News Anchor Melissa Francis: From Failure to Success

News Anchor Melissa Francis: From Failure to Success

Melissa Francis’ journey from child star to news anchor


But that [Francis’ current success as a news anchor] doesn’t mean Francis hasn’t experienced her fair share of failures along the way.

She’s been spotted wearing a kitchen uniform by her Harvard classmates, been fired from two TV news jobs, fled an early job after her boss’ flirtations went too far, and, upon meeting Megyn Kelly for the first time, accidentally called her “Kelly.”

None of these missteps has held Francis back, and she’s now sharing her secret formula for success in her latest book, “Lessons From the Prairie: The Surprising Secrets to Happiness, Success, and (Sometimes Just) Survival I Learned on America’s Favorite Show” (Weinstein Books, out now).

“Getting fired was devastating, but that’s how I learned how to turn disaster into golden opportunity,” Francis, 44, tells The Post. “I have really and sincerely used it when life has knocked me on my ass.”

She identifies four steps in the survive-and-thrive process.

STEP 1: Wallow in a bubbling vat of self-pity

“If you deny yourself the ability to feel the emotion, it just gets bigger,” Francis explains. After being let go from one of her first TV news jobs in Manchester, NH, she confined herself to her apartment with a carton of chocolate-chip ice cream and reruns of “NYPD Blue.” “After a while, you get bored and dehydrated,” she says.

….And if you’re wondering whether you’ll ever need to employ these steps — perhaps you’re one of the lucky few to never be fired — it’s a sign you’re not taking enough risks.

“You’re not setting the bar high enough,” says Francis, whose next goal is to write and sell a TV pilot. “If you haven’t had failure, then you haven’t taken enough risks. And what’s life, if not for that?”

[please visit this New York Post page to read the rest of the steps]

Melissa Francis Dishes about Faith, Family, Fox News and Lessons from the Prairie


It might surprise some that Melissa’s experience as a child actor didn’t help her when she tried to break into the news business.

“A lot of people make the assumption that because I had a career in television  – I was on ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ I did more than 100 commercials, movies, TV shows all this stuff – that that would help me break into news but to be honest, it was quite the opposite,” she said.

The Rocky Transition from Actor to Anchor

Despite Melissa’s fierce determination, she was actually fired from her first on-air job.

“I just had such nerves and I would look into the camera and it felt like a black abyss just sucked the air out of my body, I could barely speak, so I was trying to get through that process but I didn’t have time before I got fired by a brand new news director who took over the station. As the first order of business, she told me I had 30 minutes to pack up my things and get out. And it was devastating,” Melissa told me.

“And I went back to my apartment and I mostly cried and felt sorry for myself. I always say that’s step one on the road to recovery, wallow in a giant vat of self-pity, get it out of your system, ‘oh, God, why me?'”

Melissa went back to TV and after years on the local news circuit she got her big break, and with it, a chance to work alongside her TV idol – Maria Bartiromo.

…Today, Melissa’s hard work has paid off. She’s seen regularly on a number of Fox News shows and co-hosts “After the Bell” on Fox Business.

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