Women of SNL Issue Misguided, Harmful Statement in Support of Sen. Al Franken by Mattie Kahn

He may be a senator now, but for a number of years, Franken was an actor on the TV show ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Women of SNL Issue Misguided, Harmful Statement in Support of Sen. Al Franken

by Mattie Hahn

Thirty-six women who previously worked with Al Franken during his run on Saturday Night Live have issued a statement of support for the Minnesota senator, following accusations by two women that he kissed or groped them without their consent.

The letter, which was released on Twitter and published in the Boston Globe, summons all the worst ever cliches used to absolve men of despicable behavior and sequences them to horrendous effect.

“What Al did was stupid and foolish,” the women contend—a characterization that suggests that Franken, a grown man, didn’t know better than to assault a woman while she slept. They approve of his decision to apologize for his conduct toward Leeann Tweeden, who has irrefutable photo evidence of his harassment.

But! “In our experience, we know Al as a devoted and dedicated family man, a wonderful comedic performer, and an honorable public servant.”

It’s a word salad of deflections and excuses, but the upshot is obvious: These women, all former SNL performers or staffers, believe it essential not to listen to victims of harassment, but to drown out their stories, 36-2.

It seems for some reason critical and urgent! to defend Franken, even though the deck has always been stacked in favor of the accused, even though women have been shamed into silence for centuries, even though one or three dozen women’s impressions of a man have zero relevance on other women’s experiences of him.

You can read the rest of that page here

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