has it. She didn’t give up.

Japanese Runner Finishes Relay Marathon on Her Hands and Knees After Breaking Her Leg

by Sara Malm
October 26, 2018

This is the amazing moment when a teenage runner who broke her leg during a relay marathon, finished the race on her hands and knees.

Rei Iida, 19, fell and fractured her leg with just 200 yards to go of her 2.2mile stage of a relay marathon in Fukoka, Japan.

Despite what would have been a painful injury, the university student was determined to finish her stretch of the race.

Video footage shows Ms Iida crawling on the tarmac as fast as her broken leg can carry her, with volunteers and bystanders cheering her on.

She appears determined to continue, despite sustaining injuries to her hands and knees, and leaving a train of blood on the road behind her.

With her team-mate reportedly waiting for her in tears to take over the sash, Ms Iida made it to the end with blood pouring out of her knees.

The head judge later told local news: ‘I struggled to decide whether I should stop her, but I felt she could do it as she was almost at her goal’.

The teenage amateur runner had reportedly refused to quit when she was approached on the tarmac, asking ‘how many meter are left until my goal?’, according to Runners World

Runners World reported that Ms Iida was sent to a nearby hospital after crossing the finish line, and was found to have suffered a fracture which will take months to heal.

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