Top 10 Regrets Of The Dying by Dale Partridge

The Top Ten Regrets of the Dying

Top 10 Regrets Of The Dying by Dale Partridge


In 2013, a fascinating study was performed by Bronnie Ware––a nurse in a terminal palliative care unit. She decided to poll her patients in their last days in hopes to uncover any regrets so others may learn.

… This overview left me puzzled and forced me to think of this powerful quote:

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”

(1) I Never Pursued My Dreams and Aspirations

The number one regret that people have on their death beds is that they were never brave enough to pursue their dreams, but settled for what others expected of them. When they look back on their lives, they tend to recall their unreached goals and aspirations. They are often haunted by decisions that resulted in the lives they ended up with.

While you still have a lot of years left to live, be sure to make some time for reaching your dreams. Start working toward your goals now; don’t keep putting things off until it’s too late.

(5) I Should Have Spoken My Mind More Instead of Holding Things Back and Resenting Things

A lot of people choose not to confront those who offend them, thinking that this would keep things civil. In truth, suppressing anger breeds bitterness, which leads to various diseases. Harboring bitterness also makes you emotionally crippled and prevents you from fulfilling your true potential.

If you want to have healthy relationships, honesty and confrontation are necessary. The common misconception about confrontation is that it creates division. In reality, if it’s done kindly and constructively, confrontation deepens mutual respect and understanding.

(9) Not Having the Courage to Live Truthfully

(10)  Happiness is a Choice, I wish I knew that earlier.

People rarely realize that they can choose to be happy. It’s so easy to play the victim of circumstance and prevent yourself from moving on in your life. You tend to settle for mediocrity because it’s familiar; you pretend to be content because you’re too afraid to explore.

Make a choice to live a happy life. Be unafraid of change, and don’t worry about what others think of you. Learn to relax and appreciate the good things.

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(this post was published on Dec 26, 2016)

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