After 27 Rejections, Dr. Seuss Almost Burned His First Unpublished Book – But He Hung In There and Went on to Become a Best-Selling Author

After 27 Rejections, Dr. Seuss Almost Burned His Unpublished Book – by Mark

James Lee Burke once said, “There’s nothing like rejection to make you do an inventory of yourself.”

However, in the case of well-loved children’s book writer and illustrator Dr. Seuss, it wasn’t a simple, single rejection. In fact, he got turned down 27 times by different publishers before he was able to get his first book published. Vanguard Press eventually gave his work a shit.

….These days, Dr. Seuss’ books have become bestsellers and some of which have been adapted into successful feature films…

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Dr. Seuss Wanted To Quit After His First Book Was Rejected 27 Times. Then THIS Changed Everything

How Dr. Seuss Got His Start ‘On Mulberry Street’

How Many Times Was Dr Seuss Rejected?

You may know Dr Seuss for his inspiring and witty quotes that from his many, many highly successful kids books that have a clever way of teaching strong lessons. However, did you know that his accomplishments weren’t just thrust upon him, in fact guess how many times Dr Seuss was rejected before being published?

According to, Dr Seuss was rejected a shocking 27 times before publishing his first book “And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.”

 This is a testament to the great adage “never give up” and that failure is only temporary. Even though Dr Seuss failed to get his book published over and over again, he pressed forward, and is still known today for his wise quotes. In fact, “Dr Seuss Quotes” gets searched on Google over 135,000 times per month.

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