Celebrities Tried to Convince Electoral College Voters to Abandon Trump – and It Failed Spectacularly

Celebrities Tried to Convince Electoral College Voters to Abandon Trump – and It Failed Spectacularly

Several days ago, a bunch of actors got together and released a video encouraging the voters in the electoral college to forgo voting for Trump. They failed. Not only did Trump win even more votes than originally expected, but a few voters who were supposed to vote for Hillary did not and voted for other (non Trump) candidates.

First, here are a few links about the movie actors who tried to convince the electoral college to wave ‘bye to Trump, followed by a set of links about how Trump won more votes than at first expected.


●  Celeb Video Urges Republican Electors to Vote Anyone but Trump

 ● Dear liberal celebrities: You’re not helping

 Tiresome Celebrities Rally to Snatch Electoral Victory from Trump 

●  ‘Demanding a Do-Over Because They Lost’: Fox’s The Five Rips Efforts to Pressure Electoral College

● These celebrities are urging the Electoral College to dump Donald Trump

●  Anti-Trump forces press electors to upend election results 

●  Trump’s electoral college win all but certain, but Hollywood actors urge revolt

● Celebrities Rallying to Overturn Trump’s Election Are Not Helping the Democratic Party

●  WATCH electoral college member CRUSH Hollywood: ‘they feel they’re smarter than the American people’

●  ‘West Wing’ Cast Among Group of Actors Asking Republican Electors to “Vote Their Conscience”

●  Ridiculous celebrity Electoral College video edited perfectly into a pro-Trump video

●   Hollywood luvvies call on electoral college members NOT to vote for Trump

A GROUP of Hollywood luvvies have made an impassioned plea to members of the Republican Party urging them to block Donald Trump becoming the next US president.

Americans including Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, Moby, and Loretta Swit, all worth millions of pounds, have released a video calling for electors to “change the course of history”.

They said: “The founding fathers intended the Electoral College to stop an unfit man from becoming president.”

Sheen says: “Our founding fathers built the Electoral College to safeguard the American people from the dangers of a demagogue.

●  Why are Hollywood libs such poor losers?

By Dennis Evers

Dec 19, 2016

Imagine a guy who “play acted” as a wartime doctor during the Korean War (when he was actually filming in Malibu Creek State Park in sunny southern California) telling some blind veteran who’s in a wheelchair, missing several limbs because of an IED, that the vote that he and so many have fought and died for shouldn’t count.

Or how about the “celebrity” who “play acts” as a cop from the safety of a sound stage, telling the surviving wife and kids of a “real life” hero patrolman, executed solely for wearing a badge, that their votes shouldn’t count.

Well, these real-life “play actors” who get paid outrageous amounts for pretending to have skills they don’t have appeared in a PSA calling themselves “Unite for America” – really.  The PSA should be called “Sore Losers.”

With the sound turned off, it looks like a Medicaid ad, but turned up, it is a bunch of whiney liberal “play actors” urging the members of the Electoral College to ignore the law, centuries of fair play and tradition, and do what they say, because Hollywood actors know what’s best for us rabble.

What qualifies these people who have personal assistants, makeup artists, stand-ins, stunt men, plush motor homes, and their specific brand of chilled sparkling water and treats to even think for a second that they are qualified to comment on “real life” issues, much less subvert a longstanding election process?

Apparently, when you “play act” as a ruthless bad guy who goes around shooting as many people on film as you can, that qualifies you in “real life” to push gun control on the millions of responsible citizens who don’t commit gun crimes.

Perhaps an actress worth countless millions who tells “real life” working moms how tough it is being a “working” “play actress,” having to leave for weeks at a time to make millions, qualifies them?

Does working in an industry rife with addicts, alcoholics, and perverts qualify them?

Liberal Hollywood actors are entirely out of touch with reality – overpaid, pampered, egotistical, out of step with regular hardworking Americans – yet they somehow feel qualified to act as a force majeure and have the Electoral College consider disregarding their word of honor.

Those of us who go to work every day to take care of our families, often working two or three jobs to pay the bills, buy food, and hopefully have enough left over for gas and some extras, have spoken, and after eight years of these spoiled brats getting their way, we are sick and tired of their temper tantrums.

We’re in the trenches, doing it every day, year after year, while whiney “play actors” receive thousands of dollars an hour, yet many Americans would be happy to earn $12.00 an hour.

Don’t get me wrong: Hollywood has produced some great actors, one of the top being Jimmy Stewart.  In It’s a Wonderful Life, he tells Mr. Potter, “Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you’re talking about … they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community.”

We’re not rabble; you’re just lousy losers.

Boy, do I miss Jimmy Stewart.

● Martin Sheen’s Electoral College Video Doubles Down On Celebrity Snobbery


19, 2016

By Erielle Davidson

This past week, a group of celebrities, led by the didactic Martin Sheen, banded together to create one of the more condescending videos I have ever had the privilege of watching.

The two-and-a-half minute clip was produced by Unite for America, an organization assembled in the wake of Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory and devoted exclusively to overturning the vote of 37 Republican electors, thereby preventing President-elect Trump from ascending the Oval Office. The video features a parade of pop culture figures, from Debra Messing to Bob Odenkirk, each appearing physically distraught and doing his or her utmost to assign incredible gravity to each syllable uttered.

…In our modern-day scenario, coastal elites have engaged in much of the same condescension as imperialists of the twentieth and twenty-first century did. Videos such as the one Unite for America produced display how morally galvanized such celebrities feel in their attempt to undermine and delegitimize the votes of millions of Americans, simply because said Americans disagreed with their politics.

These Republican-voting Americans, heavily dispersed between the two coasts, represent a far-off land rarely frequented by the celebrities featured in the instructive video. Indeed, the implication behind encouraging electors to ignore the votes of these citizens is that these citizens are neither deserving of the right to vote nor capable of choosing a path that is best for their communities.

… Videos like these, reeking of elitist nonsense and moral grandstanding, will ensure greater losses to the Democrats in 2018. Whilst the video’s hashtag read “#SupporttheElectors,” it was far from a cry to “support” electors engaged in the Electoral College’s voting process. Instead, it was a boldfaced and disturbing push to dehumanize certain Americans by robbing them of their inalienable right to representation in the Electoral College. And there is nothing noble in that attempt—instead, only gross savagery.

●  Martin Sheen begs Electoral College member ‘Mr. McMillan’ to dump Trump. There’s just one problem.

As you may already know, celebrities have launched an 11th-hour campaign on YouTube to convince Republican Electoral College members to vote against President-elect Donald Trump.

TheBlaze last week noted one such video plea, featuring none other than Martin Sheen — the commander in chief from the famed TV series “The West Wing” — along with Debra Messing, James Cromwell, BD Wong and Noah Wyle.

That clip is still up at Unite for America’s YouTube page on Monday morning — but another video plea featuring Sheen posted Friday, the Kansas City Star reported, is now apparently nowhere to be found.

It seems Sheen was addressing one particular elector this time ’round — and committed an unfortunate faux pas.

“As you know Mr. McMillan, our founding fathers built the electoral college to safeguard the American people from the dangers of a demagogue, and to ensure that the presidency only goes to someone who is, to an eminent degree, endowed with the requisite qualifications,” Sheen said in the clip, according to the Star.

“Mr. McMillan,” the paper said, would seem to be Kansas Electoral College voter Ashley McMillan — a woman.

Ashley McMillan Hutchinson, her full name, is vice chairwoman of the Kansas Republican Party. The Star reported there is no other person named Ashley or McMillan in a Politico listing of the 538 electors. There’s no Hutchinson in there, either.

She recently wrote a Wall Street Journal commentary — “I’m Staying Faithful to Trump” — about the pressure she’s been getting to cast her vote for someone other than Trump.

●  These Celebrities Are Urging the Electoral College to Dump Donald Trump


Dec 15, 2016 by Julia Dorthian

Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, Bob Odenkirk and more teamed up in a new video

A band of celebrities teamed up to create a video urging Republican members of the Electoral College to vote “your conscience”—not for President-elect Donald Trump

The ensemble, including Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, Bob Odenkrik and BD Wong, urged the electors to choose someone else in the Electoral College vote on Dec. 19. Trump is expected to surpass the 270 votes necessary to become president after winning 306 electoral votes on election day, but in the newly released video, the celebrities implored 37 voters to keep that from happening.


● Trump wins Electoral College vote as insurgency fizzles


Dec 19, 2016

… Donald Trump will — officially — become president next month.

Trump surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed from 538 electors casting their ballots, in a day of normally ceremonial voting that drew attention amid intense social media pressure and protests in state capitols.

Despite a last-minute push by outside progressive and Libertarian groups, there was no rebellion. In fact, most of the “faithless” electors appeared to be Hillary Clintondefectors in Washington state, with three voting for former secretary of State Colin Powell and one for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American an environmental activist. Two Texas GOP electors went rogue and didn’t vote for Trump.

● Electoral College Vote Seals Trump White House Victory

● Trump Surpasses 270 Electoral College Votes

Donald Trump surpassed 270 Electoral College votes this afternoon, meaning that he has the required number of votes to be elected president.

The milestone came when electors in Texas cast their votes.

There were 10 electors who did not cast ballots for the candidate they were expected to vote for: eight who were supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton and two who were supposed to vote for Trump but voted for other candidates.

Four of the electors who were set to vote for Clinton were in Washington state. Three of them voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and the fourth voted for Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle, according to the Washington secretary of state.

…In order to win the election, candidates need to reach 270 Electoral College votes. Trump reached that mark, garnering 306 electoral votes on Nov. 8 compared to Hillary Clinton’s 232 votes, although he trails her in the popular vote.

Over the past six weeks, left-leaning groups have called for electors to break rules that require them to vote in a way reflective of their states’ popular votes, a move that would make them “faithless electors.”

Electors are not bound by the Constitution or federal law to vote according to the popular vote of their state. Thirty states have laws that require electors to do, but those laws have not been scrutinized, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Hillary Clinton Loses A THIRD Of Washington’s Electoral Votes

by Blake Neff

Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton lost four of her electoral votes Monday, thanks to faithless electors in Washington state who cast their votes for Colin Powell and American Indian activist Faith Spotted Eagle.

Washington has only 12 electoral votes, so a full third of its electors refused to vote for Clinton despite her easily winning the state’s popular vote. Three electors voted for Powell while one voted for Spotted Eagle. Powell, a Republican, nevertheless supported Clinton for president (and also back Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012), while Spotted Eagle is a Yankton Sioux activist from South Dakota who has protested against the Keystone XL pipeline.

●  Trump secures victory in Electoral College, as bid to flip electors flops

December 20, 2016

Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote on Monday and secured his election as the 45th president of the United States, as the latest – and perhaps last – stop-Trump movement failed to gain traction in state capitals.

A fervent push by anti-Trump forces to persuade electors to defect had turned the normally mundane civic procedure into high drama.

But Trump easily surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win, as representatives tabbed to cast ballots in accordance with their states’ Nov. 8 decision mostly adhered to the election results. After all the states had voted, Trump finished with 304 votes and Clinton had 227.

Texas put Trump over the top, despite two Republican electors casting protest votes.

…Elector antics were few and far between throughout the day, with most the disruptions occurring on the Democratic side. A Democratic elector in Maine tried to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders, but switched to Clinton after it was ruled improper.

Another who tried to vote for Sanders in Minnesota was replaced; a Colorado elector who tried to back Ohio Gov. John Kasich likewise was replaced. One of the biggest deviations was in Washington state, where three electors voted for Colin Powell and one voted for “Faith Spotted Eagle;” the remaining eight went to Clinton, the state’s winner.

It marked the first time in four decades the state’s electors broke from the popular vote.


If you are new to this blog:

I did not like either 2016 Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton OR Donald Trump.

Though I am moderately right wing, I didn’t care for Trump, due to his sexist commentary that was publicized by the media. On the other hand, I do not share the left wing’s rabid, unhinged hatred or paranoia of Trump, either.

I am generally not supportive of left wing celebrities who use their platforms to lecture the rest of America about politics, who publicly rudely talk about right wingers, or who try to sway political outcomes. I wish entertainers would be happy with their fame and money and shut up about politics in public.

Not only should celebrities generally refrain talking about politics in interviews, but they should refrain from Tweeting, Instagramming, or using other social media to bash right- wingers. Right wingers comprise part of your audience, you liberal celebrities – remember that.

(This post was published on December 23, 2016)

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