Top 20 Most-Used Movie and TV Locations

Personally, I am tired – very tired – of New York City being featured in so many shows and movies. I don’t need to see Times Square, MSG, Central Park, or any other New York City locales any more.

Top 20 Most-Used Movie and TV Locations

The top 20 most frequently used movie locations have been revealed – and just one is outside the US or UK.

Central Park in New York City is officially the most popular set location in the film and TV world, appearing 231 times in movies such as Men in Black II, Superman Returns, and John Wick.

The majority of the locations are, as you’d probably expect, in the US – with Venice Beach, Los Angeles coming in second place, followed by Greenwich Village, Astoria and Williamsburg, featuring prominently.

Runner-up Venice Beach sets the backdrop for American Pie andMillion Dollar Baby, while Williamsburg featured in School of Rock and American Gangster.

… See the full list below.

1. Central Park, New York (The Devil’s Advocate, Spiderman 3)

2. Venice Beach, California (The Big Lebowski, He’s Just Not That Into You)

3. Greenwich Village, New York (13 Going On 30, Julie & Julia)

4. Astoria, New York (Arthur, Private Parts)

5. Williamsburg, New York (Don’t Say A Word, Sherlock Holmes)

6. UCLA, California (Scream 2, Hancock)

7. Coney Island, New York (Brooklyn, The Other Guys)

8. Times Square, New York (The Devil Wears Prada, Burn After Reading)

9. University of British Columbia, Canada (Fifty Shades of Grey, She’s The Man)

10. Harlem, New York (Get Him To The Greek, Limitless)

11. South Bank, London (About A Boy, Austin Powers – Goldmember)

12. Greenpoint, New York (The Yards, The Visitor)

13. Hollywood Boulevard, California (Borat, Mulholland Drive)

14. Canary Wharf, London (Casino Royale, Batman Begins)

15. Piccadilly Circus, London (Bridget Jones’ Diary, The Dark Knight)

16. Trafalgar Square, London (Children Of Men, 28 Days Later)

17. Griffith Observatory, California (La La Land, Transformers)

18. Old Royal Naval College, London (Les Misérables, The Iron Lady)

19. East Village, New York (Donnie Brasco, We Own The Night)

20. Big Bear Lake, California (City of Angels, Magnolia)

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