Hollywood Celebrities Hurt Liberal Causes As Much As They Help, Political Scientists Say

Hollywood Celebrities Hurt Liberal Causes As Much As They Help, Political Scientists Say

Regardless if they help or harm their liberal causes, I wish they would keep their political opinions to themselves, instead of spewing them in interviews, on social media, and in You Tube videos.

This was written by Christian Toto, who I follow on Twitter:

Hollywood Celebrities Hurt Liberal Causes As Much As They Help, Political Scientists Say 


Hollywood celebrities once again are gearing up to advocate and agitate for their causes as elections approach, but political scientists and observers say liberal stars do as much to hurt as help their efforts.

…But in the wake of the failure of the full-scale industry push for Hillary Clinton in 2016, political observers are left to assess whether Hollywood’s progressive campaigns do more to mobilize liberals or energize conservatives.

Princeton University politics professor Lauren Wright said celebrity sway over the political system is generally overestimated but still has perks for progressives.

“Even if Jennifer Lawrence isn’t running, she can get attention to her topic,” said Ms. Wright, who is wrapping up a book tentatively titled “Star Power” about celebrities running for public office.

As for those endless awards show speeches? “That helps within the party, but it doesn’t help across party lines,” she said.

…Political strategist Christopher Metzler, who regularly appears on Fox News, contends that Hollywood’s collective voice has lost some of its intensity in recent years. A group of Americans has bought into the notion that the industry represents the “limousine liberal” mindset that can’t connect with what matters most to them, he said.

…Part of the problem for modern Hollywood is similar to what conservatives say about the current Democratic platform, Mr. Metzler said.

…He [Political strategist Christopher Metzler] said Hollywood stars who don’t realize how their views are received have a similar disconnect.

“A lot of celebrities simply believe the fact that they’re celebrities carries some weight. It does, but is it the right kind of weight?” Mr. Metzler said. “They haven’t thought about that. … If you want to make change, preaching to the choir doesn’t help. You have to reach out much broader. … Until they use the power of their celebrity to do that, we end up in the same cycle.”

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