Dealing With Failure When Everyone’s Watching by Allison Barron

Dealing With Failure When Everyone’s Watching

When ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Bombed, I Had to Rethink Humility by Allison Barron


Watching a beloved video game franchise crash and burn challenged my gut reaction to disappointment.
… Being able to take constructive criticism is necessary to grow and improve—and it requires a healthy portion of humility with a heaping side of grace.
We are quick to reject someone else’s opinion when it differs from ours—especially if it involves a project in which we are emotionally invested.

But being able to discuss other people’s opinions even when they differ from ours can be constructive and build relationships. Constructive criticism can’t do its job when one side shuts the conversation down.
….A company can hide behind a logo, but I cannot. My actions are my own. I need to be willing to come at my own weaknesses with humility and a readiness to improve. I also need to understand the difference between constructive criticism and hate speech, and work to promote the former.

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