People Struggle With Depression; It Doesn’t Matter How Famous They Are – an article by Z. Schonfeld

People Struggle With Depression; It Doesn’t Matter How Famous They Are – an article by Z. Schonfeld

After [singer] Chester Bennington’s Death, Suicide Experts Fear A Contagion Effect


Depression can affect anybody.

That’s the lesson suicide prevention experts hope the public will grasp in the wake of two high-profile celebrity suicides: first Chris Cornell, and now Chester Bennington. “Your mental health is health,” says Jill Harkavy-Friedman, the vice-president of research at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. “If you have a nice car and a lot of money, that doesn’t protect you from mental health conditions.”

Bennington, the longtime frontman of nu-metal megaband Linkin Park, was found dead on Thursday at his home in Los Angeles County. The death is reported to have been a suicide. The late singer’s bandmate, Mike Shinoda, confirmed the upsetting news on Twitter.

….The most pervasive—and often damaging—misconception is that wealthy or successful people don’t (or shouldn’t) struggle with depression and anxiety. Like cancer, depression is a disease that can affect anyone, regardless of status or wealth.

“When people see someone and they think, ‘They have it all,’ it’s hard for them to imagine that [the person] might be struggling in terms of their mental health, either with depression or substance abuse or anxiety or any number of things,” says Harkavy-Friedman. “They assume, ‘Well, if I had that, I would feel great.’ But mental health doesn’t work like that.”

When Robin Williams died as a result of suicide in 2014, Theresa Buhse, the associate executive director of the Long Island Crisis Center, heard a radio host express incredulity that Williams couldn’t get help, considering how much money he had. She became livid.

“Just because somebody is rich and famous does not necessarily mean that they’re happy at all,” Buhse says. “The truth is, we never know what is going on in somebody’s mind. People struggle with mental illness. People struggle with depression. It doesn’t matter how rich they are. It doesn’t matter how famous they are. We don’t know what’s going on…..

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