The Business of Love: How Hollywood Relationships Can Benefit Celebrities

Hollywood and actors are even MORE fake and insincere than I originally thought…

This is certainly depressing and disillusioning.

The Business of Love: How Hollywood Relationships Can Benefit Celebrities |


Love is love, but in Hollywood, love can also be business.

Hopeless romantics should proceed with caution, because this may not be the worldview-shattering news you wanted to hear.

But, once the rose-colored glasses are gingerly removed and tossed aside in favor of some realism, it becomes clear that if two celebrities benefit from being involved romantically, it actually isn’t as cynical as it may seem.

There are plenty of Hollywood A-listers who are still old-school in their dating lives—you know, those who prefer to meet a potential mate spontaneously, date for an appropriate time…

There are also plenty of Hollywood A-listers who aren’t kidding around here, and are slightly more pragmatic in their approach to love: Why get any soulmate when you could have a soulmate who benefits you professionally?

Then there are the truly lucky: The kind of people who meet the first way (you know, old-fashioned-ly?) and then come out of the other side of it having accidentally benefited themselves professionally.

Let’s start with the benign: Most actors and singers gravitate towards others in the industry for no other reason than it’s just easier that way.

The schedules and lifestyles that stars are held to are extremely taxing, and best understood by someone who is under the same pressure.

….Once an inter-Hollywood relationship is understood as the lesser of two romantic evils, it’s easy to see why the benefits of a romance might go from we understand each other to we can help each other.

No one has any definitive proof that anyone in the biz has gotten together solely for business reasons (and we’re not exactly in the business of outing people; it is Valentine’s Week after all), but there are definitive ways that celebs come out of these relationships all the better for them.

To Change Your Image

Just imagine you are an actor who is known for something. Anything. Being a party-heavy ladies’ man, unfit for any role meant for a more wholesome persona. Being incredibly stuffy or uptight, unfit for a role that’s more fun (or just the subject of a few good-natured jokes about said uptight-ness). What’s a surefire way to reverse this prejudice? Get into a relationship with someone who is the exact opposite of what you’re known for.

Suddenly you’re pictured at the park playing with your girlfriend’s children: Look at that wholesome persona! Or suddenly you’re pictured out dancing or goofing around: Look at that fun persona! It’s as easy as that. Even just the association with a romantic partner who embodies the qualities that a star wants for themselves can be enough; they don’t even necessarily have to change anything about themselves.

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