Political Correctness Run Amok: Liberal Columnist Wants Gone With the Wind Movie Banned from Movie Theaters, and One Theater Pulled the Film

Political Correctness Run Amok: Liberal Columnist Wants Gone With the Wind Movie Banned from Movie Theaters, and One Theater Pulled the Film

Political correctness and hysteria by liberals over anything Civil War related as of late has really gone off the deep end.  Now some of them are wanting ‘Gone With the Wind’ to be banned, and one theater already pulled it.

Liberals really do over-react.

The movie was predominantly about Scarlett O’Hara’s ordeals – how her life was up-ended by the American Civil War, and secondly, it was about her stormy relationship with Rhett Butler.

The movie happened to be set during a time when slavery was legal, but the slavery aspect was incidental to the main plot. Even so, slavery was in fact legal in the 19th century, so if a movie set in that era in the southern United States totally omits it, that would be strange.

Personally, I find some aspects of O’Hara’s relationship with Butler to be quite sexist – there’s a part in the book, which is implied in the movie, where Butler rapes his own wife, and I find marital rape pretty loathsome.

Even so, I am not asking or demanding that the movie or book be pulled, banned, or only be available in museums due to sexism, Jiminy cricket.

Theater showings of ‘Gone With the Wind’ are cancelled. You already know why.

Orpheum theater won’t show ‘Gone With the Wind,’ calling film ‘insensitive’

Theater Cancels Gone with the Wind Screening After Receiving Complaints that the Film Is ‘Insensitive’

Gone With the Wind is now gone from The Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, Tennessee. The theater’s board deemed the 1939 film “insensitive” to their larger audience after receiving “numerous comments” that stemmed from a screening on Aug. 11. As such, the title has been dropped from next year’s planned summer movie series.

Gone With the Wind screening cancelled after cinema deems movie ‘insensitive’  by Jack Shepherd


An iconic cinema in Memphis, Tennessee, has stopped screeningGone With The Wind after the Orpheum Theatre’s board deemed the 1939 classic “insensitive”.

Victor Fleming’s film has been dropped from next year’s summer movie series receiving “numerous comments” from cinema-goers regarding the screening earlier this month.

Based on Margaret Mitchell’s book, Gone With The Windfocuses on a Southern plantation during the Civil War and Reconstruction periods. Over the years, the film has been heavily criticised for being sympathetic towards the South and depicting certain racial stereotypes.

“While title selections for the series are typically made in the spring of each year, the Orpheum has made this determination early in response to specific inquiries from patrons,” reads a statement from The Orpheum Theatre Group, received byEntertainment Weekly.

“The Orpheum appreciates feedback on its programming from all members of the Mid-South community. The recent screening ofGone With The Wind at the Orpheum on Friday, August 11, 2017, generated numerous comments. The Orpheum carefully reviewed all of them.”

The statement adds: “As an organisation whose stated mission is to ‘entertain, educate and enlighten the communities it serves’, the Orpheum cannot show a film that is insensitive to a large segment of its local population.”

…Since the screening’s cancellation was announced, the messages were overtaken by those expressing outrage that The Orpheum would stop showing the film.

This is by a guy who is actually calling for Gone With the Wind to only be shown in museums:

Fear of ban boosts sales of ‘Gone With the Wind’


by Lou Lumenick

….As of 9 a.m. Friday, “Gone With the Wind” was the overall best-selling Blu-ray feature film on Amazon’s US website, amazingly outselling such new releases as “Fifty Shades of Grey” (which it displaced at the top of Amazon’s romance-films list) and “American Sniper” (ditto in the military/war category).

How did this sudden burst of popularity happen to a movie that has been widely available in numerous editions on video since 1985? It seems a lot of people who ran to Amazon’s virtual store are actually afraid that the film will be banned or pulled from circulation due to my column.

And they haven’t been shy about telling me about this concern in dozens of angry tweets and emails, no matter how many times I have tried tocorrect this erroneous impression on social media.

So here it goes again: I stopped very well short of calling for a ban in my column posted on The Post’s website Wednesday, which also appeared on the cover of Thursday’s paper. I do not believe in censorship, even for the more blatantly racist “Birth of a Nation.”

By arguing that “GWTW” may be more appropriate to see in museums than in multiplexes, I was trying to encourage readers to examine the Oscar-winning film’s ideas — the offensively sympathetic portrayal of slavery and enshrining the falsehood that the Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery — in the wake of the Charleston church slaughter.

US critic: ‘undeniably racist’ Gone with the Wind should be banned from cinemas  

Lou Lumenick suggests that the 1939 epic romanticises slavery and should be rejected along with the Confederate flag

Confederate Frenzy: NY Film Critic Calls for Banning of ‘Gone With the Wind’

‘Gone With The Wind’ Pulled From Memphis Theatre After Being Considered “Insensitive”  

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‘Gone With the Wind’ Actor’s Widow Blasts Theater that Banned Film


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