‘The Bachelor’ Star Chris Soules Is Not the Nice Guy ABC Sold Us by Brandy Zadronzy

‘The Bachelor’ Star Chris Soules Is Not the Nice Guy ABC Sold Us by Brandy Zadronzy

Shades of actor Chris O’Dowd, who I would have believed to be a nice guy in real life based on his performance in the ‘Bridesmaids’ movie, but who turned out to be condescending, kind of gross, and a little sexist in real life or via some of the movie roles he went on to accept (read more about that here).

It is always such a bummer to me when I see someone on TV or in a movie – whether it’s a reality program, or a person who is playing a character – who seems like they’d be a genuinely nice person in real life, but they turn out to be rude, arrogant, deviant, or obnoxious in real life.

‘The Bachelor’ Star Chris Soules Is Not the Nice Guy ABC Sold Us

Billed as the charming small town fella—and antidote to the gross Juan Pablo—Soules, who stands accused of leaving the scene of an accident that left a man dead, is anything but.

by Brandy Zadronzy

On Monday night, former Bachelor star Chris Soules was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a fatal car crash, which killed 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher. Appearing at a Buchanan County, Iowa court, in a neon yellow jumpsuit and orange jail-issued slippers, Soules stroked his stubble and rubbed his hands nervously as a judge set a preliminary hearing for May 2 and informed him the felony charge comes with up to five years in prison.

According to the Buchanan County crash report, Soules was driving a pickup truck about 15 miles south of his farm when he rear-ended Mosher’s John Deere tractor around 8 p.m. on Monday. Speaking before the court, the county attorney said Soules “took off” from the scene before officers arrived and holed up in his home, refusing to come out for hours…

Court documents revealed alcoholic beverages or containers were left at the scene, according to local news reports….

For fans of Bachelor Nation, the news of Soules’ arrest was a shock. After all, Soules was supposed to be our Nice Guy.

Offered up by ABC in 2014 as the antidote to the franchise’s blatant misogynist Juan Pablo Galavis…

…Network producers packaged the 32-year-old soybean and corn farmer as the gee-golly small town romantic hero who could drive a tractor before he could drive a car and was “known for his million-dollar smile and chivalrous ways.”

They promised Season 19 would be a sort of family values tour, and they delivered, making the women jump though wholesome hoops like camping outings and tractor races to compete for Soules’s Farmville version of true love…

Iowa court records show Soules has racked up a lengthy rap sheet of traffic violations including reckless driving and speeding. In 2001, Soules, then 19, was found guilty of driving with an open container, and twice that year with possession of alcohol by a minor.

In 2002, he was arrested and found guilty of disturbing the peace by fighting in public, “unlawful use of license,” and failing to stop at a stop sign, for which he paid fines. Then in 2005, Soules was arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence after he passed out behind the wheel of his car….

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