Eight Rejection Letters That Will Inspire You To Not Give Up – BBC

Eight Rejection Letters That Will Inspire You To Not Give Up – BBC

8 rejection letters that will inspire you to not give up  

Excerpts from the page:

U2’s Rejection Letter

“Thank you for submitting your tape of ‘U2’…”

U2 were given the generic refusal letter treatment by RSO Records after Bono (Paul Hewson)  mailed the London based label a demo tap in 1979. “We have listened with careful consideration,” the label’s Alexander Sinclair said, and we’ll never known whether that’s actually true. Either way, Mr. Sinclair must be kicking himself now.

Dee Lite’s Rejection Letter

“Dear Deee‐Lite, your stuff’s completely unoriginal…”

Deee‐Lite’s breakthrough hit, 1990’s Groove Is in the Heart, is a copper-bottomed classic and highly original.

But it took record companies a long time to realise what a great act they were. “We’d been playing live for four years before we got a record deal,” the group’s DJ Dmitry told Blues & Soul magazine in 1992. “It wasn’t like we were just thrown on stage behind a hit record. When we first started making demos in 1987 we sent a demo tape to all the A&R dance departments of all the major labels. We didn’t get any response from any of them.

“One company sent us a rejection letter saying, ‘Sorry, your stuff’s completely unoriginal and we’re not interested at the moment.’ From that we knew they hadn’t even heard our tape. That didn’t discourage us. We just said we’ll keep on playing live.”

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