Actor William Shatner Under Fire From Liberals For Refusing to Condemn President Trump and Not Supporting Social Activism

Actor William Shatner Under Fire From Liberals For Refusing to Condemn President Trump and Not Supporting Social Activism

I participated in a tweet or two in the conversations that actor William Shatner was receiving, that the news articles below are referring to.

A liberal person was saying in one tweet that only conservatives dictate who other people can date, which is false. These days, we have liberals and “trans activists” telling people who they can date.

For example, in the last few months, a few trans-women have posted videos online telling CIS, hetero men that they should date trans-women (here is one example).

Here is a link to the tweet by Shatner where I was responding to a person or two. Here is one of my Tweets, my other Tweet.

Here are the news stories:

William Shatner Blasts ‘Social Justice Warriors’  
July 2017, by Derek Hunter

William Shatner has been the subject of left-wing anger since he announced in May that he would not follow the lead of many in Hollywood and attack President Donald Trump.

Shatner, a Canadian, said, “I consider myself a guest here,” when asked to comment on former Star Trek cast member George Takei’s constant criticisms of the President.

On Twitter Wednesday morning, the Captain Kirk actor was asked his plans for the day. He responded by saying, “Tweet Hello. Have SJWs get offended by figuring some obtuse way to define it. Spend my day telling them off. You know, just a typical day.” 

William Shatner predicts he’ll be targeted by ‘social justice warriors’ — quickly proven correct

by Douglas Ernst

…The man who played Capt. James T. Kirk on the iconic “Star Trek” television program made his first tweet of the day this way in response to a fan’s question:

Tweet Hello. Have SJWs get offended by figuring some obtuse way to define it. Spend my day telling them off. You know, just a typical day.

/// end Tweet ///

“Do SJWs ever explain the difference between their ‘social justice’ and Justice?” asked actor Adam Baldwin later.

“They don’t have the time. They are too busy frothing up each other to attack,” Mr. Shatner replied.

The actor then shared a string of angry responses to buttress his point. Some include:

  • Breeze: “How were you even a part of that show, which was built on social justice, and then tweet s-t like the s-t you’ve tweeted today?”
  • ….Adriana: “When you were about to be cancelled, who do you think the people were that rallied to save the show?”

Mr. Shatner, a Canadian, has come under fire from some fans in recent months for his reluctance to criticize President Donald Trump. He told followers in July 2015 that he is “not political” and the original “Star Trek” was not a polemic. 

Is Star Trek Icon William Shatner a Libertarian?


by Todd Seavey, July 24, 2017

Compromising principles is a mistake, suggested Shatner. “Nobody can tell you what to do. Somewhere inside us is a core.”

Is William Shatner a libertarian, you might ask? If not, what’s he doing there? Well, it seems more like he’s an environmentalist worried about overpopulation—and he’s a Canadian, of course—but he’s also expressed some populist longings for someone to sweep away the bureaucrats and make American democracy work again. And he avoids commenting on Donald Trump. Maybe call Shatner a frustrated technocratic populist? Sounds like sort of a Reform Party guy to me, leavened by an inevitable Star Trek-veteran love of science and education.

None of this makes him too much weirder than a previous FreedomFest speaker who went on to bigger things, namely Donald Trump. I suppose the question is how big you want the libertarian tent to be.

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