Little Girl Born Without A Face Defies Odds To Make It To Ninth Birthday

Little Girl Born Without A Face Defies Odds To Make It To Ninth Birthday

This story made me tear up a little bit when I saw it.

The family needs donations to help pay for additional surgeries for their little girl, which you can donate to at her GO FUND ME page.

What a wonderful family she has. The article says one of the only reasons the little girl made it this long is due to the love and care of her family.

The family says that little Vitória is being bullied for her appearance – that infuriates me. People shouldn’t be bullying her for how she looks, nor do I care for the comments below the Daily Mail tweet of this where people basically suggesting that her mother should have had an abortion!

Could you imagine if this were you, and you saw online comments from people suggesting you shouldn’t have even been born and all due to a physical disability? I wish people were not so cruel.

I hope Vitória is able to ignore and brush off the haters and just live her life.

Girl born without a FACE defies the odds to reach her ninth birthday thanks to her family’s devotion after doctors refused to feed her and told them to plan her funeral

August 2017

A girl who was born without a face because of a rare condition has defied the odds to reach her ninth birthday thanks to her family’s love.

Vitória Marchioli, from Barra de São Francisco in Brazil, has the genetic disorder Treacher Collins syndrome which prevented 40 of her facial bones from developing properly.

As a baby, with her her eyes, mouth and nose displaced, doctors doubted she would survive her first few hours of life.

They even refused to feed her, told the family to go home and wait for their daughter to die and to start making funeral arrangements.

But earlier this month, she reached her ninth birthday, defying medics who say the only reason she is alive is due to her parents’ thorough care and devotion.

Her father Ronaldo, 39, said: ‘Doctors can’t explain how she has lived so long, but they believe it is down to our care and the love we have for her that has kept her alive.

‘We’re hoping to continue fundraising to give our daughter a better quality of life and giving her the best appearance we can.

[photo caption below one photo on the page:
The girl’s family say their daughter is bullied over her appearance despite eight operations on her face]

[Her father said] Doctors told us she would not survive and that she only had one or two hours to live, they didn’t give her any chance of survival.

Nasty comments 

Among Vitória problems were her nose not forming, an obscured mouth, damaged eyes with her left one protruding from its socket and the other covered by a mass of tissue.

Despite the family’s best efforts to fix the problems through six years of surgeries, they regularly receive nasty comments about their daughter’s appearance.

Mr Marchioli said: ‘We have been verbally abused and rejected by the public because of the appearance of our daughter

‘Even our other daughters have told us that children at school verbally abuse them for the appearance of Vitória.’

Vitória’s survival is all thanks to her family’s care which has involved round-the-clock efforts.

…Vitória’s parents are fundraising towards her medical costs. To donate to their cause visit here. 

I really do wish this little girl, and her family, all the best.

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