Biographies of Famous Writers Show That Even Brilliant Careers Suck Sometimes by C. Purtill

Biographies of Famous Writers Show That Even Brilliant Careers Suck Sometimes by C. Purtill

Biographies of Famous Writers Show That Even Brilliant Careers Suck Sometimes by C. Purtill


[The author of this work describes having written biographies of many famous authors, and he noticed after having written several of them, that there were gaps in their biographies]

…We live in a time of productivity and deliverables, when anything other than relentless upward movement in a career can be cause for self-excoriating anxiety.

But stretches of failure, disappointment, and obscurity are part of every life, even posthumously celebrated ones. The facts of some authors’ biographies make it hard to imagine that their lives felt as special at the time as their work has proved to be since.

… The other thing I noticed after so much time pouring over the lives of dead authors: some of the most conventionally accomplished lives, in which people were lauded as geniuses in their own time with the awards and faculty appointments to show for it, were the most colorless reads later.

…There is no way to know where on your own timeline your pin now is dropped, or how significant this current place will be in the final written account.

The most engaging lives have contrast. They have valleys to offset the grandeur of their peaks, and sometimes it’s not apparent until the end where the high and low points are.


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