Grouchy Tweets from people on my Popcorn Account

Grouchy Tweets from people on my Popcorn Account

I got a grouchy tweet from this person on my ‘Popcorn’ twitter account in regards to this post I made about actor Chris O’Dowd:

Their tweet says:

I find it hard 2 turn on a person 4 their personal views when this critic of hasn’t turned on earth coz Satan dislikes God! ! Besides they’re right, I believe his character & he’s not caught me at a bad moment….yet😁 thks 4 ad that he’s in

//end Tweet quote

I honestly cannot figure out what that person was attempting to communicate.

All I could take away is that he or she was upset or offended by my tweet linking to a critical post about O’Dowd.

Maybe “Notorious (Oracle) T @NOTORIOUST_NMC” is angry because he’s (or she is) an atheist who is upset I called O’Dowd out for his rude treatment of people of faith? Or perhaps it was something else?

Maybe Notorious is a fan of the horrible “Cloverfield Paradox” movie?

Here’s information about Notorious Oracle from his / her Twitter page:

Ex Accountant turned Rapper, Writer, Singer, Model, Producer. 4 more details /to book pls contact: Notorious T = Passion Personified xXx / London, England, UK

For someone who claims to be an ex accountant, he is not very articulate.

I left that person a reply (link to my reply on Twitter):

What are you babbling on about? You sound quite unhinged? Are you upset I disagree with anti-Theism Atheism, which is the type O’Dowd is? I don’t care if someone is an atheist, my motto is, just don’t be a jerk about your atheism – which he has been in past interviews.

Maybe this is someone who met O’Dowd personally or worked with him? I have no idea why they are being defensive of the guy.

Their tweet was fairly incoherent.

As I’ve outlined in other posts on this blog, I began following O’Dowd’s career after I saw the nice guy he played in “Bridesmaids” on television in 2015. I was expecting him to be more or less as nice and polite in real life as the character he played in that film.

I was later horrified to see the rude, tacky, obnoxious, or sexist things O’Dowd said or did in interviews or on his social media account (see this post for examples of that, the post that seems to have gotten this “Notorious” person angry).

A lot of other women liked O’Dowd’s role in that film too, and he turned off those women by his real-life actions and by going on to play deviants or jerks in other movies.

I can only suppose that Notorious (Oracle) T‏ @NOTORIOUST_NMC” is a man who will never get it, no matter how much I explain it. 

I ended up blocking “Notorious (Oracle) T @NOTORIOUST_NMC” on Twitter. I can’t make sense of what he was ranting about, and I’m not interested in hearing more.

If I get any more nasty Tweets, I’d like to edit this post to add them and comment on them.

O’Dowd must not have many fans out there. I’ve been Tweeting and blogging about him since 2016, and that tweet from “Notorious” was the first negative one I’ve gotten (in February 2018) for speaking out against O’Dowd.

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