The Museum of Failure – Teaching Lessons About Failure

The Museum of Failure – Teaching Lessons About Failure

You can visit the museum’s web site here: Museum of Failure

Surreal Los Angeles: Touring the City’s Strangest Museums


by Tony Perrottet

… [Los Angeles] is the ideal setting for the Museum of Failure, one of the strangest of the strange small museums that have sprouted in Los Angeles in recent years. Inside, exhibits are like comic conceptual artworks.

The Rejuvenique, a plastic facial mask from 1999 that zapped the skin with tiny electric shocks to improve the complexion, was doomed not only by its dubious claim but by its resemblance to a “Friday the 13th” costume.

Nearby sat the Spray-on Condom, which died because the latex took three minutes to dry, and Fat-Free Pringles, whose secret ingredient Olestra produced mortifying bowel disorders.

Despite its humor, the museum has a serious message, insisted the founder Sam West, a Swedish organizational psychiatrist.

“Fear of failure is the greatest barrier to innovation,” he said, noting that the museum also includes flops from Apple and Coca-Cola. “We all fail – the big guys too, not just the little guys. We need to deal with it, learn from it and move on.”

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