Topless Feminist Activists Disrupt Woody Allen Jazz Concert in Germany

Topless Feminist Activists Disrupt Woody Allen Jazz Concert in Germany

Topless Feminist Activists Disrupt Woody Allen Jazz Concert in Germany


July 2017

The women were protesting what they called “a culture of silence” surrounding sexual abuse allegations against the Oscar-winning director.
Feminist activists, topless and covered in writing condemning Woody Allen for alleged child abuse, stormed the stage of the Hamburg philharmonic Tuesday night, disrupting a concert Allen was giving with his New Orleans Jazz Band.

Two protestors from the extreme Femen group —who have grabbed headlines before or their provocative nude protests—ran onto the stage of the sold-out Elbphilharmonie concert hall 21 minutes into the performance. Last week, the venue played host to President Donald Trump and the attendees of the G20 conference.

The two activists tried to read a letter from Allen’s adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow, who has accused the Oscar-winning director of abusing her when she was 7 years old. But security guards pulled them offstage before they had a chance.

The activists released their letter to the press. It reads, translated from the German: “Although the incident occurred decades ago, Dylan (now 31) is still suffering the consequences. Woody Allen is not just the neurotic and charming director, actor and musician, but a father who likes to stick his finger in his daughter. We’d like to remind the world, and jazz fans, of that fact.”

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