Conservative in Hollywood? Be a ‘Democrat Publicly,’ Industry Vet Says

Conservative in Hollywood? Be a ‘Democrat Publicly,’ Industry Vet Says

Conservatives Under Fire in Hollywood (audio file on page)

Hollywood is known for liberal politics, which means people with conservative views often feel the need to keep quiet.

Conservatives are being targeted in what some say is a form of blacklisting happening again. The Hollywood blacklist was a 1950’s list of of writers, actors and others accused of being communist sympathizers. Studios were pressured not to hire them.

Hollywood loves this story, they’ve told it dozens of times. I spoke with three members of a conservative group of entertainment industry workers, known as the friends of Abe, as in Abe Lincoln.

The monthly meetings are a time where they feel free speak their political thoughts and ideas without fear. One member, an actor and screenwriter, wanted us to to electronically alter his voice, saying the atmosphere is:

“Toxic if you have any leaning toward Donald Trump.”

Conservative in Hollywood? Be a ‘Democrat publicly,’ industry vet says 

June 19, 2017, by Michelle Pollino

While conservative actors like Tim Allen and Jon Voight regularly talk politics, the majority of Republican showbiz pros we talked to said they now fear being blacklisted like writers, actors, and others said to be communist sympathizers were banned from working in show business in the 1950s.

“I often tell friends getting into the biz from this day forward, you are a Democrat publicly,” one industry vet told Fox News on the condition of anonymity.

Three members of the Hollywood conservative group Friends of Abe (as in Abe Lincoln) said the political climate in Hollywood is the worst they have ever seen, with one actor/screenwriter who also requested to not be named saying: “It’s toxic if you have any leanings towards Donald Trump or the Republican Party.”

“You keep quiet because you don’t know if that’s going to set someone off who can hire you,” the Hollywood pro said. “It’s a unique scenario because you won’t be punished if you are liberal.”

“In Hollywood it’s not like Wall Street — politics does factor into jobs,” the showbiz insider said. “Producers hire based on who people like working with, you have a lot of down time on sets and you don’t want people on set that may create conflict.”

“People often get so flipped out even if you question their views.”

A longtime Hollywood screenwriter echoed those sentiments.

“It has become personal, nasty even,” the conservative writer said, adding “there is a definite social blacklisting happening.”

Michelle Pollino’s Fox Radio series “Conservatives Under Fire in Hollywood” airs all wekk on Fox News Radio.

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