Story of Anchor Byron Pitts – From Poverty and Learning Disabilities to a Top Journalist

Story of Anchor Byron Pitts – From Poverty and Learning Disabilities to a Top Journalist

Overcoming Hardship With Hope (interview with Byron Pitts)


Byron Pitts grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. His childhood was filled with overwhelming obstacles. He had a debilitating stutter, a home life that was filled with discord due to his father’s infidelity, and an embarrassing secret: he couldn’t read.

Byron was twelve years old when his parents separated.

…When punishment did not make a difference, she decided to get Byron tested. He can still recall the words of the therapist, “I’m sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Pitts, Byron is functionally illiterate.” His parents did not realize he could not read.

…By the time Byron reached high school he was still struggling with reading. His freshman year he was ranked 310 out of 330 students.

With the coaching of Father Bartholomew, Byron and he mapped out an aggressive study schedule that would improve his grades so he could get into college. It worked…

…During college, Byron worked on his stuttering for over a year to improve his verbal communication.


“My faith teaches me that there are no obstacles, that all stumbling blocks are merely stepping stones and part of God’s plan. It was my responsibility to remain faithful and see what God had in store on the other side of my difficulties,” says Byron.

After fifteen years in local television, Byron landed a job as correspondent for CBS News in 1998, and went on to become an Emmy Award…

…As Byron shared his story around the world, he met many young people who were growing up with difficult circumstances.  He says many kids are being sexually assaulted, bullied and have overwhelming odds to overcome.

Some of those stories he put together in his book, Be the One.  “We always take time to point out when people stumble,” says Byron.  “These stories look at when people fall, get back up and what got them back up.”

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