‘Suicidal’ Mini Me actor Verne Troyer dies aged 49 after fight against depression became ‘too much’

(Post Updated Below, Feb 2019)

‘Suicidal’ Mini Me actor Verne Troyer dies aged 49 after fight against depression became ‘too much’

By Rory Tingle

PUBLISHED:  21 April 2018

Mike Myers has paid tribute to his Austin Powers co-star Verne Troyer after he died aged 49 following a long battle with depression, saying he hoped his friend was ‘in a better place’.

‘Verne was the consummate professional and a beacon of positivity for those of us who had the honor of working with him,’ Myers said in a statement. ‘It is a sad day, but I hope he is in a better place. He will be greatly missed.’

Troyer appeared in 1999′s ‘Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me’ and 2002′s ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember,’ in which ‘Mini-Me’ switches sides and becomes a miniature version of Powers. Both hero and villain were played by Myers, who also put Troyer in his 2008 film ‘The Love Guru.’

Earlier this month Troyer had been admitted to hospital in Los Angeles after police were told he was feeling suicidal.

Troyer’s death was announced on his Facebook and Instagram pages on Saturday afternoon alongside a family statement which called him an ‘extremely caring’ man who ‘wanted to make everyone smile, be happy, and laugh.’

Troyer was recently baptised while surrounded by family, the message added.

The actor, who was 2 feet, 8 inches tall, told Oprah Winfrey in 2016 that Mini-Me was not originally meant to have a major role in Austin Powers.

…. His death comes after earlier this month he was rushed to the emergency room when his friend called 911 saying the actor was ‘drunk and suicidal’.

Feb 2019 Update

Oscars viewers SLAM the Academy for snubbing Verne Troyer from In Memoriam tribute

Oscars viewers have slammed the Academy for snubbing late actor Verne Troyer from their In Memoriam tribute on Sunday, ten months after he passed away aged 49.

The star, best known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers franchise, died of suicide by alcohol intoxication last April and had suffered a long battle with depression.

Verne was noticeably snubbed from the video, as were other stars such as Carol Channing and Stanley Donen.

The actor was rushed to a hospital with possible alcohol poisoning in early April, and then passed away about three weeks later on April 21.

Fans took to Twitter to air their disappointment, writing: ‘The Oscars just snubbed Verne Troyer during [the] “In Memoriam” video. We will never forget you Verne.’

While another said: ‘The fact that Verne Troyer was left off the Oscars Memoriam is unsettling and disappointined. RIP little guy.’

One user blasted the Oscars for forgetting Full Metal Jacket star R. Lee Ermey, as they wrote: ‘I try not to be the guy who b****** about the Oscars, but not to include R. Lee Ermey in the Memoriam section of the show is just f****** sad. Same with Verne Troyer and Carol Channing.’

Tests released in December showed Troyer consumed about three times the legal limit of alcohol before he was taken to the hospital.

A friend told police and paramedic dispatchers at the time that he appeared to be very upset, drunk and suicidal.

The actor had reportedly done several stints in rehab as a result of his alcohol problems, which included being hospitalized in April of 2017.

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