Celebrities Who Get It – They Don’t Alienate the Public By Publicly Trashing Other People’s Politics or Religious Views

Celebrities Who Get It – They Don’t Alienate the Public By Publicly Trashing Other People’s Politics or Religious Views

This is an on-going list. Any time I see a famous person who comprehends that it’s really stupid to unnecessarily offend about half the country (and it’s almost always liberal celebrities trashing right wing people or people with conservative religious beliefs) I want to add such examples to this post.

(I may also post examples of celebrities who speak up in disagreement with liberal celebrities and directors on other matters.)

Just to get started:

Mel Brooks (actor, director, comedian):

Mel Brooks Calls Political Correctness The Death Of Comedy

Chris Pratt (actor)

Julienne Davis (actress)

Kristy Swanson (actress)

Bruce Campbell (actor)

George Foreman (boxer)

Scott Baio (actor):

Mark Wahlberg (actor)

Ben Stein (author, actor, commentator)

And I just saw this:

Steven Seagal (movie actor) | Sept 2017

Edit. Seagal is on this list with a huge caveat: I learned a week or two after posting this that Segal has sexual harassment allegations against him.

A Brief History Of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Steven Seagal


[Fox News has since deleted that Seagal related tweet]


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