Entertainers Who Won’t Keep Their Obnoxious Political or Religious Views Private – or Who Are Jerks About It

Entertainers Who Won’t Keep Their Obnoxious Political or Religious Views Private or Who Are Jerks About It

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For years, I have found it annoying when celebrities spout off in public about their political or religious views. It may not even bother me so much if they only mention their views in passing and keep it polite, but no, many of them don’t go this route.

Celebrities, like anyone else, are entitled to their opinions, but I find it loathsome that they use their platforms – whether on social media, in interviews or on awards shows, to preach to the rest of us. They should just keep their opinions private, and share them with close friends and family and not broadcast them on Twitter or in magazines.

Most of the celebrities who are vocal about their political or religious views are sometimes very rude or arrogant about them. And they can’t simply just say what they believe, but find it necessary to also run down and bad-mouth anyone who holds an opposing view to theirs.

Most often, I see this from liberal (left wing) actors and rock stars.

I don’t generally see right wingers or Republicans speaking up about their views in interviews, or, if they do on infrequent occasions, they don’t normally trash talk liberals or Democrats. There are exceptions, I am aware, but again, insulting political opponents seems to be far more common with left wingers.

Sometimes Christians will discuss their faith in interviews on Christian television programs or in Christian publications, but they don’t usually pause to then run down and insult atheism, atheist, or other religions.

I think things maybe only got worse with the advent of social media. Now every TV or movie actor or rock singer has a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page where some of them choose to spew their vomitous views and sometimes in the most condescending manner possible.

I cannot for the life of me understand how or why celebrities are so vocal about their religious and political views in public. Don’t they know or care that they are automatically alienating or offending anyone and everyone who doesn’t share their views?

There have been celebrities before who I enjoyed their work – hearing their music on the radio for example, which caused me to run out and buy their latest album (this was the days before streaming or mp3s) only for that same singer, months later, get on an awards show and say some of the most rude things about people of my political persuasion. I felt angry and betrayed.

In one case I remember, I vowed to never buy another album by one singer who did this very thing years ago, and I stuck by that vow.

Celebrities are needlessly hurting, angering, or offending some of the very people who were once fans of theirs, who bought movie tickets to see them at the theater, or who paid to listen to their music.

I would think if celebrities had any common sense or working brains at all, they would cease and desist with publicizing their religious or political views, or not do so that often, and be polite if they do speak up about any of it.

Here are some links about this annoying phenomenon:

Has liberalism ruined entertainment for you yet?

An excerpt:

[Regarding the program “Designated Survivor”] This isn’t a case of David Guggenheim or Kiefer Sutherland simply being liberals but putting out a good product. I could ignore their personal preference entirely and watch the show.

But that’s not the case here. The show is infested with these life lessons for stupid conservatives and it’s not done in the least bit subtly. You’re being beaten with a Left Wing hammer every moment of the episode. Did it really have to be that way?

Why do we treat celebrities as experts on subjects that really matter?

Just because someone is good at acting or sport, why should we care about their opinions on foreign policy, the environment or healthcare, asks Alex Proud

by Alex Proud

….However, we do seem to have become interested in what proper celebrities have to say – and this is far more serious. In fact, to my mind, one of the most horrific developments of the 21st century has been the widespread acceptance of the notion that being good at acting/ sports/ pop music seems to mean the rest of us should listen to your opinions on Syria, Hugo Chavez or the plight of the Amazonian tribes. Or just child rearing, diet, or lifestyle. Or, for that matter, anything that isn’t whatever it is the celebrity in question is famous for being good at doing.

If I hear an actor critiquing a film or a play or telling me why a certain script is a work of genius, of course I’m interested. I might learn something. But Sean Penn and his various hobby horses? No thanks.

There are literally thousands of people better qualified to comment than he is. Angelina Jolie on refugees? It’s great that she wants to support good causes. Me too. But I’m not sure why I am supposed to find the plight of displaced people any more or less poignant now that one of the world’s most beautiful women has given them a voice.

Which celebrities are liberal or conservative (or confused)?

The Reasons Why Most of Hollywood is Liberal by The Silent Bull


The vast majority of Hollywood is liberal. Rather than focus on what they do best, making movies, many in Hollywood use their unique position to promote the democrats’ political agenda.

Matt Damon is known for being a huge supporter of the public school system, yet sends his kids to private school. “Ultimately we don’t have a choice,” he said. I think Mr. Damon lacks understanding of the word choice. He has the ultimate choice. He can send his kids wherever he wants, private or public. On the other hand, parents who are not fortunate enough to have Matt Damon’s income, really don’t have a choice because Damon and the unions he supports, oppose vouchers, which would actually allow those parents to pick where their kids go to school.

Why celebrities should stay out of politics


Let me make one thing clear. I respect that we all have the right to our opinion, and the right to express it. But we have no right to force our opinions on others, and that’s exactly what these celebrities are doing.

11 times celebrities should have stayed out of politics

Top 10 Most Obnoxious Hollywood Liberals 

20 Radical Hollywood Liberals and the INSANE Things They Have Said

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