Ten Famous Artists Who Had to Deal with Rejection During Their Lifetime by Lori McNee

Ten Famous Artists Who Had to Deal with Rejection During Their Lifetime by Lori McNee

An excerpt:

…Much like today, many of history’s famous artists also had to deal with rejection and negative criticisms during their lifetime.

Perhaps this makes their accomplishments all the more interesting, as their art, their struggle, and their lives still haunt and intrigue us to this day.

These 10 famous artists were all highly-skilled painters who had to deal with rejection, criticism, grief and/or poverty during their lifetime.

Although a few eventually gained recognition during their life for their artistic contributions, most of them were under-appreciated and would never know the artistic legacy they would leave behind because it came only after they had passed on.

Vincent Van Gogh – It is hard not to think of tragedy when considers the life of Vincent Van Gogh. If there was ever a fine line between madness and genius, Vincent Van Gogh crossed it quite early in his career. Without his time in insane asylums and self-inflicted ear mutilation, the world would have never had “The Starry Night” and “The Potato Eaters.” Despite his countless post-Impressionist chefs-d’oeuvres, Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime.

Paul Cezanne –  Considered by many as the father of modern art, but Paul Cezanne was anything but common. Like El Greco, he made significant contributions to Cubism. Nevertheless, the Salon rejected Cézanne’s submissions every year from 1864 to 1869. Few significant artists ever had less success. In addition, Cezanne’s personal life was marked by tensions that sharpened his sensitivity to relationships. A mere one year after his death, he was inducted in the famed Salon d’Automne and given the recognition he rightfully deserved.

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