President Trump is now the most famous person in history. That’s why so many celebrities hate him – by Piers Morgan

President Trump is now the most famous person in history. That’s why so many celebrities hate him. by Piers Morgan

Some excerpts:

And the award for envy goes to… Is the real reason Hollywood’s snowflakes hate Trump so much because he’s become more famous than any of them will ever be, asks PIERS MORGAN

The Oscars are nearly upon us and tension is building.

No, not for who might win the big awards on Sunday night.

But over which star can win the most coveted prize for Best Celebrity Trump Hater on the Planet.

This is the big one for all those hysterical Hollywood liberal snowflakes who’ve been frothing at the mouth since Donald Trump became President.

They’ve got live TV, a billion or more people watching around the world, and a room full of 3,500 largely like-minded souls all waiting to roar on every Trump-bashing speech from the podium.

….This week, Judd Apatow, high profile producer of movies like 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, told a Los Angeles audience that after election night he felt ‘like a person about to get raped but I didn’t know how bad it would be. Now, I feel like I’ve just been raped. I just don’t know if I’m going to get murdered.’

The crowd wildly applauded.

Many of them, I suspect, had been on the recent Women’s March.

Yet they were happy to cheer a sickening rape analogy from a man who has repeatedly attacked Bill Cosby over claims that he raped women, and who just 18 months ago was even honoured by the Rape Foundation.

The audience cheered again when Apatow crudely mocked Melania Trump: ‘Every day she’s not in the White House, is a day she’s not getting f***ed by Donald Trump.’

And they whooped yet again when Apatow turned his tormenting turrets on Trump’s 10-year-old son, Barron: ‘He f**ing gets it. He knows his dad’s a f**ing a**hole!’

Nice stuff, right? Going after a president’s wife and young child in such a foul-mouthed, deeply unpleasant manner is, I’m sure, exactly what Michelle Obama had in mind when she said, ‘When they go low, we go high..’

During the recent disgraceful riots at UC Berkeley, just as protestors were seen on TV smashing windows, throwing smoke bombs and flares and setting fires alight, Apatow tweeted: ‘This is just the beginning. When will all the fools who are still supporting Trump realise what’s at stake?’

The coward then deleted his tweet, explaining: ‘I never support violence..’

Yes, you do, Mr Apatow. Just as you use rape as a shameful prop for your vile humour.

He wasn’t the only celebrity encouraging violence on the night of the Berkeley riots.


….Last night, at the BRIT awards in London, Katy Perry had two giant skeletons of President Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May dancing on stage and then set them on fire.

….Many celebrities have raced to brand Trump the new Hitler, one of the world’s worst genocidal dictators who murdered 12 million people, including six million Jews in the Holocaust.

Cher, who demanded Trump be ‘thrown in a volcano’, said his presidency would be like ‘Germany was in the ‘30s.’

…Some celebrities who profess to be appalled by the disrespectful way Trump talks, have no such qualms when it comes to their own rhetoric.

‘I think he’s the f**ing most vile person on the planet,’ said model Chrissy Teigen. ‘A monumental a**hole.’

Andy Cohen concurred, calling Trump a ‘f**ing a**hole’.

Margaret Cho said Trump was ‘like no ply toilet paper.’

…Much of the absurdly hypocritical hysteria surrounding Trump is driven by the fact that all these celebrities loudly backed Hillary Clinton and never imagined she’d lose, so they’ve gone into some kind of anaphylactic shock.

….Hillary and the Hollywood elites got run over by a candidate who tapped into real America’s cares and concerns, not the ones dictated from mansions in Malibu or the Hamptons.

What is truly laughable is that all these Trump-loathing stars would still have you believe they stand for liberal values of fairness, tolerance, peace, respect, equality and democracy.

Yet when confronted with their preferred candidate losing, they’ve resorted to exactly the kind of profane, ugly trash-talking and violence-encouraging nonsense that they claim to hate in the guy who won.

…And anyone who dares to say anything moderately favourable or reasonable about Trump, even if they didn’t vote for him or particularly agree with his politics, must be vilified, banned, boycotted, firebombed and shunned into silence.

….Perhaps, though, the real reason so many celebrities hate Donald Trump is that he is now more famous than all of them put together.

Yesterday, the New York Times drew this conclusion after reporting evidence from data firm mediaQuant, which counts all mentions of a particular brand or personality in just about every outlet from mainstream media to blogs and Twitter, and then estimates what those mentions would cost if someone were to pay for them.

In January, Trump broke mediaQuant’s records, receiving $817 million in coverage.

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